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  1. Clearly Jay Z doesn't need your money.
  2. I think I'll take both OliverLake as well. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to buy these please. Archie Shepp - There's A Trumpet In My Soul Beaver Harris - Don Pullen 360° Experience* - A Jimmy Lyons Quintet - Give It Up (LP) Dawn Of Midi - Dysnomia (2xLP, Album) Marion Brown - Duets (2xLP, Album) Air - Live Air (LP, Album) Label:Black Saint Don Pullen, Chico Freeman, Fred Hopkins, Bobby Battle - Warriors (LP, Album) Ornette Coleman - Paris Concert (2xLP, Album, Gat) Old And New Dreams - Playing (LP, Album) Label:ECM Records, ECM Records Edit. Beaten by t_mike to few...
  4. This is my go-to album when I've got a problem with the world. Blows me away every time I hear it.
  5. I've been looking around the same price points and the NuPrime units look interesting. One for sale in the classified a Dac 9. The 10 is more expensive but comes with a headphone amp if that works for you.
  6. Finally found time to listen to Taylor Deupree's Somi. Perfect Sunday night ambient chill down.
  7. For $350 I think this will be an upgrade. The Rega fono is just OK and I suspect the inbuilt phono on the old Cyrus would be better. It really depends on how much you want to spend.
  8. Item: APL UA-S1 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier 80W Location: Coogee Sydney Price: $850 (Freight at buyers expense) Item Condition: 7/10 due to scratches see pics. Reason for selling: Going Active Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this amp off Bevan @b.d back in 2012. It is simply the best amplifier I have ever owned. It easily outperforms the various pre/power combos I’ve had in my system over the last 5 years including an Opera Consonance R1.1 with Quad 99, ME200, First Watt F5, and Art Audio Quintet. I had intended keeping this amp for a rainy day so it has been on a long term loan to a mate but I have three amps to get rid of and it will be a very long time if ever that I need another integrated. There is a typically oblique review from the Salman Rushdie of hi-fi reviewers, Srajan Ebean on Six Moons if you have the mettle. Alex Peychev the designer rips the guts out of a Bada MF copy and adds secret herbs and spices. From the review: “The modified Bada is a very interesting and unusually pure platform. Post op, it combines a single tube voltage gain stage around two ECC99 triodes with a zero-gain, no-feedback bipolar power buffer (this machine shuns even local feedback)… About what his modifications consist of in detail and toto, "the list is long but I rather keep it a secret" became the guarded answer.” What you need to know is that this amp is designed for reasonable speaker loads. If your speaker dips below 4 ohms and under 88 dB efficiency I think you will be unhappy. The flip side is that the amp is very refined with a delicious top-end. Detailed, natural and dead quiet. One criticism of this amp is that it lacks bass, but I would argue that the detail and refinement of the lower mids is bloat free, and that if the bass is in the recording the amp will hand it back to you. I listen to a lot of electronica and I don't miss anything when the sub is off. Has a remote control. Comes with spare tubes & fuses. The design means that the tubes could last a lifetime, and in fact I haven't needed to change them since I purchased it. Replacements are under $25 each anyway. Auditions welcomed and encouraged. There is one on ebay for $2500 USD at the moment. Local sale preferred. No original boxes but it can be packaged for transit. Weighs about 8 kg (guess). Pictures:
  9. There was some Gato Libre vinyl but only 2 copies and they sold out. A friend got one signed. We were in the front and Tamura's tone and range was extraordinary.
  10. Here is a link to the rest of Satoko Fujii's tour dates for anyone interested. A few more Sydney gigs, then Melbourne, Canberra & Perth jazz festival.
  11. Oh and just a handful of seats left for Jim Black on the 4th June at the Con in Sydney.
  12. Excellent gig last night. Mr Tamura plays trumpet beautifully, but you've really got to see him squeezing pigs! @Dave O))) shame you didn't make it, O and Leigh were there. As always seeing music like this live is so enjoyable. I had never really picked up on the deep guttural undertones that Tamura gets from his throat from recordings.
  13. I'm interested in the heavy plinth if you would like to do a separate deal. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  14. Caxton Audio have Conrad Johnson, Quad etc. Plus very good trade-ins.
  15. Unfortunately it looks like Phoenix have folded. I did watch the YouTube video, very impressive.