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  1. With IP6 I found I can get up to maybe 25 meters with the Bose in a good line of sight, maybe as low as 10m around brickwork and other interfering building works. Still found it pretty good though. I'll admit I'm impressed so far. They will do what I want as I'm more concerned with using them for travel where I imagine the source BT will be in my pocket or otherwise close. I'd imagine the Sony's do work well with other Sony stuff, Sony is pretty good at that. @ozrayyau thanks for the feedback
  2. I'm a bit scared to ask, but whats your impression on the Sony's? So far I'm finding the Bose has good BT range with my iPhone.
  3. I ended up going with the Bose QC35. I couldn't trial the Sennheisrs and although the get good reviews I wanted to put them on my head to check comfort for me. But what sealed the deal is Myer had a sale on, got them for $409 (rrp $499). Probably good I havent tried the Sennheisers. They may be better, what I dont know wont hurt me.
  4. I think your just jilted because you weren't picked as a Jedi, like I was. Jealously is a curse. You were never destined to be trained. And you dont take the force seriously enough. I am not your father..... Where will you be on December 15?
  5. hmm, seems there wont be much "Poi" left in the end. Unipivot? I better get another bag of popcorn... So its not going to be on "waka waka" duty then. Its lost its clubbing feeling....
  6. @blybo no PXC550's in stock in the Ballarat store In fact no Sennheiser NC cans at all.
  7. I weent to the local JB and tried what they had there. Very poor selection of cans on display and only the Bose stand had any NC cans. The QC35's were nice but I agree with many of the reveiws... "no highs or lows, must be Bose" was a bit of a catch cry. As you said @Jventer this may not be too much of an issue as for travelling it will be MP3's from a phone. I do have flac files, dac, etc, so I was kind of thinking a reasonable set might get some use when I get back home. The Bose did have good NC qualitys, kind of spooky at first, lol. I wanted to try the Stenheiser and the Sony offerings, but alas in this town I couldn't find any on display. Sony had an "ambient noise" function that seemed kind of cool and like the PXC 550's has swipe type funtionality. $700 is a lot to spend on some headphones that are not audiophile quality though (JB price, better prices online) JB did have the Jam Transit. They were a fail. Tacky feel to them and noise cancelling didn't work. SQ was passable, just. I think I might go for the Bose, price V's quality and function, they seem pretty good.
  8. It is a value preamp..... Nice amp, but its not for me, I'm more of a discerning listener than a discriminating one. I try not to discriminate between my listenings.
  9. I'll be honest. I'm not a can fan for the most part, but as some travelling is on the agenda, I'm looking for a good set of noise cancelling cans. Hoping I can pick the brains of some head-fi experts. After going down the utoob rabbit hole, it seems that Steinheiser PXC-550, Bose QC35 and Sony MDR-1000x are top of the heap. Seems the Sony is this years choice so far if coin is not a problem. On the other side of the small coin, the Jam transit seems to be ticking some boxes. Something inside me says even Bose are better than Dr Dre Beats, but I could be wrong there. Seems Jam have an offering at 1/4 the price of beats that, well, beats them. So, is it worth shelling out for some better noise cancelling cans? By that, I'm kind of asking if noise cancelling cans are worth more than just a plane trip. Are they are a serious contender for good head-fi? Or just a joke? If they are a joke, I'd be inclined to go for the Jam's to just get me some results. If they can be considered viable for good sonics I'd think of shelling out for something better. Bear in mind, I'm coming from a vinyl/tube rig, headphones are something very new to me. Got my phone loaded with buckets of MP somethings for the trip, just not sure which way to go. What recommendations would you give for auditioning headphones at retail stores? I tried a few at the local JB store, there was one that let you plug your own phone in. From that it seemed that the point of sale "try me" headphone set ups are very much tailored to give the best sound, like the tv's are switched to store mode. The demo music sounded great, but music from my phone sounded like AM radio (at least that stall was honest) Whats the best way to ask them to demo the truth? I chucked up an ad in the WTB section, but as you can see, I know nothing. Hoping you can help. Cheers
  10. Item: Price Range: $200, depending on item brand and condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for Bose QC25, QC35 or similar for upcoming flight. Will consider other brands. Would prefer western side of Melb location, due to time limits on pick up. I need something pretty quick as flight is soon (yeah, I left it a bit late I know) Let me know if you have some you want to sell. Thanks guys
  11. @Sime dude, I really think you lost that lovin feeling. you bag out the franchise like a jilted movie critic, but I'd bet my left nut youd swap your entire system for a functional light sabre I know I would.
  12. I'm guessing you are going to make us wait to find out what your full plans are. I have my suspicions, but I'm sure you have some surprises in store. Tantric pimping. I like it. Got my popcorn....
  13. I got one. But you might have to buy the whole Spec rack its in. Rare as rocking horse turds this far south of the equator. Got the original nub hub adaptors too. Pony up and I might throw in a few original tapes too. As far as price goes, I think your looking at ?? more than $1500 Want the rack and the Spec 1, 2 and 4?
  14. Have you considered Weston Acoustics?
  15. @BioBrian I've transplanted my Troels into my HT system and the are delicious. With proper set up they could be even better. @Benen I'd love to try the 8008 as a centre, and I agree, maybe Troels may may design some surrounds that can match. I guess until the day I watch more movies than listen to 2 track, mine are on 2 track duty. As far as subs go, I'd love to own an Osbourne sub. Not that the DTQWT's dont go down low enough, but until Troels goes there, Gregs subs seem a great match