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  1. I'm new to this @:) al I'm only going off what I've read on the net. And if its on the net it must be true, lol What I posted has come mostly off the Dolby sites/links. I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I've not had the time or opportunity to demo such gear. I'm hoping that there is some such vendors at this years show that might give the chance to confirm what I've read. As an aside, I did find some sites that were playing with speaker toppers that were basically just some modified bookshelf speakers that showed some promise. This did cause me to consider the truth in the marketing hype and where marketing crossed over with truth. Would it be unreasonable to expect that one could use some old bookshelf speakers as Atmos or DTS;X speakers?
  2. I just bought a new Atmos enabled receiver for other reasons than its Atmos capability, but I've been curious about this question too. Dolby seems to have gone about this a different way in that they have got the speaker manufactures on board. Although the Atmos enabled speaker toppers are stupid expensive for what they are, Dolby has at least had the sense to work the problem from a different angle and make the tech available to consumers. I guess the theory being if they get enough consumers motivated then the industry will supply to demand and make the soundtracks available in more releases. The thing that puts me off is hearing that DTS:X wont be compatible with Atmos. So DTS:X will also have to get speaker makers to make their design. And again we get the 4 channel quadraphonic or VHS-Beta situation. Bluray has worked as they got their collective heads together to sort out the bluray-dual layer thing before it became an issue. Without the consumer on side, theres no future or hunger for new formats, no matter the promise of nirvana. Buy not working together, their corporate hunger for market leadership alienates the very concept they want to sell to consumers Only hope is there is talk of the speaker makers being able to come up with possible work arounds in the future so both formats can be utilised from one speaker. From what I can see the hold up is all in patents on their "filters". So how far away is this future and will it hit the market before the interest in adding expensive speakers and/or lots of house wiring fades...?
  3. Vintage HiFi

    SX-1980 in for a service. I posted this pic a while back, Got asked for some under the bonnet shots. Its still working fine but some of the switches are getting a bit crackly so I sent it away for a birthday. Getting all pots and switches cleaned (naturally) and most of the caps tested for spec. Any that are showing any signs of age will be replaced. Word back was after a visual inspection it looks really good. Transistors are still fixed to the heatsinks well, no caps showing physical signs of damage and does not looked to have been messed with in any way. My tech has instructions to take his time and do any work required. The only thing that was what you could consider a fault was tuner dial alignment (101.1 was more like 101.9). I'll be keeping all the original incandescent lamps as they all work and with it being so original theres no sense going for LED's. The only other thing of note was the 40 or so years accumulation of webs and moths, but you get that at that age with such open vent panels. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it coming home and having some fun with it.
  4. Roon Rock

    I had a play date with roon. I'm not sure roon is really everyones BFF. They extorted me for my lunch money. I dont want to play anymore.
  5. At a loss...what to do with old tape and reels?

    They all found a new home, sorry @ex brickie
  6. @Spider27 I havn't heard of superdrive. What is it?. I guess its time I crawled out from under my rock...
  7. I have a simple LG DVD player/burner on my 21" imac via USB. works good for what it is. Lets me rip CD's to FLAC and plays DVD's. Sadly I cant play bluray. No big loss on a 21" screen anyway
  8. (Vic) JBL L112 speakers.

    Sorry mate, sold long ago.
  9. HDMI Splitter/HDCP Stripper that works?

    The topic caught my eye because my HT receiver has only one HDMI out. As you know Al, I'm just trying to get off the ground. I bought from fleabay what appears to be a "gang plug". Seems my TV dont mind it but the projector didnt agree. I'm wondering in real basic terms if there is such a thing that works as a "switcher" in a 2 ch analogy for HDMI?
  10. HDMI Splitter/HDCP Stripper that works?

    Excuse my ignorance, but whats the difference between a "stripper" and a "splitter"? I'm guessing to use or extract the data stream via a PC, or just switch inputs/outputs?
  11. Best way to get TV signal to projector?

    @EZYHD I may go down that path in the future, the idea of not watching ad's is very tempting. Where I'm at at the moment is just trying to work out just how much a PJ suits our family lifestyle. So far the kids love it, the older one in particular. I'm still waiting on a hdmi splitter so I dont have to swap hdmi leads at the back of the receiver every time to use the pj. The other side of the coin is the TV I have has a very good tuner in it along with a fantastic picture even on FTA HD channels. I believe it does have some upscaling ability. I'm guessing to get somewhere close to it's picture quality from a pj I'd have to spend over $4k on a pj alone and would possibly need a devoted screen from what I'm reading. If I find that we end up watching a lot of FTA TV with the projector, I might consider getting a good set top box with time shift and recording, but time will tell there.
  12. Best way to get TV signal to projector?

    I found a refurbished Teac STB. Should do the trick As much as I like the idea of recording and skipping ad's, i'm not that inclined to sit there and programe a unit. The plain STB should serve for what I want to do with the pj.
  13. Best way to get TV signal to projector?

    So kinda like free view?
  14. Best way to get TV signal to projector?

    Is fetch a subscription service?