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  1. That was one of the most average games of football I've seen in this league - by Perth! As for Melbourne, they played like a team (I use the term generically) of schoolboys. No tactical nous, continually trying to push forward regardless of options, no imagination or flair, no semblance of creativity. Did Tim Cahill even touch the ball? What does that say about the way they tried to build up? I am starting to wonder if the people who make the coaching appointments there even understand what a good coach looks like.
  2. Item: Lenehan RibbonTek centre channel speaker cable. 1.5 metres Location: Adelaide Price: $99.00 (original cost was $275.00) Item Condition: Excellent - looks and functions perfectly. About 3 years old. Reason for selling: Too long. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or as agreed. Extra Info: I had this 1.5 metre single cable custom made by Mike Lenehan for my centre channel speaker, but due to a change in setup it is too long for the space it now has. Please note that one end has conventional speaker banana plugs and the other has a modified 'bare wire'. This was made to fit into the earlier type apertures of AV receivers, such as Marantz etc. Pictures:
  3. Item: Sansui AU7500 amp, with original box and brochures Location: Adelaide Price: $699.00 - firm. Item Condition: Superb. Recently restored at cost of $240.00 Reason for selling: Need the $'s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or as agreed. Extra Info: For regretful sale is my Sansui 7500 amp. I bought this late last year on a bit of a whim to listen to relaxation music in my bedroom, and also because it just looks like a work of art. As I don't really use it, I'd rather have the money. A fuse blew earlier in the year and I decided to have the entire unit overhauled, at a cost of $240.00. Receipt is available, and pictures of the replaced items are included. I also replaced the power cord with a new, longer version. I have the original box, plus brochures from the US. If you are in the market for a high quality restored vintage amp, I don't think you can find a more attractive example. Pictures:
  4. ML2 Plus R's - as new, with stands. A bit more than your range, but could discuss this further via PM.
  5. Just to clarify, are you after a tuner, a receiver or just an amp? I ask because I will shortly be putting my fully restored Sansui 7500 up for sale. It looks and performs as new (and is complete with original box and brochures). All fuses, caps and regulators have been very recently replaced, plus the phono output stage has been restored. Cheers.
  6. I'd really love some of the 'experts' to do some AB/X tests on a few of those cables, and publish the results. I won't hold my breath on that..
  7. AND... who said CDs were dead?!
  8. Hey Mark, What sort of price range are you looking at?
  9. Hmmm, Well, I guess he won't need a separate heater during winter - just leave them on overnight.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of his system. I wonder what cd player he has. And what is that massive 'water filter' thing he has there - surely not an amp?
  11. How long are they?
  12. Cyndi Lauper might surprise people with her variety and depth. A duet as an encore would be very interesting.