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  1. I don't need it but I'll take it! PM payment details if I haven't missed out already.
  2. Moved to eBay. Reported to mods to end sale.
  3. .
  4. Item: APL UA-S1 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier 80W Location: Coogee Sydney Price: $1000 Item Condition: 7/10 due to scratches see pics. Reason for selling: Going Active Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this amp off Bevan @b.d back in 2012. It is simply the best amplifier I have ever owned. It easily outperforms the various pre/power combos I’ve had in my system over the last 5 years including an Opera Consonance R1.1 with Quad 99, ME200, First Watt F5, and Art Audio Quintet. I had intended keeping this amp for a rainy day so it has been on a long term loan to a mate but I have three amps to get rid of and it will be a very long time if ever that I need another integrated. There is a typically oblique review from the Salman Rushdie of hi-fi reviewers, Srajan Ebean on Six Moons if you have the mettle. Alex Peychev the designer rips the guts out of a Bada MF copy and adds secret herbs and spices. From the review: “The modified Bada is a very interesting and unusually pure platform. Post op, it combines a single tube voltage gain stage around two ECC99 triodes with a zero-gain, no-feedback bipolar power buffer (this machine shuns even local feedback)… About what his modifications consist of in detail and toto, "the list is long but I rather keep it a secret" became the guarded answer.” What you need to know is that this amp is designed for reasonable speaker loads. If your speaker dips below 4 ohms and under 88 dB efficiency I think you will be unhappy. The flip side is that the amp is very refined with a delicious top-end. Detailed, natural and dead quiet. One criticism of this amp is that it lacks bass, but I would argue that the detail and refinement of the lower mids is bloat free, and that if the bass is in the recording the amp will hand it back to you. I listen to a lot of electronica and I don't miss much when the sub is off. Has a remote control. Auditions welcomed and encouraged. There is one on ebay for $2500 USD at the moment. Local sale preferred. No original boxes but it can be packaged for transit. Weighs about 8 kg (guess).
  5. @Golliwog Alex, the cartons are 30kg each 120X54X48 if you would like to get a quote but TNT or Allied is between $120 & $200 according to Transdirect. Cheers.
  6. At the risk of losing a sale I suggest you consider the Hoyt Bedford's for sale. They are from the same designer. Sorry I'm on my phone and can't bother copying the link. They come with an inbuilt sub. They are in Melbourne and being sold by @keitha We'll worth a listen.
  7. NERF balls all accounted for and included in sale.
  8. I think it cost me about $100 from Mel-Syd. I'm out tonight but I'll check the weight and get a quote when I get back home. Cheers.
  9. Item: Omega Super XRS 8 Alnico Speakers - Zebrawood Price: $1250 (FIRM) excludes freight and insurance to be covered by purchaser. Location: Coogee Sydney Omega Super XRS 8 Alnico Speakers - Zebrawood Item Condition: Excellent, one scratch on back of speaker just above binding posts (see pic). The cloth on the grills could probably do with a little paste down, only about an inch long. Original boxes/packaging available. Reason for selling: Downsizing to active monitors Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Omega is well known in the single driver world and there are several reviews online. Although high-efficiency usually goes hand in hand with low powered tube amps I have used this set-up with a hybrid 80 watt APL UA1 to great effect. Currently I alternate between a First Watt F5 clone and an Art Audio Quintet tube amp to drive the system. Both amps are 20W class A and provide a beautiful match for this set-up. One or both of these power amps will also be up for sale shortly. I did borrow a Wavac 300B for a while and it sounded wonderful too, but any decent amp will be fine. More than happy to demo for interested buyers but you may want to bring your pre-amp, I’m currently using the volume control on my CD player so dynamics are bit reduced. I purchased the Omegas from @Eggmeister in 2014. If you are not familiar with single driver speakers I suggest an audition before jumping in, they aren't to everyone's taste. The photos make the speakers look a bit lighter and honey coloured so an inspection is recommended. The original packaging is available so shipping is possible at your risk and cost, however a local pick-up purchase will be preferred. Omega Super 8 XRS Sensitivity: 93dB Impedance: 8 ohms Driver: Proprietary 8" Omega with alnico magnet Frequency response: 35Hz - 18kHz Dimensions: 889x330x330 (HWD) Grills: Magnetically attached Power requirements: 2w and up Pictures:
  10. This came through my twitter feed the other day. A rare visit to the free jazz giant’s two and a half tonne vinyl cave.
  11. Another list here: No great detail but a few brands to look up for reference. SNA sponsor @Krispy Audio also has the Omegas so depending on what he has in stock it would be worth making a trip to have a listen.
  12. I think Vortexbox is what you are after. Have a Google.
  13. Welcome to the forum @Wansmith Not sure of your budget but I will be putting up my Omega Super 8 XRS speakers for sale very soon, but as you are in Sydney you are welcome to test your amp out on them to get a taste of reasonable sensitive speakers (93db) and low power amps. I run mine on 20 watt amps but have had them on a 300B 8 watt tube amp. There are lots of budget DIY options out there with high efficiency single drivers. They have their faults but also their merits as well. Lots to google, they do tend to polarise opinion. Considering your aversion to 'treble energy' some single drivers (probably Fostex, although I love them) will grate for you.