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  1. Yeah, I'm thinking on a purchase like this it will be best to go to a bricks and mortar store...I really don't want an AusPost contractor turning the parcel into a footy.
  2. Ooohh, nice one Ozzie...
  3. Yeah, have been burnt in the past trying to save a few dollars and it ends up costing more... Very keen to add it to the amp, have upgraded the other tubes - now just the 5U4G.
  4. Hmmm, true regarding shipping and GST. Maybe better to go through A2A with a 1 year warranty.
  5. Indeed it is, and $1160 is better than $1500...
  6. Thanks @k-k-k-kenny that's awesome, that's what I was after!
  7. Thanks Sir Rab, that's what I thought. $1500 from A2A...
  8. I've found the third season very slow, only until last episode it seems to be building up. It's taken 5 eps... Having said that, I'm enjoying it more than season 2. Edit: The bad guys seem to be the stand out performers in all seasons - Billy Bob (season 1), Bokeem Woodbine (season 2) and David Thewlis (season 3).
  9. Lol, sorry for the tease Sir Rab! I'm definitely getting one, just don't know where from yet. IIRC www.pricejapan.com has been plagued with bad (fraud/untrustworthy) reviews of late...
  10. Howdy, I'm looking to buy a new single Takatsuki TA-274B tube for the best price possible. Where do you folks go for an item like this? I know Woo Audio (USA) sell them, but just hoping to save a little on the purchase... Any positive purchasing experiences would help too.
  11. Interesting, so freeware and donate if you like? So it's using a 320kbps source (Spotify Premium) and sending it directly to the soundcard...is this the same way Spotify Connect works with DAC's/streamers?
  12. At $210 for 20 stickers, I know where you can stick them...
  13. How much use did the source have before you bought it?
  14. The sticker shock of these Quantum Stickers is somewhat of a sticky situation.