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  1. Akai 1710w reel to reel rebuild

    Time for me to acquaint myself to all the stuff you have gathered in the last 8 months .
  2. And another from Brisbane

    You are trying to get your point across @djb Welcome Tim enjoy the site .
  3. Another one from Adelaide

    Welcome , very nice layout and gear .
  4. G'day from Oz!

    Welcome Sam , enjoy SNA .
  5. Greetings from Radelaide!

    Welcome Joey , enjoy this interesting / crazy site .
  6. Tannoy westminster se build

    Dark in a large room , light grey to give the appearance of a smaller size . Beautiful build .
  7. Not your average GTG

    I'm in , interesting idea .
  8. Hi everyone

    Welcome Tim , you got the crazy bit right , enjoy the site .
  9. New member

    There, welcome.
  10. It would be a pity to sell something you enjoy so much , maybe buy a car of the same value instead
  11. Hi everyone

    We or most of us like to pretend that as well , welcome and enjoy.
  12. Hi Fi show accom

    Try the Bayview on the park , about 600m away on the same road .
  13. Hello Community

    Welcome Ben , enjoy the site .
  14. Bellevue Heights Blues Fest+ GTG

    As above , even the cats are friendly and the coffee strong .