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  1. Okay I have lots more info they are very customized they are 35 watt mono blocks I have taken a picture of boxes of tubes in use and others as spares or may have been used but I would say 80 percent of the spares have not been opened by me. I will post up a lot more images on the advert and tech sheets. My specs sheets replace the ones I took from his website
  2. Hi once you sell I have 3 meter versions if your longer cables wth rca 's if interested that I don't think I will use cheers will dig out today to check lengths.
  3. found some other images on mac, ( and placed on listing /advert) some of the build and prior to delivery in testing at and at home but cannot find the ones of the plinth etc but they could be on an email from Earle.
  4. Long pop over to Perth but sure. I heard and I hope I am wrong Earle was ill but it was a few months ago. Best wishes Earle @ehtcom and hope your back making magic machines again soon.
  5. Also yes rereading your text they were basically the best preamp he made and then the best mono blocks but then customized accordingly to what you see in the pictures that why they were more like 12k than 9-10k
  6. Okay very observant first of all the pics are the real deal - ( was in hospital yesterday and not quite as fast paced as normal so forgive any time delays as I will need to tomorrow to photograph better) my amps were very very customized I think I was very new to tubes and kept up asking for more options for them. I still am not sure what I have own exactly apart from they are beautiful- unmarked and sound great. I asked for extra inputs, balanced , the first remote, maybe more power to drive speakers at the time which would have been linn isobariks or tannoy td12s. So Earle did a lot of extra work and we talked and he listened and created and I paid for options. He is a great bloke. I have many extra tubes and his hand written and typed manuals with all the precise info - I love hifi but stereonet taught me a lot more, but still not too techie. Apart from my requests including the first ever request in black Earle created stunning amps - I was and may still keep forever but I have 3 kids and that means 6 or 0 in the house all weekend and I worry about the tubes and we have shocking dirty power and even though I have a power conditioner I would hate to see 20 odd tubes blow. I can dig up manuals and see what tubes are left . Shipping is not easy they are heavy - would need to be 3 boxes of about 25 kilos each plus a small box of well protected bulbs. Earle got them to Perth from south Australia okay so should be easy enough to package they are pretty tough once all bulbs are removed. so will dig up photos , manuals and any build pics I can though they are only pics of a plinth then Plinth painted and transformer added it was more to keep me happy during the long wait process from order to completion but it was really worth it. Talk soon adam
  7. I am out of action all day tomorrow but back online. Either tomorrow night or Friday sometime so pm me your details and PayPal user address or bank details cheers Aadam
  8. Hi mate if you will post to Perth via pack and send I will grab it presuming it's fully working- what year is it - I am in car and can pm once home and grab your details to PayPal or direct deposit etc thanks Adam
  9. One week ago I would have grabbed, but went PS BHk instead as just could not find a nice complete set, aargh, good luck with sale, great system. out of interest how old are they?
  10. Hi i will grab it if you will post to Perth please.
  11. Depending on what rcas you want I have about 10 extra sets which i will list this week and need a good USB cable so let me know hou you go with first round of PM's cheers adam
  12. Hi Dale can you please confirm year of manufacture and are the marks on the front in the shots permanent or removeable Thanks Adam also do the 9 plugs then share the total output of a us bersion
  13. Hi Dale can you please confirm year of manufacture and are the marks on the front in the shots permanent or removeable Thanks Adam also do the 9 plugs then share the tot