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  1. http://magentaaudio.com.au/product/lenehan-audio-ml1-reference-pair/
  2. Buying Speakers from USA/Europe

    I'd be interested in knowing which Australian brands you've considered in light of your 'lacklustre' comment. IMO, it's the other way around, unless you are looking at high end speakers over $30k. We have numerous world class manufacturers here whose relative prices are very competitive. Plus you get the not insignificant advantage of top class advice and service, and in may cases being able to try before buying. It would help if you indicated a rough budget so members can advise you of what's around. Plus the existing gear you've got regarding compatibility. Cheers (and welcome!)
  3. Could you please provide some dimensions.
  4. Alien Covenant -4 minute prologue trailer

    When I first saw 3 I felt it was confusing, disjointed and lacking in momentum. Then I saw the version with the deleted 45 minutes re-instated. In full length I think it's pretty good. Looking forward to seeing Covenant when Blockbuster releases it.
  5. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Just love the sax and trumpet when they kick in.
  6. Currently Spinning

    Just ordered a copy of The Village Stompers 'Washington Square' new album. Yes, I know you all remember it. but just in case you've forgotten - here you go: Trying to classify the music on the basis of this video clip, I'd have to say it looks like zombie trance music set to a Dixie jazz band!
  7. ProAc Minitowers

    I've heard a pair of these and you can't get better for that price. Should be be to sand those watermarks off pretty easily, and then re-stain and polish.
  8. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Some absolutely bizarre team selections this week from Port. Young - brought in last week and dropped - for the third time this season. Monfries - first game this season as a defensive forward after numerous strong performances in the SANFL - dropped. Ball didn't get into the forward half enough for him to get near it, but I guess that was his fault. Trengove - played all over the place again last week trying to find an effective role for him. Still doesn't have any composure when he gets the ball - why after so many years has he not been taught to look before he kicks? Most of the guys brought in as replacements have been inconsistent at the least. Many have been in and out of the side and have never shown enough -especially White, Ah Chee, and Neade. The win against St Kilda was extremely lucky. How we won with just a 30% disposal efficiency at half time is remarkable. But against the good teams it doesn't matter how often you win the hard ball - it depends on what you do with it. But admitting that would point the finger directly at the coaches. Why are they suddenly untouchable? BTW - I'm tipping Collingwood to win, even if they don't have Grundy.
  9. Hi from freezing Canberra!

    Ahh yes, the temperature in Canberra at this time of year. Nothing quite like standing on the parade ground at RMC feeling that stiff icy breeze cutting through your vital areas. And looking at the guy's face next to you hoping that you too weren't turning blue. Never mind - you couldn't see properly after a while anyway. That was the first time I'd ever lost a filling because my teeth were chattering so hard. Try explaining that to the Army dentist... Anyway - welcome and enjoy!
  10. Mate, you've got it real bad. Is there any truth in the rumour that you're starting up Audiophile Ampifiers Anonymous??
  11. Vintage HiFi

    Good post Geoff - thanks for contributing.
  12. There's also a very nice vintage Accuphase preamp on SNA, if you feel quality is more important than whether it's SS or tube based.
  13. What a great endorsement!
  14. For anyone wondering about the quality of this item, I can provide some information as I have the slightly earlier version, the C180. (I believe there is not a great deal of difference in the SQ, and the C190 has more balanced connections) The Accuphase for me is a virtually perfect preamp. The sound is completely neutral with perhaps just a touch of warmth and tonal richness - but very slight. Where it excels is with its natural and in-depth presentation across all elements of a recording. You don't miss out on anything. The micro-dynamics are somehow enhanced and you hear things you might never have known were there. It's a wonderful three-dimensional wall of sound, perfectly balanced and suitable for all genres. It does not present music 'analytically' - it just presents it as 'real'. I had some reservations spending so much money on a pre-amp. But after listening to it, I can't go back. It's an investment in stunning sound quality for life. Have a read of the reviews on the net, and even if you can't afford it save up for one as a great musical treat. You will not regret it. (I have no affiliation with the seller).
  15. dunkirk

    'If someone made a film with the same impact of say the battle of Long Tan I wonder if the reaction of Australians would be different to those of other upbringings? ' Yes, I agree. The views of those people with Vietnamese heritage living here would certainly be different to those people with WASP 'Ozzie' backgrounds. I'm seeing Dunkirk on Saturday night and am looking forward to it. Son says he rated it highly, which means I have to go.