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  1. @Prana69 a p..p..piece from here, a p..p..piece from there. I put it together over the last 10 years or so. Some was found locally, some was imported, some was swapped out for better examples. It was inspired by this Pioneer ad from the late 70's and I just didn't know when to stop.
  2. Item: Pioneer spec system. 2 racks and speakers Location:Ballarat, Vic Price: $14500 without TT, $16000 with. Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling:Moving on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a cut and paste of the ad thats scheduled for later this week on ebay. All is the same except lower price for here and without the ebay guff. Serious auditions welcome. Any questions answered to the best of my ability. Make an offer if you want, lowballers will be ignored. Dont ask me if I want to seperate it, the answer is no. ----- Complete Spec system on offer Same drill, if your looking, you probably know what your looking at. This is a serious collection, one of the best one in the country. Live the dream. All units are multi voltage so no need for step up transformers, or could run on different country voltages. All facias are 9.5 out of 10 for appearance, all lettering intact. Spec 1 serviced 2 years ago. Spec 2 and 4 recent service with blue LED's installed EQ, reverb and dynamic processor switches all function correctly. Spec 1 will run both Spec 2 and 4 amps Can be hooked up in a mind boggling amount of combinations, but I like to set it up with both amps running their own speakers. With total of 420 watts (150 and 270) RMS, theres no shortage of power. Rack 1 JA-R2S RT-909 with PP-220A large reel hub adaptors and 2 BASF take up reels CT-F1250 with JA-R102 rack mount handles TX- 9500II in JA-R101rack shelf Spare JA-R101rack shelf (for CD or digital network perhaps) Rack 2 JA-R2s Spec 1 preamp, has modified remote control volume pot (original pot included) SG-9800 Graphic EQ (illuminated sliders) in JA-R101 rack shelf RG-2 Dynamic processor with JA-R104 rack mount tags SR-303 Reverb amp with JA-R104 rack mount tags Spec 2 power amp, recently serviced with new relays installed Spec 4 power amp, complete overhaul, many parts replaced HPM-100 Speakers. 200 watt version. Crossovers re capped with Janzen Capacitors (some marks on one cone) HPM-900 Speakers. 200 watt Both sets of speakers come with grilles. The 100's grilles are showing signs of age. PL-30LII with Ortofon 2M black cart and graphite straight arm. Arm damping. Interconnects included Things to know; Spec 1 wont play on phono 1 (selector switch faulty, new one supplied) Phono 2 is fine. CT-F1000 needs FF and REW belts replaced (supplied, Play belt has been replaced) Phono has internal transformer removed for noise reduction and needs external power supply Japanese version (240V power supply and original 100V transformer included) TX-9500II tuner needs servicing and alignment. Rack screws are not original Pioneer ones. They have plastic washers, no rack rash. If you are interested and are doing comparative pricing, be sure to look for multi voltage units as US ones are often 110 volt only, include shipping to somewhere you can pick it up. You wont find them all in one place like this so add shipping to each component. Add duties for the high price items. Also, allow for the risk that the items may be faulty or need some work. Final value on e bay may not be your final spend, so look for reconditioned/guaranteed working items from good seller. After that, you'll find the asking price pretty good. Buyer will also get Pioneer floor rug and first option on some RTR tape. Pictures:
  3. @Keith_W No mate, my monos came from @frankn the Time machine was bought new.
  4. I dont know about others but I find their sound very enjoyable. Non fatiguing and warm but still with detail. They dont have the slam (at least mine dont) of a SS amp, but its not lacking. I can listen to mine for hrs without any strain. They do respond well to tube rolling so you can change the signature a lot Found an old pic of mine when I first got the pre. @katattack74 I was supplied these from Earle when I took delivery of my TM pre, as I'd ordered the mesh plates but they hadn't arrived. They are 2A3's, so not like your Cunninghams. I found them nice, but not as detailed as the 45 mesh plates.
  5. I think I'll wait a bit until I can get a chance to borrow some 300B's for a trial as the EML 45 mesh plates owe me a bit of coin. I agree the small signal tubes do have a big impact but I did find the rectifier also had a big say in the sound. I didn't have the foresight to get a pr of EML 45 globes when they were more available. Thanks for the heads up on the JJ tubes. Some nice amps there gents, keep em coming
  6. I did a search or 2 and only found one other thread like this that goes back to 2008. Time for an update I feel as theres many new owners. I'd like to hear from other owners about what gear of Earle's they own, what you have done or had done to it and what tubes you've rolled. Or anything else of interest about them (please save comments about waiting times and just keep it to the amps hey). For my part, I was introduced to them by buzz lightyear. He shared his experience and helped me get a system I'm very happy with. I'm running a Time machine as a preamp with Topaz KT150 mono blocks. I bought the Time machine new and the Topaz mono's secondhand (3rd hand actually) from here. The Time machine has Mundorf coupling caps, RCA red base 2A3's, EML 45 mesh plates and EML 274 rectifier. The rectifier was a nice upgrade. Topaz monos have Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB, Tung-Sol KT150's and Earles Russian rectifiers (soon to be upgraded), along with Mundorf coupling caps and some upgraded resistors I've tried Sophia Electric 6SN7's and Shuguang Treasures CV181-Z's in the mono blocks, both of which were less than impressive and the stock Tung-Sol's were better for me. Also tried some vintage Russian 6H8C's which were pretty good but not as detailed as the Tung-Sol's. The Mundorf caps were a good step up. I'd like to try some 300B's in the Time machine one day. So what do you have?
  7. No issues here, hope you get it fixed. Plus 1 on Mindhorn, funny as Proper comedy where the writing is actually clever and no canned laughter
  8. Back from holidays now. Glad to report the QC35's worked well. The NC was gold on the plane over with a new mum and dad having lots of trouble settling their new baby. No doubt the poor kid was having hell with cabin pressure and such, poor kid screamed for 10 hrs out of 15. The headphones were great. On the down side, I see what a few guys said about earbuds. Headphones are not great for sleeping on a plane unless your happy with your head facing forward. Just the nature of cans I guess. That might be ok for short haul stuff, but the long haul Sydney to Dallas was different. BT was great when I was using the phone to listen too, but I didn't foresee that if I wanted to use the in flight entertainment I had to plug the cord in. Traps for new travellers I guess, lol.
  9. With IP6 I found I can get up to maybe 25 meters with the Bose in a good line of sight, maybe as low as 10m around brickwork and other interfering building works. Still found it pretty good though. I'll admit I'm impressed so far. They will do what I want as I'm more concerned with using them for travel where I imagine the source BT will be in my pocket or otherwise close. I'd imagine the Sony's do work well with other Sony stuff, Sony is pretty good at that. @ozrayyau thanks for the feedback
  10. I'm a bit scared to ask, but whats your impression on the Sony's? So far I'm finding the Bose has good BT range with my iPhone.
  11. I ended up going with the Bose QC35. I couldn't trial the Sennheisrs and although the get good reviews I wanted to put them on my head to check comfort for me. But what sealed the deal is Myer had a sale on, got them for $409 (rrp $499). Probably good I havent tried the Sennheisers. They may be better, what I dont know wont hurt me.
  12. I think your just jilted because you weren't picked as a Jedi, like I was. Jealously is a curse. You were never destined to be trained. And you dont take the force seriously enough. I am not your father..... Where will you be on December 15?
  13. hmm, seems there wont be much "Poi" left in the end. Unipivot? I better get another bag of popcorn... So its not going to be on "waka waka" duty then. Its lost its clubbing feeling....
  14. @blybo no PXC550's in stock in the Ballarat store In fact no Sennheiser NC cans at all.
  15. I weent to the local JB and tried what they had there. Very poor selection of cans on display and only the Bose stand had any NC cans. The QC35's were nice but I agree with many of the reveiws... "no highs or lows, must be Bose" was a bit of a catch cry. As you said @Jventer this may not be too much of an issue as for travelling it will be MP3's from a phone. I do have flac files, dac, etc, so I was kind of thinking a reasonable set might get some use when I get back home. The Bose did have good NC qualitys, kind of spooky at first, lol. I wanted to try the Stenheiser and the Sony offerings, but alas in this town I couldn't find any on display. Sony had an "ambient noise" function that seemed kind of cool and like the PXC 550's has swipe type funtionality. $700 is a lot to spend on some headphones that are not audiophile quality though (JB price, better prices online) JB did have the Jam Transit. They were a fail. Tacky feel to them and noise cancelling didn't work. SQ was passable, just. I think I might go for the Bose, price V's quality and function, they seem pretty good.