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  1. Hi Sean. I will take it, if still available. Will send a PM.
  2. If only it wasn't red. I have enough troubles adding things that blend in with the rest of the gear - if you know what I mean [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I did a stupid thing about 2 years ago. Did not check the battery, and it leaked. End of my ME remote control. I have operated my pre-amp manually ever since. Not such an inconvenience, but still... too good an opportunity to pass up. I will take it. PM on its way. [System says you cannot receive messages]
  4. Roon

    On the Roon forums, there is some guidance on SSDs. Up to 1500 albums, no significant benefits in SSD. 5000 albums and upwards, An SSD for the boot drive and database location is recommended,in order to keep response times to acceptable levels. I guess there is a grey area between 1,500 and 5,000 albums. You mentioned 18,000 songs, which is probably about 2,000 albums, so perhaps little or no benefit from using an SSD. See the following link https://community.roonlabs.com/t/suggested-hardware/90/20?u=brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm interested, if still available. PM sent.
  6. PM sent. I am interested to buy, subject to a few more details on unit condition and history.
  7. I think M2Tech provides the usb interface and OSX drivers to Chord. At least that is what I read somewhere. I have had an M2Tech Young DAC for many years and the OSX drivers have always been an issue whenever there are OSX upgrades. It sometimes takes them a year or more to develop a new driver. I think the Mavericks driver upgrade was released about the same time that El Capitan came out. I gave up and bought a driverless usb/spdif converter from Bel Canto. I suppose I could have offloaded the Young DAC, but I was pretty happy with its performance other than the driver issue. If Chord are relying on M2Tech for updates, I feel sorry for you. Experience tells me you will be waiting a LONG time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Roon subscriber Q's

    I went for the life membership, 12 months ago. I did not want to go through the decision every year on whether to continue, as it is a sizeable chunk of money for a subscription. So far I am happy with the decision. I have licences for other software as well (JRiver, Amarra and Audirvana) and I find I prefer Roon by a wide margin. Interestingly, many years ago, I paid more for Amarra than what my life membership for Roon has cost me. I hope this decision turns out better. I suspect it's nervous times for the Roon developers. A lot of people that signed up for one year when it was released 12 months ago will be making their decision soon.
  9. Find a cheap flight. Go there and have a look. If it's good (which it seems to be), buy it and bring it back as cabin baggage to save on postage. You could do the whole thing in a day and be home for dinner.
  10. Roon

    Based on their forum, the Roon developers do appear to listen to users. A lot of what users wanted has been included in the last 2 updates. Some things naturally do get rejected/ignored or put on low priority. You cannot please everybody. It does not rearrange your music storage, unless you specifically ask it to - in this respect, it is similar to many other available music management software options. I would not recommend letting it (or any other software) control where your music is stored, although it might be useful if your music collection is a complete mess to start with. It's not free, you do need a credit card. I find the artist information to be a waste of time (as mentioned by someone else, generally you don't need to be told who Beethoven was, or who the Beatles were). But the linking between artists, albums and other performers is excellent. This is what the other poster meant by "helping me work out what CD to play next". If you are listening to the Eagles, you just click on "Don Henley" and you see all the albums in your collection by Don Henley, which you can click on and add to your playlist. It also suggests other music in your collection that might be "similar". For the Eagles, in my collection it is suggesting Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young and also Billy Joel (maybe a bit odd). Then you can go click on those links and add something else to your playlist. I actually do find this type of thing very useful, and I end up playing stuff that I would probably not have thought of. It's not for everybody, but it's not garbage. Personally, I like it very much, although I agree the price is a bit steep.
  11. Roon

    Another thing I like about Roon is that it is "family friendly". It's doing a good job of playing music in different rooms and is usable by different people. If it was just me, I could live with navigating to a folder structure like what has been shown. But my wife is just not going to use it, if the system was like that. JRiver could also do this. I have used JRiver before and still have a licence for it, so I am not really a "fanboy" of anything in particular. I also have audirvana and amarra. I just like Roon better.
  12. Roon

    It's not for everybody, and it is still a work in progress. If you are organised, know exactly what you want to play, and where things are located, then navigating into your folder structure might still be the best way... particularly for 60CD classical box sets. I don't know any music database/player that really does well with classical. For me, I would not use anything else other than Roon now. I love it. My tastes in music are less focussed, and Roon really helps with getting the best out of my music library. I bought into it at v1.0 and have experienced v1.1 and v1.2. Each new version is really a leap ahead, so I am very comfortable with where they are heading. v1.2 was focussed more on connectivity. From the forum, I believe v1.3 will focus on metadata, which might solve some of your issues with it.
  13. Roon does not yet display full artwork - only front cover. But based on their support forum, it appears that it is on the to-do list. It sure is expensive, but geez I like it. Looking at your list of requirements, it won't help you with "playing music on Android when out&about". It is strictly (at the moment) focussed on controlling home audio systems. I basically have an iTunes library pointed at the same music files as Roon and use it to sync with my iThings. But around the house, Roon gets used exclusively.
  14. I have only been on my 30 day trial for a day, but I think it actually allows you to do this (offline mode). So far I like TIDAL.... even though I have had absolutely zero interest for streaming in the past.