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  1. Bought a pair around 1980, and kept them around 10/11 years. I think I paid something like $1700? Agree they have some strengths, but also some weaknesses. From memory they lacked a bit of "soul" and a were a little bright. Of course my ancillory equipment etc. has improved dramatically since then, so would be interesting to revisit. I replaced them at the time with an upgraded pair of Richter Secret Weapons (long gone), which were a bit of a step up in sound quality.
  2. Yes MM only Andy. The MC switch has been removed, which appears the way to go.
  3. No misunderstanding. Just emphasizing the point that you don't always get what you pay for a bit stronger than "in general". Cheers.
  4. Yes spot on andyr. Whilst the PHO-8 does give "outstanding performance to price ratio", it can't compete with my much more expensive Quad 24P or my modded Audio Research Phono. I still think as an off the shelf with warranty Phono the PHO-8 is very hard to beat in it's price bracket. When I can tee up a time with my mate I'll do a comparo with the Doge 8 phono section, which is the lesser of my Phono stages, should be interesting.
  5. Not always the case. Have heard many reasonably priced equipment beat out some big $$$ equipment. Sadly too many "drink by the label".
  6. Yes Vincent products are designed in Germany and manufactured in China. Keeps cost low, and to my knowledge they use good quality components, although some of the tubes used (like many manufacturers) are crap. It's a good practice in my opinion as in my experience some of the top end Vincent products easily compete with or beat much more expensive products. Quite a few big name companies manufacture in China. As long as design is good and QC is good there shouldn't be an issue. From memory Rotel would have been one of the earliest to manufacture in China.
  7. That Vincent CD-S7DAC is advertised on here for $1450.
  8. Very nice CD Player Terry and a big step up in sound quality over the Audiolab. A little bit better is the Vincent CD-S8 if you are lucky enough to find one.
  9. Brings back memories. My first "big" amp purchase, back in '74 from Encel. GLWTS.
  10. Benchmark from Secher Audio?
  11. Nice Amp for the money and with some upgraded tubes. Couldn't think of anything getting close to this at this price. Also with the dual Speaker outs gives great flexability to run seperate cables (provided Speakers can accept). Big plus IME.
  12. Must expand that I've only tried 12AX7 & 12AU7's. A bit bright to start with but they settle down after about 70 hours.
  13. I believe Audile preceded the very good Benchmark Amps designed by the late Bill Taylor.