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  1. Used to sell these and they were my favs in that range
  2. Al , the system is in my house as we speak and will be available for demo if needs be. Still trying to convince Wally that this is a mistake Oops , Wally mentioned the system is at my house
  3. http://holtonprecisionaudio.com/products/coming-in-1st-quarter-2017-new-bookshelf-power-amplifier
  4. Hi Oscar, these day I save important pages to the desktop Just so I have a local copy just in case the website is closed. The best mounting for the Axis is on a light but rigid wall shelf if you have a solid wall to attatch it to eg Projects or Targets offerings.
  5. Just in case anyone is interested I found info on repairing the Axis motor board here : http://andydoz.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/linn-axis-of-evil-repair.html?m=1 Like Pete , I rate the Axis very highly.
  6. Hi Simon , it is almost impossible to check the drivers without removing the end caps and then removing the grille cloth , which is stapled in place. The best you can achieve without doing that is to use a bright torch to shine through the grille cloth and do a physical exam of the surrounds on the bass units and midrange to look for cracking /disintegration. You could also run a swept tone through the speakers at moderate volume to listen for distortion (one cabinet at a time and listen up close at each drive unit)
  7. Not possible to do Frankn without partially dismantling the speakers.
  8. Hi Mavi , retailed and owned Rotel for many years. Rotel works very well with B&W , which in your price range is the CM series. The CM series was designed using Rotel amps. At home I used Tannoy Dual concentrics , which to my ears was a match made in heaven so try to have a listen to some of these : http://www.tannoy.com/lifestyle/products/HiFi/Revolution-XT/Revolution-XT-6/. Don't get to tied down by the technicalities of it all , just use your ears and stipulate with the retailer that if they are not willing to let you try your favourite from you short-list at home before purchase then you can get a full refund of the purchase price so you are not limited to one shops range.
  9. As supplied the dac is strictly for cd replay via spidf(coax) @ 16 bit/44.1khz. It can be used with a usb card however this requires the addition of a number of intervening boards available from one of the guys on diyaudio.com. I am not sure of the cost of the additions but I think it is in the order of 300-500 dollars.
  10. I have heard DNM speaker cables , interconnects , pre amps and power amps and found that while the speaker cables were far from universally applicable, in the right system the upside far outweighed the down side. When used with high efficiency speakers and low power amps the sound was delightful on jazz , vocals and acoustic stuff , hard rock lovers need not apply :). At the same time the DNM arrived, Cyrus and Musical Fidelity ,also marketed heavier duty solid core speaker cable which worked on a wider range of equipment. The DNM pre's offered exceptional sound quality imho. The power amps were beguiling but way underpowered for anything less than v.high efficiency speakers or low listening levels.
  11. Do speaker cables cause distortion? I suppose so if they manipulate the freq. response or cause phase problems but then they are not well designed?.
  12. That is what I read too.
  13. Good to know UM , I had bad experiences with Lg widescreen crt's and one of their rear projection tv's so I am glad to hear they have picked up their game.
  14. Measurements are very useful when you are building your own equipment and mandatory when you are designing it from scratch but in the end I use my ears to assess what stays and what goes.
  15. I met Mo many times Lindsay and as you say he was fanatical about the finish of his speakers , he was also a real character who took great delight in his hobby and business.