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  1. You could always go Anthem Dan. There is a business at Singleton that has them in stock.
  2. I have the Google Home in my house.....
  3. This will sell fast!
  4. The U.S. version at 120V consumes a max of 340w. 11 channels at 200 watts? I would say around 28 watts per channel with all channels driven.
  5. Then you will be waiting for the successor to the successor of the 6012 for some new feature(s) to be introduced! You may as well buy now and trade up as features change. Because once you are on the round-about of electronics, you will never get off until you no longer are interested in new technology and benefits. Enjoy the music NOW!
  6. Thats hardly suprising Dan! I have purchased a bit from lifestyle store in the past, but you have to twist their arms hard for a better deal.
  7. Well if it's anything like the 6011 then in my case, they can keep it! I had one here for 2 weeks and I could not get it to sound right with my equipment in the signature. It sounded clean, but somehow lifeless compared to my previous 3060. I would like to try an Anthem next.

    Still available folks!
  9. Just too old in my opinion.

    Haha ( you can talk!😁) but yes i agree. Its just a waste having a nice receiver here with no need to use any of its internal amplification.
  11. Item: Yamaha RX-A3070 AV Receiver Location: Newcastle NSW Price: offers over $2100 Item Condition:New Reason for selling:Got a deal on a pre pro Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: RXA3070 was a replacment for a RXA3060 which had a wifi issue. I have had the 3070 for approx.2 weeks but a deal for a pre pro arised that i could not rwfuse, hence reason for sale! Pictures:
  12. If only I could afford that pre/pro!!
  13. You should open up a second hand hifi shop Dan!