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  1. PM Sent. If still available I will buy these please. I am in Leederville. Cheers Chris
  2. Kaiser Kawero is the only model of Kaiser's range I have heard – they are excellent speakers. I heard the Kawero in several very fine systems in Europe and Istanbul including the designer's personal reference system in his home in Regensburg, Germany. Needless to say Rainer designed his own listening room which had the best room acoustics I have ever heard! Sounded quite incredible. I then had opportunity to use Kawero myself but ended up going a different route with super high efficiency field coil Voxativ rear loaded horns by Absolare 845 SET instead.
  3. Yes I am very happy with it.
  4. I have special custom field coil version of Voxativ Pi with AC-X2 wooden cone drivers (soon to become 9.87 system with active Pi bass units.). Driving Pi with Absolare 845 SET monoblocks. PM me with any queries. Cheers Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. PM sent Terry, I have dozens of these exact same NEC 12AU7 NOS tubes surplus that SETSergio recommends... Cheers Chris
  6. Richard – what output tubes are in these amps? Are they Psvane WE845? GLWTS
  7. Thanks Roman – I assume you have active speakers and prefer not to use a preamp you mean? I must admit over many years listening to I am yet to hear a system that didn't benefit from a fine preamp as opposed to direct input from CD to amplifier but getting back to the point of this classified thread I am unsure if this Gryphon player is capable of CD-text or variable output? Cheers
  8. Excuse my poor typing I meant to say WHAT IS "CD-text" and "variable output"?
  9. This is indeed a fine machine but excuse the possibly naive question Roman but is a "variable output" and "CD-text"??? Cheers Chris
  10. Yep happy listening in their new home soon... Check your emails gentlemen : )
  11. Thanks Neil, You mean $200 per tube or $200 all up for all tubes?
  12. What type tubes does this preamp use exactly and what tubes are supplied with it? I wonder why "those that have tried have ended up back with factory ones"? What tubes does this preamp use specifically? I have never heard a tube preamp whose performance has not improved using premium tubes so this must be supplied with excellent tubes to start with I assume?
  13. I will take the Tilburg ECC82s please PM to follow. Cheers Chris