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  1. great photo Drool worthy !!! ..................
  2. Does the spirit collection come with it didn't say ?
  3. This got an amazing review from Myles Astor i am really surprised they are being sold....Bargain !
  4. Hi thanks for answer Though not relevant to your advert but general info An example : - Sotm make a variety of clocks for mobo and USB or both you can can also power the soTm USB board with a battery and sotm make several power supplies also ... Sorry I was not meaning external clocking at all yes your right a lot has been done in this build to address some of these issues excellent advertisement in terms of detailed information GLWTS
  5. Hi can I ask about the clocking? skylake allows external clock what about this mb ? what about sotm card its clocking and power supply thx calax
  6. Thanks for posting Does it come with an arm board and what is it suitable for can you show actual unit rather than advert photo
  7. Hiya can you show the actual cartidge the link you mention is 8 years old are there any changes whats is the provenance of this unit thx Calax
  8. That's for interesting observations Scumbag i agree side lobbing should be greatly diminished so distance from sidewalls so not important and yes d' Appolito woofers will decrease floor bounce issues woofers separated by such a large distance compared with wavelength though:- this famously was an issue between John Dunlavy and JA in Stereophile
  9. these look extremely professional i think you are right though that the d' Appolito bass drivers take some distance to blend, and yes acoustic centre will be on the tweeter.....
  10. i have one of these great picture GLWTS
  11. lol it's written on front in photo
  12. I have owned one of these for two years simply fantastic No need for cleaning solutions given current rrp very good price GLWTS
  13. I have to say, the dm8 was an impulse buy, that has been wonderful for a start it's beautifully made, truly exceptional, it's hard to appreciate the quality to you see the massive unit in the flesh second the interface in the Pre is superb and the sound quality is remarkable, i havent been able to source some DM88s but have been using my Goldmund 29Ms, and the sound quality is superb i am fascinated by those that claim it's sterile, as nothing could be further from the truth, what I have found is that it's plays back what ever you feed it, if the recording is sweet, that what you get so there is no editorialising of the sound does mean you have to spend the time to get the most out of it having said that it was obvious to me as soon as I put in the system... with improvements over time with optimisation the sound I am getting now is moved to another level with the Halcros On last weekend I just couldn't stop listening to "music" the timbral qualities truly spot on.... the added incentive to me was current mode, as with the Bakoon phono stage I wanted to try it in current mode. This is something the Halcro supports, which is interesting as more manufacturers are starting to show an interest in current mode beyond bakoon, and krell, with now BMC, and CH precision ....
  14. It's just been discovered Gold model comes with a switch mode power supply the Platinum model has linear power supply the diamond model has battery pack but will soon be super ceded by graphene model after cooperation with Magico all you who have bought the original hence called the 17 model can upgrade for difference in purchase prices the new model will rrp for $20000
  15. I should mention the DM8 is enormous !....and flight case three times that size GLWTS