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  1. @Ugly I strongly advise you to consider a US cleaner live Owen is doing a kitset for the top of. All up $300 + chemicals and water will give you in my opinion a better result than a vacuum RCM. I base this on using a VPI HW16.5 and getting a better result from the US. I'm hoping a combination of the two will give the best result!
  2. Hi Owen I was going to do some adjusting but found the motor alternated its direction of rotation with each turn on / off cycle. So if I have it rotating clockwise when looking from the bearing side it is naturally pushing back toward the motor. I've had no further issue. Cheers, Chris.
  3. @Owen Y from the back label it says for Ilford Ilfotol Contains reaction mass of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one (3:1). It is labelled as a wetting agent. Cleaning at 30 degrees C and today which is 25 in Brisbane has the records drying as you look at them. Fully dry within a minute or two.
  4. Today I got the kit mounted on the US cleaner with no issues and the fit is great. Using distilled water and 0.5% ilfotol I cleaned for 15 minutes as suggested. The effect is quite pronounced. Firstly there are no crackles and pops and the lead in, gaps between tracks and lead out are silent. But there is something else.....the music seems softer and fuller, perhaps even "luscious". I can't really describe it, but it is a good thing. This is spoken of Lorde Pure Herroine and Annie Lennox Nostalgia. I was surprised after only three records through the unit that there was visible fluff and particles coagulated after a period of being turned off. I would not have said these records were dirty. Only thing I noted is that the spindle seemed to move out from the motor drive so will do some adjusting of the bearing holder height to see if I can stop this. My advice to anyone playing records is to get a US cleaner and Owens kit is a good way of going about it. Thanks Owen for your effort to make this opportunity available.
  5. @Mat-with-one-t Details of a pump and filter system that Andy uses.
  6. I have searched, but, found very little about calculating what is required. I've tried modelling a single B+ supply using PSU designer II from Duncan Amps and things just don't make sense i.e. less voltage using chokes when everything I read says there should be more voltage. Doesn't seem to reduce the ripple either terribly much compared to using resistors. The reason for wanting to use chokes is that I want the power supply to be as electrically quiet as it can be while minimising heat.
  7. I have attached the schematic.new_xover_sch.pdf
  8. Don't know where the picture went.
  9. How do I calculate the chokes to use in the above power supply to minimise power supply noise? The power transformer is a 230V CT at 0.22A. What current rating should the chokes be? OR should I just use the resistors? This will be powering a valve active crossover using ECC88 valves and DC supply to the heaters. Cheers, Chris. P.S. More info can be found here http://www.pmillett.com/tube_active_crossover.htm
  10. This is the ebay link of the one I ordered only last night. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111529951412?ul_noapp=true In the process of determining they would supply 230V I ended up going direct and obviously saving them the ebay fees. I used paypal and payed 130AUD delivered to QLD. Now fingers crossed it arrives and works
  11. @Schnuck have a look at Aurealis Audio's DIY Silver Interconnect. https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/pure-silver-interconnect-kit/ Geoff has put this kitset cable together using solid silver wire and full instructions. Geoff @gmdb is a member here also. This is a very good interconnect cable for not much money that bettered my Kimber Silver Streak IC's.
  12. Says you living under all those TV tower thingies! You need to come to the South Side where the air is truly pure
  13. So does no one have motor mount parts for an Orpheus Silex stashed away????
  14. Received the latest Russ Andrews booklet and really like the idea of the VS (varistrand). Silver and copper at different gauges in the same bundle. Just makes sense really. I'd love to try it, but two pairs of 2m is too much to spend on a punt that it will be significantly better than 8TC.
  15. @Gijo1977 good luck with the Graham Slee. I was using the Reflex M with the PSU1 and felt it was a very good phono stage. Re record cleaning. I was using the Knosti Disco Antistat which is very similar to the spin clean. It certainly loosened the dirt well but with dirty albums it was obvious it didn't really clean it because the stylus would be covered in fluff and grunge by half way through the side. The needle was doing the cleaning. I moved to a VPI vacuum cleaner and never looked back but looking forward it will be complemented by a ultrasonic cleaner I think. A lean static free record will make more difference than a phenomenal upgrade in my opinion especially if you buy up older albums.