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  1. Appreciate your sense of synergy John, except in this case it is somewhat out of proportion...
  2. Item: Audia Flight 2 integrated amp (silver and black) Location: Adelaide Price: $2,499 firm. (Re-listed, Was previously $3,199) Item Condition: Faultless Reason for selling: Trying separates Payment Method: Pickup - cash, or as agreed Extra Info: For sale is my 18 month old Audia Flight 2 integrated amp, in superb condition. These are very highly regarded in Europe where they compete with the likes of Vitus, Luxman and Accuphase. My personal view is that this amp provides a highly detailed, dynamic, delightfully smooth and sonically rich presentation. I have used it with the following speakers and it performed superbly with all: Dynaudio Audience 80 floorstanders ProAc Super EBT standmounts (made them sound much bigger than they are) Magneplanar 1.6 (remarkable detail and surprising bass) Mission 770 standmounts (riveting sound quality) Osborn Eclipse Reference (massive sound stage) Lenehan ML2+R (vinyl-like atmosphere and stunning bass) This integrated is priced well below others currently available and is in excellent condition. It can be used as an integrated amp, has an HT bypass capability, and can also be used purely as a preamp. Included are the original box and foam protection, the remote control (untouched - still in box), and the Audia Flight instruction manual. New price is well over $6k. 'Demo' models are currently selling for around $4.5th +. Prospective (local) buyers are welcome to arrange an audition with their own gear (please PM me). Specifications: (note the extremely wide frequency response, which allows remarkable detail to shine through): Output power W rms - 8/4 ohm 100/180 Amplifier stage gain - 26 dB Frequency response (1W rms -3dB) - 3 Hz ÷ 500 KHz Slew-Rate (on 8 ohm) - > 180 V/µS THD - < 0,05 % S/N Ratio - 95 dB Input impedance - 680pF Unbalanced 51 Kohm Balanced 23 Kohm Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) - 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V Power consumption - 100 W, 570 W MAX Dimensions and weight - 420x113x440mm (wxhxd) - 19 Kg Shipping dimensions and weight - 570x270x540mm (wxhxd) - 22 Kg I have included some links to reviews and comparable items. Pictures:
  3. Mate, you've got such a great sense of humour.....
  4. I have a pair of these which I've had from new (yes, purchased 1984). I don't have the spec sheet but in terms of performance, they are rated at 88dB sensitivity, impedance of 8 Ohms, and supposedly 40 Hz to 30KHz frequency response (whatever that really means). I can go and measure the dimensions if that's what you need, but weight is about 9 kgs each. Overall, an extremely capable and attractive speaker, under-rated IMO because of more popular subsequent releases. Also IMO, a superior speaker to the mini tower in that it had better imaging and treble, and better balance overall. Prefers SS amplification and a clean source.
  5. I've seen and heard this particular player at Shane's place with the same speakers as mine, and it provides a remarkably clean, detailed and pure musical playback. Condition is superb.
  6. Strewth - Osborn Monuments, Epitome's with the bass bins plus the T15 sub! How much bass does one need?!
  7. Very good! It seems that a lot of money changed hands...
  8. Me too. I've always wanted a boat....
  9. Standmounts or floorstanders? I have a 7500 (just refurbished), which I've tried with my ProAc Super EBTs and a pair of vintage Mission 770's. Both very good. Suggest you try your Sansui with the speakers you've got and move around from there. Vintage will probably be your best fit.
  10. You're a champ mate - thanks!
  11. Item: One pair of Lenehan ML2+R speakers - latest model, plus stands, both in black gloss. Original packaging and user manual included. Location: Adelaide Price: $5,999 ono. Retail for the speakers and custom stands is $7,000. Item Condition: As new - purchased late last year by me. Reason for selling: Need the dollars Payment Method: Cash or payment direct into my account, or otherwise as agreed. Extra Info: I'm tempted to describe these as better than new, because they typically need 200 - 400 hours to start to reach their potential. Not sure they've quite done that yet. There's a lot that has been said about these speakers on SNA but if you're reading this you'll already be aware of most of it. Here's the link to the Lenehan site: Basic specifications for the ML2+R's are: Height - 420mm Width - 215mm Depth - 400mm Weight - 32kg per speaker. Stands are about 25 kg each Frequency response - 35 - 25,000Hz Sensitivity - 87dB Impedance - 8 ohms My view on these speakers: Easily the most dynamic, sweet, rich, room-filling, well-balanced speakers I've owned. Also, easily the most stunning looking standmount, with either the grills on or off. The black gloss is perfect and timeless. Amazing bass - really well-defined and tight. Very sweet midrange - great with all sorts of voicing. Very well sorted treble - strikes that great balance between detail and smoothness. Overall, the sound is seamless across the entire spectrum. I am always loathe to recommend ancillary equipment because it depends on your musical tastes, but the best pairing I've tried with the ML2's was using my Halcro MC20 and my Audia Flight CD One. (The Halcro in itself is a stunning amp). I do not believe I have come close to extracting the best from the Lenehans, but the simple fact is my budget has run out. So if you're thinking about getting a pair of these great speakers, save yourself over a thousand dollars and PM me. Locals are welcome to come over for a listen. My apologies for the average pictures. Pictures:
  12. Hi M, The Sansui is part of the bedroom system, which has (almost) finally come together.. The Audia Flight gear (CDP and Amp) go very well with the vintage Missions, and I'm very happy to keep that combination. Cheers / see you next time you're over.
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know of a reputable Sansui amp repairer in SA? I have a AU7500 that has just decided to play only via one channel. No burnout smells, flashes, smoke etc. Just 'mono'. I think the deterioration might have been gradual - over a few days. I bought the unit late last year from a hobbyist who said that it had recently been 'serviced' and it certainly looks immaculate. Playback wise, it was great, and was kept to low volumes and easy to drive speakers. Thanks.
  14. Interesting. Can you reveal what amp it is? I have a Halcro MC20 which I bought for the same purpose as yourself. It has both XLR and RCA inputs but has a switch at the back to manually select which of those inputs you want (which in my case is XLR for stereo and RCA for HT duties).