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  1. Won't be buying Plinius again.

    As far as the cd player goes it may just be the belt that loads the drawer. If the belt is loose the mechanism won't get to reading mode and yep , it can be intermittent . A common problem even in high end players.
  2. Won't be buying Plinius again.

    Ultimately it is not so much that products go faulty , that happens even with Rolls Royce, for example, but how the manufacturer responds imo. High end gear deserves high end support,
  3. Bought the F1 from Shenzen audio through Amazon. Passed on the case as it exceeded my budget. Will try it with my Linn Unidisk dac via spidf and later on with my dual AK4495 DAC VIA i2s. Next thing is to rebuild the 12v Linear psu for the mini-pc to swap out from the switch mode wall wart.
  4. Now sold , thanks for all the interest guys.
  5. Hi Guys , does anybody have a Singxer F1 ,with or without case that they want to sell? Seems the F1 board is available from a lot of re-sellers on Ebay /Aliexpress and have found one @ $179 us with the case but am a bit worried about fake boards when not ordering from Shenzen or Kitsune. Cheers, Gordon
  6. Hi Steve , I am willing to post however another member has asked the same question and he got in first :(. If I haven't heard from him again by this evening the turntable is yours. Cost to Sydney central is approx. $40 by Road express and that should include insurance to $500 if I did my calaculations correctlyh
  7. Item: Project RPM1 turntable Location:Perth Price: $200 Item Condition:Excellent , the tt has only been used once to test it. Comes with original packaging , power supply and arm cable Reason for selling: Never used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: This was given to me by a pal who purchased it as part of a 'job lot'. I don't have any Lp's anymore but I do need some money for a new USB input card for my dac. I will include a Behringer phono stage free of charge to get the purchaser up and running. Finish is all black and cartridge is the Ortofon OM3E. Pictures:
  8. Audio Connection Sale

    Paul , it's my understanding that they have another store that will remain open. They are probably just trying to clear some stock so they don't have to move it hence the non bargain basement prices. You may also have spoken to someone who is about to loose their job due to the contraction of the business so he may not be that motivated to be helpful.
  9. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    Here you go: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Resistor-volume-control-128-steps-unbalanced-stereo-w-highly-reliable-relays-/221673468338?hash=item339cc4b1b2 and one of these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/IR-Remote-rotary-motorized-potentiometer-passive-preamplifier-kit-/321181905762?hash=item4ac7eef362 plus a power supply for the same guys. Simples
  10. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    Hi Darryl, I have a remote controlled passive , jfet buffered pre buillt to a very high standard with 4 inputs, I am looking for $350. If this is of interest I can pm you pics and details, Cheers, Gordon
  11. Help with what-goes-where on a Thor PS10

    I prefer my power amps directly connected to the wall for sound reasons but if you live in an area with lots of reported power problems you may chose to use surge protection.
  12. Help with what-goes-where on a Thor PS10

    Hi Matt , run the power amp directly from the wall , digital units with the highest level of filtering and analogue units with the lowest. Can't help with the hum issues. Listen carefully with the Thor power plant and board in and out of circuit. I found that even with the power amp directly connected to the wall the overall effect of the Thor combo was to reduce sound quality by making the sound flatter / more lifeless , bass did become more extended with the thors in circuit but treble and mid range suffered , to my ears.
  13. But at least your response would finally be flat
  14. Any bit of equipment that can't play the tune , if it is known to be there in the original recording. Think hifi sounding but sterile. As an example , I had in the house original Audiolab 8000c and dual mono power amps ; beautifully built but boring as bat ****.
  15. Need second...opinions on a problem

    Aus post will do nothing for 'valves damaged in transit' , trust me ,been there with a much more expensive pair of 300b's which I packed extremely well. Paypal or Ebay will be the way to go.