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  1. There's always one in every work place [emoji6] .. my account has been acting up today. I will PM you when I get home shortly!!
  2. That worked a treat. What is that rough finish from? [emoji848]
  3. Very interested in the Scanspeak 18WU. Do you have any more photos? Cheers.
  4. I have two REL Britannia and can't recommend them highly enough!!
  5. The design (height) of the big Dyn's is such to reduce floor and ceiling reflections - Google "Dynaudio DDC".. For some reason I cannot paste a link on the phone.
  6. Components you would never sell

    You know that I will mate. I better see some pictures of your speaker build sometime soon!!
  7. Components you would never sell

    Ahaa. I bet it went to a good home though... As I stare lustfully at the space that contains coppery goodness and beauty [emoji39]
  8. Got mine this morning and sounding pretty good through a Geek Out 1000.
  9. Can an Amp be overkill ?

    Excluding the need for an external DAC (and I assume a preamp) the Roksan Mono's in the classifieds, or stretching the budget to Marc's Burson's would both be great buys. Same with the Bladlius Thor II. At the end of the day though, the best advice might be to listen to Cafad's advice as he seems to have a sickness for amps in this and surrounding price brackets [emoji16]
  10. An audition of Theil CS 3.7

    Kevin sure has cleaned up that room from my last visit
  11. Cheapst place to buy car batteries?

    www.onlinebatteries.com.au were the cheapest when I was after a battery for the bike and the customer service was borderline harassment in making sure everything went smoothly and that the battery had arrived
  12. @@Crystara - if it was it would all be long gone
  13. Must be REALLY nice new digs!