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  1. Show us your boat

    The good old days. Arrow catamaran.
  2. I run a umc-200 + xpa-5 and upa-200 combo. For the price it's fine. Haven't had any issues so far, other than the 12v triggers cycling on startup, which seems to be unit specific an fixable by firmware. The gripe I have with emotiva is mainly the apparent lazy beta testing which missed a few obvious bugs, such as if wanting to use the para eq setup, make sure you reset the machine first as the trims are stupidly high and more recently someone noting that dts hdma 7.1 not being correctly down mixed to 5.1. The pre out labels are hard to read when plugging in, but that's only an issue during setup. It's one of those things that I'd probably only recommend if the budget couldn't be doubled to something like an av7005.