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  1. Audio reproduction is the result of a system. The weakest link in the system limits the result to be achieved. Recording, source, cables, amps, speakers, room and ears! Any one of these things could limit what is achieved. It is a balance and hence always an upgrade path unless of course you can go out and buy the best of everything in one go. But what fun would that be?
  2. Soooooooooooooo Not loud, not expecting huge bass, nice detail and smooth mids with no fatigue and mainly for Jazz........ You just asked for a pair of ESL57's. The Troubadour did a pretty good job of driving my ESL's as a single pair, but, not when I stacked them. Problem will be getting them into a 3m x 3m room with two other systems and getting a pair for under $1k! Re. valve CD. I still really like my Opera Consenance Droplet 5 but must say I have not seen any up for sale for a while. Good luck with your search. P.S. You could always look at a DIY open baffle with single full range driver.
  3. @Mullet I have been reading extensively on open baffles and came to Wild Burro Betsy as well. Haven't purchased yet because there is a discount for getting a second pair :-) When you are searching you will come across a person on several forums called Randy. He is responsible for Caintuck audio and has a number of designs iterations of how he has used the Visaton B200 and the Betsy in OB. I liked the look of the WMTMW on his website - New Loudspeaker - Part 3. http://caintuckaudio.com/ I received this from Randy just last night when asking about his WMTMW speaker. ............as I experimented with baffles of different sizes and shapes, I found that the Betsy drivers could be used in a baffle less than 24" tall and would still throw an image that was as high as the ceiling of the listening room would allow ..... a very cool sonic illusion. I also enjoyed the fact that I was looking over the tops of the baffles from my listening seat with nothing to visually and sonically distract me ..... so the "low profile" baffles became my reference. Of course, an 8" driver will not produce thunderous bass in a small baffle, so the bottom end has to be supplemented. Using suitable 12" or 15" bass drivers in separate baffles driven by plate amplifiers works very well. Being able to place the bass drivers in a different location that the main drivers is beneficial because the optimal location for one is not always the best location for the other. If the amplifier used with the Betsy drivers has adequate top end extension, I feel no need to use an additional tweeter. One can always be added, but it will have to be crossed over at a pretty high frequency because the Betsy drivers are only down a few db at 20K. I look forward to seeing where you go with the Betsy and your thoughts.
  4. @LinearTracker I think I am onto the same question as you. "What do I do with my CD player to give it the best opportunity to sound the best it can?" Just use it as a transport and run external DAC? Use RCA out, digital out, optical out??? Throw it away and rip everything to hard drive? I have no care in the world for what format something is played from, but, I have limited facility for computer audio. What I care about is this little story. I've always thought my Opera Consenance Droplet 5 did a very good job of playing CD's. But, the other night when doing the "half past midnight" pick up of my son after he finished work (no he can't get a bus home at that time from Brisbane CBD mid week!!) he glowingly said "I got this for you, they were marking it down. The sleeves a bit water stained but the vinyl is perfect". It was a copy of Pink Floyd the wall. I have almost every early Pink Floyd on CD and they are great. The vinyl was perfect, but, I gave it a clean anyway. Playing it on my LP12/Ittok/Asak I have never heard The Wall sound so full of life and character. The sound was more dynamic and filled a space. The sound seemed to carry feeling and emotion that the CD just does not do. I have found this with Adele on vinyl also. So what to do to get my CD to sound like that? "What do I do with my CD player to give it the best opportunity to sound the best it can?"
  5. @MattyW I used the Cinemag 1254 from Geoff and used Elma switches to give me selection between 10, 20 and 40x step up. The switches are very firm in their action. The resultant SUT works very well with my Linn Asak on the 40x gain (only has a 100uV output).
  6. Have a talk to Geoff @gmdb at Aurealis Audio. He built me a RCA selector switch which allowed me to select between two turn tables feeding a phono stage.
  7. Hi Owen I was going to do some adjusting but found the motor alternated its direction of rotation with each turn on / off cycle. So if I have it rotating clockwise when looking from the bearing side it is naturally pushing back toward the motor. I've had no further issue. Cheers, Chris.
  8. @Owen Y from the back label it says for Ilford Ilfotol Contains reaction mass of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one (3:1). It is labelled as a wetting agent. Cleaning at 30 degrees C and today which is 25 in Brisbane has the records drying as you look at them. Fully dry within a minute or two.
  9. Today I got the kit mounted on the US cleaner with no issues and the fit is great. Using distilled water and 0.5% ilfotol I cleaned for 15 minutes as suggested. The effect is quite pronounced. Firstly there are no crackles and pops and the lead in, gaps between tracks and lead out are silent. But there is something else.....the music seems softer and fuller, perhaps even "luscious". I can't really describe it, but it is a good thing. This is spoken of Lorde Pure Herroine and Annie Lennox Nostalgia. I was surprised after only three records through the unit that there was visible fluff and particles coagulated after a period of being turned off. I would not have said these records were dirty. Only thing I noted is that the spindle seemed to move out from the motor drive so will do some adjusting of the bearing holder height to see if I can stop this. My advice to anyone playing records is to get a US cleaner and Owens kit is a good way of going about it. Thanks Owen for your effort to make this opportunity available.
  10. @Mat-with-one-t Details of a pump and filter system that Andy uses.
  11. I have searched, but, found very little about calculating what is required. I've tried modelling a single B+ supply using PSU designer II from Duncan Amps and things just don't make sense i.e. less voltage using chokes when everything I read says there should be more voltage. Doesn't seem to reduce the ripple either terribly much compared to using resistors. The reason for wanting to use chokes is that I want the power supply to be as electrically quiet as it can be while minimising heat.
  12. I have attached the schematic.new_xover_sch.pdf
  13. Don't know where the picture went.
  14. How do I calculate the chokes to use in the above power supply to minimise power supply noise? The power transformer is a 230V CT at 0.22A. What current rating should the chokes be? OR should I just use the resistors? This will be powering a valve active crossover using ECC88 valves and DC supply to the heaters. Cheers, Chris. P.S. More info can be found here http://www.pmillett.com/tube_active_crossover.htm
  15. This is the ebay link of the one I ordered only last night. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111529951412?ul_noapp=true In the process of determining they would supply 230V I ended up going direct and obviously saving them the ebay fees. I used paypal and payed 130AUD delivered to QLD. Now fingers crossed it arrives and works