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  1. Well there you go, those woofers in the pic you just posted are Dynaudio 24W75, not the Scanspeaks in my mate's speakers...
  2. I don't have many more specifics sorry. A mate has a set (now in storage) which I think are the Prince, they have Scanspeak woofers and mids. One of the woofers is ported/transmission line. I don't recall looking for a rear tweeter though. The Princess may have had Dynaudio 24W74 woofers but I'm getting into guessing territory here. Regards, SS
  3. Here y'go: There are some differences noted. Regards, SS
  4. Item: ER Audio 440 Mini Panel Electrostatic Speaker Panels Location: Adelaide Price: $290 Item Condition: Reasonable Reason for selling: Was impressed with these, now going to try the newer 505 panels. Payment Method: Post or Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: I have for sale a pair of the above ER Audio 440 (not 505) electrostatic panels. They are in good working condition and have two 12v power supplies (12v power supplies not matching, but work just fine) plus the HT supplies/transformers. Frequency response is set up to be around 400hz and up, although by replacing a capacitor in each HT supply they can go as low as 250Hz as per Rob from ER Audio. There is some residue from masking tape on the clear acrylic frames, but they are otherwise in good condition. Seas drivers not included, sorry! :-) Postage available at cost, they will be safely packaged.
  5. Ok I'm thinking I'll get a pair of 505s and go from there. I have a good mate with access to a CNC router, I'll have to draft him in to help with the surrounds/cabinet work :-) A pair of 440s will be coming up for sale if anyone is interested. Regards, SS
  6. Has anyone here stacked a pair of 505 panels? I'm seriously looking at stacking pairs of 440s or possibly the 505s and was wondering if there is anything to lose sound wise by stacking, i.e. imaging, soundstaging etc. Regards, SS
  7. Hi all, These have now been sold pending payment. Regards, SS
  8. Hi John, i was given them them several years ago by someone in the industry, I believe they were run in but never used apart from that. Regards, SS
  9. Sold to Erest pending payment. Regards, SS
  10. Item: Pair of Audax TM 25A Tweeters, 8ohm Location: Adelaide Price: $55 ono Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Funding other projects Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, COD Only Extra Info: I have the above tweeters for sale, they have never been used. I cannot find info on the model, but the link below shows a similar looking unit but without the grille. Postage is available at cost. Pictures:
  11. Item: Set of tweeters and mid drivers to suit car Location: Adelaide Price: $120 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Fund other purchases Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a set of car tweeters and dome mids. I was given them years ago by someone in the audio industry, and they have no brand. I suspect they may be OEM/Morel judging by the appearance of the lead out wires being on opposite sides of the domes, al la Morel, and also the venting on the back of the mids is pretty much the same as other Morel drivers I have seen. However, they are being sold as "no name" as I cannot be sure. The tweeters are 25-30mm in diameter, the mids are around 50mm. The parts are all new and unused. Shipping is available at cost. Pictures:
  12. Item: Seas Millennium Tweeters CF002-06 Location: Adelaide Price: $320 ono Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: Fund other purchases Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a pair of practically new Seas Millennium tweeters, which need no introduction, being one of the best tweeters available. They have only been tried and then put back in the boxes, there is no solder on the tags, and the screw holes have never been used. Current price from Madisound is $291 USD (around $380 AUD) each plus freight, so the asking price is definitely a bargain. Shipping is available at cost. Pictures:
  13. Here are the crossovers for the PCL-10. They sit at opposite ends of the enclosure. The tweeter board fits in the top of the cabinet and the mid/woofer board sits on the bottom. They are held in by a small shelf at the back of the enclosure and a small screw through the front baffle. Clearly someone was thinking when they designed this one Edit: Cables are Van den Hul.
  14. @davewantsmoore was definitely after some 830500s a while ago. This is a bargain for someone! Cheers, SS
  15. Please don't! I'm drooling already!! SS