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  1. can i ask what you need to drive it....i seem to remember these are difficult to drive will mojo work ? thx C
  2. Morning Can I ask a dumb question if they are dual and u have a USB input, how is the other monoDac slaved to the input
  3. Hi Could I have the Stravinskys , Mahler 2 Shostakovich 5 and Frederick Fennell and Pictures at an Exhibition please Rob Calax
  4. Hiya i am a bit confused by your quality descriptions Are the stains you mention, and am not sure what your referring to , or cause , audible on play back? also you mention scratches , are you referring to visible scratches on inspection or playback? Can you elucidate what the stains are, and confidence they are removable by cleaning possibly some pics would help
  5. Hi there can I ask is the arm board supplied for the tone arm an original micro seiki tone arm, if not, what is it made of ? also in one photo there seem to be springs around the footers? Can you explain the relationship of that to what your selling? what platter is it running ? is it the ddx 1500 platter and bearing, are you able to show a pic of this without the mat Finally what is the origin of the graphite mat ? thx Calax
  6. Hi heard these speakers many years ago with centre and trifield was very impressive.... GLWTS
  7. i own two of these great cartridges, and very quiet in the groove.... GLWTS
  8. i have a dht pre with emission 20A and transformer tvc very special real timbre sound GLWTS.........
  9. What are the specs in this sub ?
  10. i own the tube version of this wonderful wonderful GLWTS to buy this too but cannot justify it........damn.......
  11. Would u consider selling xp25 separately?
  12. Yes very interesting review GLWTS
  13. Thx Guys thought as much but wanted confirmation from Naimophiles
  14. Can I ask as not very expert with Naim power supplies could u use this with Naim super line or more CD players and stuff?
  15. Would you consider selling the phono m7 and step up if your selling these? Not sure from the ad though u put in your photos or was that just drool worthy lol