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  1. You know she used to be smokin' hot until she sold her soul to the Devil to be able to play like this...
  2. Yeah, Al may be on to something. I had the NAD T787 and I could 'hide' or 'show' all inputs at my discretion. The previous owner may have disabled the rear CD input in favour of a front panel connection. Alternatively, they may have the rear CD input assigned to the optical in and not the RCA. Hook it up to a TV and go in to the menu system and ensure all inputs are enabled. The front panel display is a PITA and too small to work out what how the inputs are set-up.
  3. +1. You only ever make the mistake of not creating a back-up once. I have 2 back-ups...
  4. I stick with WAV, 100% lossless.
  5. Yeah unfortunately I can't advise. I did run a NUC through the Oppo 103 a few years ago and played with the analogue and digital audio outs. When I found I preferred digital audio for movies I then compared this method against NUC pass-through to my AVR. In the end the method I've gone with is direct pass-through from the NUC to the AVR, as well as my Marantz 8801 (two set-ups). As mentioned I don't do two channel with the NUC, but I've certainly found using the NUC as a transport for movies and TV shows is what suits me. EDIT: I'd "expect" better results with what you're suggesting, introducing an Oppo to process for 2 channel.
  6. This is exactly what I was getting at, only using the NUC as a transport.
  7. I have 5 NUC's in the house, three as HTPC's running KODI. Four are i7's and one is an i3. I don't use any of them for two channel, I prefer a better quality source that processes the files to a much better standard for that purpose (namely a Consonance Ref 7 and a Cambridge Audio 851N). As HTPC's I use them, effectively, as a file transport where I get the processor to decode and process the soundtracks. I find that this way, audibly, they sound fantastic in movies and TV shows.
  8. Well, I can't wait to see what's in store with the new products...
  9. Yep, cracking movie, really enjoyed it. Amy Adams was excellent, no over acting at all. It's certainly a second watch movie, a few things will fall in to place. I was really looking forward to seeing it, which can often lead to disappointment, but this one delivered.
  10. Oops. A bit of D.P. going on here.
  11. Just don't leave any implements behind...
  12. I just don't see in-ears holding their value either.
  13. Many potential buyers want to see your own pictures though because it shows that you actually own the items. Members on SNA have recently been subject to scams, losing thousands of dollars. Bearing in mind we're all now a bit more savvy to scams, and one way for protection is by checking original photos.
  14. Yeah, I don't watch any channel ten at all, and even ONE doesn't do sports anymore. Lost their way a long time ago I think.