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  1. So does no one have motor mount parts for an Orpheus Silex stashed away????
  2. Received the latest Russ Andrews booklet and really like the idea of the VS (varistrand). Silver and copper at different gauges in the same bundle. Just makes sense really. I'd love to try it, but two pairs of 2m is too much to spend on a punt that it will be significantly better than 8TC.
  3. @Gijo1977 good luck with the Graham Slee. I was using the Reflex M with the PSU1 and felt it was a very good phono stage. Re record cleaning. I was using the Knosti Disco Antistat which is very similar to the spin clean. It certainly loosened the dirt well but with dirty albums it was obvious it didn't really clean it because the stylus would be covered in fluff and grunge by half way through the side. The needle was doing the cleaning. I moved to a VPI vacuum cleaner and never looked back but looking forward it will be complemented by a ultrasonic cleaner I think. A lean static free record will make more difference than a phenomenal upgrade in my opinion especially if you buy up older albums.
  4. I didn't find a need for burn in, but, when I fitted mine I had moved to stacked speakers and different amps as well so it was a whole new thing that was growing on me anyway. What I would say is if you can stretch to the 12TC now do so because I think if you get the 8TC you will always be left wanting to know if the 12TC is better!
  5. @ex brickie I love Jazz but just can't get into Miles Davis style. GeoffRoberts suggestion of The Great Summit is a good one. This is a brilliant album in that it swaps between being piano lead to trumpet lead due to the two big names. Sounds like you like a big band type jazz sound, where as I prefer the trio quartet with vocals e.g. Ella and Louis. Unfortunately we are still in the throws of unpacking having moved house last week otherwise I'd have gone through the Time Life Jazz Collection of albums and made some suggestions. Hopefully someone will chime and help you out.
  6. @Upfront your sympathy is accepted with thanks. Well here is hoping that someone may have something of a chassis hidden away somewhere. I am glad you have confidence in someone being able to help
  7. Does anyone have any parts for an orphius silex? I am looking for the motor mount / speed control / drive pulley arrangement i.e. the steel cast The one I got hold of was damaged in transit and has broken the above parts.
  8. D. Record Cleaning?? What you have should be giving you some pretty good sounds and if you aren't cleaning your records, even brand new ones, this may be the best improvement to your vinyl enjoyment.
  9. I use 8TC and find it very good with my ESL57's although to qualify I have tried little else other than some solid silver cables from Aurealis Audio. Trevor from Rage Audio has said that the Kimber 8TC is very good for the ESL57's and therefore I have not really longed to try something different.
  10. My apologies, but, that had better sound bloody good as I consider it is butt ugly
  11. I may not be welcome in this thread as I think some of my gear is ANTIQUE rather than VINTAGE. But the same argument rides - you just can't get the style or emotion in a new thing. Yep the ESL57's do look different, and stacked they look ominous in a room, but, they sound great and nothing else looks like them. Both my pairs were manufactured early 60's. The QuadII's are small looking, compact and very industrial in their appearance, but, a pair of them side by side with the glow happening and music flowing makes them worth their fairly small cost now days. There's a pair on the other side for the other stack. I'll take the hit from you that a new LP12 is probably just as good as my mid 80's LP12 but at 10 x the price! My droplet 5 isn't a classic or vintage or antique, God man it is Chinese, but its styling makes it fit right in. But here is where vintage gear or antique gear in my case has an issue. I have two pairs of ESL57's and two pairs of QuadII's to be reconditioned or used for spare parts. I learnt how hard it can be when I had an HT transformer go on one of my QuadII's so decided I needed stock! On the car analogy I also have two 1986 BMW K100RS's (one with 12k and the other with 180k). You just cannot buy anything new like these, but, who wants a flying brick anymore! Then there is the '97 VT Holden Clubsport............. I guess you either have the desire of the old, somewhat different or quirky, nostalgic or you want the thrill of the new in box in pristine condition.
  12. And only a "certified" person would strip one bare to fit a 12" arm after a love affair And now it seems even the cirkus bearing may not be needed!
  13. I will have a Number9 with 24VAC motor, but, until then I will still be using my Valhalla which I have recapped. If I install the Valhalla off board this will allow me to be able to use the Mober Ring Bearing. So I'd like to grab the switch off you please so I can mount this in the enclosure and still leave the switch in the LP12 rather than a hole or filling in a hole.
  14. Cheers @andyr. Makes sense now. I'd guess seeing as the lower disk straddles the 3 cirkus bolts and these are the same spacing for the mober and cirkus, so long as the top section of the mober bearing is the same outer diameter as the circus there shouldn't be a problem. Issue still remains of the hole size through the Valhalla. Perhaps I need to make the Valhalla "off board" - anyone got an extra switch or blanking plug for the top plate?