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  1. Item: Klipsch R-20B Reference Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer Location: Newcastle NSW Price: $690 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Not Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Top of the range reference soundbar and wireless subwoofer from Klipsch. The Subwoofer has a 10 inch driver in ported configuration. Pictures:
  2. Try it at Audio Junction.
  3. Beautiful speakers, but that wallpaper has caught my eye.....
  4. I have a pair of these so whoever buys them will not be dissapointed!
  5. Goodbye TiVo hello Fetch

    I have had a Fetch Mighty for some time now and I find the video scaler to be "average". On HD broadcasts the picture is great, but pretty poor on SD broadcasts. I will admit the Panasonic DVR's do a much better job at upscaling the SD channels compared to the Fetch Mighty.
  6. Focal Arias

    I am also a massive fan of the Aria's. I have had many speakers in the past ( Paradigm S6 Signatures, B&W CM10S2, Paradigm Studio 100's, Triangle Colours, Richter PM series etc) and the Aria's I have now have been the only floorstanders that I have enjoyed listening to in Pure Direct mode. Brilliant speakers!
  7. AVG or a new anti virus product

    Using Vipre here and on my client's 100 PC's.
  8. Great Buys on Gumtree

    Their shop is a dive though, certainly needs to be bulldozed. Or at least new flooring, a paint job and a tidy up!
  9. Are audiophiles introverts?

    I'd much rather be a porno star than an introverted audiophile. I'm neither. Then there is the computer geek / gamer introverted variety. Dirty, fat, un-washed with greasy messy hair and a love affair with Nvidia/ Radeon. That's not me either. You audiophile introverts don't have too much to worry about!
  10. Sorry, I have Focal Aria Stand Mounts and looking at going back to floorstanders. My reply was a little confusing.
  11. So much want here! I auditioned their smaller brother a few days ago. I have been considering going from stand mount to floorstanders!
  12. If I may ask, did you upgrade to the GEN3?
  13. Thanks Dan, but that is just too expensive.