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  1. FS: EMT 929 Tonearm (2 pcs)

    +1 and will you split ie one each ?
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uvUL28Skt6E
  3. Does this have music on the HDs ?
  4. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    Bit of confusion there atc 300 versus JBL 4367 there is an interesting match up
  5. Was this a special version with 4 300b ? push pull or parallel SET ? Thx A
  6. FS: Lamm M1.2 Mono

    Tempted to buy a second pair and then I can bridge them
  7. Awesome system!!! which did you find better with aurender dcs or msb did you try dual aes into Vivaldi ? is it loaded with any music ? thx C
  8. The amazing thing is they still make this speaker with just some modernisation, which shows the design has stood the test of time , only a handful of speakers you can say that about, Harbeth, etc
  9. great photo Drool worthy !!! ..................