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  1. Rotel made some very under-rated gear back then, and that particular preamp was one of them. This combination is a real bargain, as the amp itself is selling for around $700 elsewhere.
  2. Any updates on your new arrival?
  3. Hi Michael, My matter was resolved on Thursday / Friday, and I sent an email to SpeakerBits advising them of that. There seems to have been quite a bit of discrepancy between the date they originally said they had sent the item and the AusPost date stamp on my parcel...Anyway, I'm glad it's over. Going on the volume of correspondence my post has generated (public and private), I think there's some opportunities here for improvement. Hopefully they will be heeded. I'm happy for the moderators to close this topic off now.
  4. I also received a message at around the same time asking if I'd received my order (a pair of tweeters). I replied that I had not, and asked when they were sent and what the tracking number was (that I'd explicitly asked they provide me with). Eight hours later, still no reply. Having said all of that, I sincerely hope that no one has come to grief.
  5. I understand there may have been some personal issues involved and I'm fine with that - happens to all of us. But when you say you're going to send something 'Now' that was paid for two weeks earlier, and that was two weeks ago, it can get disconcerting. Patience is the key, but how much is reasonable...?
  6. Probably right. Not having been there I wondered if there was any swapping over of equipment, or varying results with different music etc.
  7. Were you able to dissect the various contributions from the different components, or was it holistic synergy?
  8. Does anyone know if Speaker Bits in Melbourne is still open? I put in an order a month ago but have barely heard a word from the owner since I made payment. No phone calls returned and only one email a few weeks ago. My calls go straight to his mobile but remain unanswered. Anyone else know more than me?
  9. Would you consider splitting?
  10. I'm in a similar situation trying to sell my ML2 Plus R's. My logic is that anyone wanting to buy a new pair will (hopefully) choose to save a couple of thousand dollars and buy mine. But buyers don't always think logically.
  11. Bugger - I was hoping from your profile name you might have had some ElectroVoice Interface 11 speakers for sale...
  12. That was one of the most average games of football I've seen in this league - by Perth! As for Melbourne, they played like a team (I use the term generically) of schoolboys. No tactical nous, continually trying to push forward regardless of options, no imagination or flair, no semblance of creativity. Did Tim Cahill even touch the ball? What does that say about the way they tried to build up? I am starting to wonder if the people who make the coaching appointments there even understand what a good coach looks like.