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  1. i own two of these great cartridges, and very quiet in the groove.... GLWTS
  2. i have a dht pre with emission 20A and transformer tvc very special real timbre sound GLWTS.........
  3. What are the specs in this sub ?
  4. i own the tube version of this wonderful wonderful GLWTS to buy this too but cannot justify it........damn.......
  5. Would u consider selling xp25 separately?
  6. Yes very interesting review GLWTS
  7. Thx Guys thought as much but wanted confirmation from Naimophiles
  8. Can I ask as not very expert with Naim power supplies could u use this with Naim super line or more CD players and stuff?
  9. Would you consider selling the phono m7 and step up if your selling these? Not sure from the ad though u put in your photos or was that just drool worthy lol
  10. be interested in the following Thx Calax SLS 832. Paganini violin concerto/caprices etc. 2lp box. England. NM $60 SLS 895. Du Pre cello concertos. Elgar etc. 3lp/insert. England. 1st label. Box Ex/Discs M-/NM. $70 LDS 6409. Handel Messiah. Beecham. USA. Living Stereo shaded dog. Deluxe Soria edition. 4lp/booklet. NM. $40 Angel (Japan). AA 9322-3. eq to ASD319. Weber. Der Freischutz. Keilberth. Berlin PO. 2lp Box Ex/Discs. Japan. M-. $40 Angel (USA). 3637 stereo. Becaud. Opera d'Aran. Pretre cont. 3lp/insert. Insert Ex. Box.Discs NM. USA. $15 Columbia 33CX 1631-3. Puccini. Girl of the Golden West. England. mono. NM. $10 Columbia MS6147. STOKOWSKI cond de FALLA el amor brujo / Wagner. Tristan Stereo. USA 1960. SEALED. $15 Decca SXL 6620-2. 3llp box. England. 1973. NM Romeo and Juliet. Cleveland. Maazel. $50 SXL 6944. Frank/ Debussy violin sonatas. Kyung-wha Chung/ Radu Lupu. Holland. NM/M- $50
  11. Hello can I have Janacek Stravinsky Schumann chopin sonata strauss/kleiber thx Calax
  12. Hiya lovely amps so is this literally the top of the line, no more options? i find the asr site a little intimidating? I know with so many boxes it's hard to get a sense, but there are 4 chassis? and the outputs come out of the control chassis? does the fixed output mean u could use and external preamplifier almost bought one of these last year thx Calax
  13. Great pre I have the C 02 and E03 beautifully built like a tank very musical and dynamic, with amazing soundstage and transparency real bargain GLWTS
  14. this still available?
  15. these are bandpass subwoofers, different technique to bass reflex/ported speakers all frequencies this low are omnidirectional