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  1. Thanks @A9X I have a DATS so will break it out if I ever get serious with these... Cheers, SS
  2. Looking good, well done!
  3. @ropes just wondering how you went with this project? I'd be interested in how it compares to larger drivers in "conventional" enclosures. Regards, SS
  4. Who would do a thing like that?
  5. @Riggsy thanks for that. I still have the drivers at home and in fact was contemplating just last night whether to put them into some cabinets. BTW welcome to SNA :-) Regards, SS
  6. It would be interesting to run them with a subwoofer (or two!) and compare them sans subwoofer. Regards, SS
  7. Yep, objective testing or not, I'm absolutely loving the little electrostatic panels I'm experimenting with at the moment!
  8. It would be interesting to see some objective testing on this. The basic formula F=MA (force = mass x acceleration) can be transposed to Acceleration = Force / Mass. Therefore the strength of the motor (force) is an integral part of this. From what I gather, electrostatics are very light, but the forces at play are relatively weak. Cone drivers tend to be the opposite, heavier but with stronger motors. Regards, SS
  9. I'm currently building a set of hybrid speakers, an ER Audio 505 panel over a sealed Seas Excel W17CY001 (down to 60-80Hz or so). MiniDSP 2X4 will be used as XO, XO point yet to be determined. Subs are dual Rythmik. I've been pretty impressed with the current temporary-permanent arrangement of 440 electrostatic panels over 6" woofers, so I'm looking forward to getting this next set up and running. As far as the flat panel v box speakers debate goes, I've been enjoying both, even though a hybrid also has compromises. Regards, SS
  10. Strangely enough, I haven't noticed the difference in rolling resistance :-) There is definitely an imbalance in the wheel for the first few metres of each ride as the slime redistributes itself through the tyre, but after a few seconds, it's back to normal. SS
  11. Someone's read Dr Crawford's paper :-)
  12. I've told you once... :-)
  13. Come to think of it, the noise coming from the driver would be consistent with a paper former rubbing, rather than an aluminium or Kapton one. Thanks again for the info.
  14. Thanks @VanArn, much appreciated. The driver is in excellent condition other than the voice coil, I might phone Krix and see how we go. Regards, SS