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  1. Yep, worth the hunt. I eventually picked up a new 8801 from CAV, full factory warranty - and it's over engineered for what I need. Brand new though, which was an important factor for me...
  2. If you'll separate I'll take Diamond Life for $50. No postage, I'm local to you.
  3. Intel Nuc i3 Bad Audio

    Wow, I've got 5 NUC's with 4 running KODI and have never come across this issue...
  4. Digging Iron Maiden

    Another fan...excellent!
  5. Howdy from Oz Theatre

    Great to have your knowledge here Rich. It's not all just stereos and two channel, there's a strong following for HT too...
  6. Yes, I lived with the Niles for about 3 years then fitted the Dynaboxes you mentioned, and have lived with that set-up for the past 2 years. The Dynaboxes lift the performance of the speaker immensely, and also stop noise bleed from the rear of the speaker 100% (I sat in the ceiling and listened, expecting some degree of noise bleed but there was nothing!)
  7. Report Bugs Here

    Pffft, you want me to do that before reporting the bug? Sheesh... Makes sense. That sorted it for me BTW
  8. Report Bugs Here

    Yep, same issue on FF -
  9. I'm a fan of the Niles range, well built and excellent performance, especially in handling lower frequencies. I used a pair in my HT for about 5 years, and will be putting a pair of these in my bedroom to be driven by a NAD D3020 just for the TV. Here's some 6 inchers (price is per speaker) - https://klappav.com.au/collections/niles/products/cm610 https://klappav.com.au/collections/niles/products/cm630 (pivoting tweeter) ...and some 7 inchers - https://klappav.com.au/collections/niles/products/cm7pr Plenty more in the range depending on what you need - http://www.nilesaudio.com/products/ceiling-and-wall-speakers
  10. Yeah, I'm calling it as $25 for one plan and $35 for a family.
  11. Muse back in Oz just before XMas

    This would definitely be one to catch...
  12. Bugger, that's a crappy sinking feeling right there...
  13. I just checked my 50 or so records, no issues, but I need new outer sleeves on them anyway...I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  14. No idea, the retailer never mentioned who JVC initially sent it to. However, the retailer said that when the tech argued black and blue it was the globe, they went back to JVC and said send it to someone else. JVC then wanted to post it to one of their repairers in Sydney, but the retailer said that they send other brands to JLS without any issues at all, so why not them?