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  1. Don't worry mate, when that Sansui of yours comes back you will once again enjoy the music. What you are feeling at the moment is just separation anxiety.
  2. Nothing to do with power, it's more to do with the designers and if they decided to try to keep the top end present and do enough work on the pre section so that it sounds fairly good or to just roll it off to stop it from sounding 'bad'. A big part of my love of Burson and Sansuis Alpha series amps is the fact that they keep the top end present and try to work with it rather than just roll it off.
  3. Lenehan Kit Loudspeakers

    Hey Mike @Lenehan Audio, when we get to the reviewing and opinions should we keep going on this thread or shall we start a new one?
  4. After watching "Alien" movies 4 and 5 and 6 I have come to the conclusion that 3 wasn't all that bad. I've been a fan of the Aliens universe since the second movie scared me significantly back when I was a teenager. Since then I've bought the comics, the novels, the graphic novels and the "technical manuals". You could consider me a serious fan but I probably cross the fine line into rabid fan territory just a little too often for the 'serious' bit to stick. I have my favourite authors within the Aliens novels and my not so favourite ones. WARNING: Spoiler in the following paragraph! Select to read if you are happy to do so. So with that all said, the notion that somehow David created the Aliens has me feeling like Ridley has reached into my chest, grabbed my love of the entire genre, twisted, and then forcibly removed all but a skerrick of my enthusiasm for the entire franchise. End of Spoiler warning. The Aliens vs Predator movies were bad enough but this is 100 times worse. I feel like I should be wearing a black armband. RIP 3 decades of fandom, I shall remember you fondly.
  5. Agree 100% with TerryO above, trying a different DAC is a very good idea. The chord DACs are quite bright and detailed (to my ears anyway) and the MF and Anthem sound is softer, deeper and more laid back so changing out the DAC is likely to yield very noticeable differences.
  6. I've done a Gryphon, I had a Callisto about 12 months back. Thanks for the heads up though.
  7. Richter Days

    The Mk4's had the curved cabinets yes? I have no idea if they sounded better than the Mk3s or Mk5s but they certainly looked the goods IMO. Loved those curves!
  8. Under the Halcro Logic banner they did. SSP80, 100, 120 and 200 I think. If you happen to find one I can supply a manual.
  9. It is volume control, and there is no other, that would have required a larger case.
  10. And a shot in the sunlight. Less lurky, more woody. And I remembered the name plate this time. I want to put the name plate on but not on the wood. I might just blu tak it to the top for now, then I can worry about it later.
  11. Looks like it leaves me doubly too late. Darn it!
  12. @rantan requested a pic of the Sansui Alpha 917XR cd spinner and who am I to say no. OK, the first pic is terrible but it's an action shot from the listening position. I've got the 917 teamed up with Simon's Zeus Integrated and the strength of the presentation is phenomenal. And one from a bit closer (after I realized I had to actually get up to take a decent pic).
  13. Well we all expect different things. My idea of a good amp is one that goes all the way up (ie. is adventurous enough to actually display an upper treble instead of an obvious roll off), further than most seem to want amps to go, and still sounds realistic and pleasant. Many amps don't go far enough for me in this regard and Primare just happens to be one of those brands. I"m not going to go as far as saying I dislike them, I quite enjoyed the I22 I had for a while a few years ago, just that they don't thrill me in general.
  14. There's nothing wrong with Primare as a brand, they are well made and deliver a good mid range but for my money they just don't seem to be adventurous in that they don't go too high in the highs or try for quite enough control in the lows. Safe but not very exciting seems to be a general consensus. Your mileage may vary of course. I will second the idea of a Cambridge 840/850/851 integrated, nice warm sound but with plenty of power behind it, 75% of the warmth but 3 times the grunt of the Brio R. If you can find one at the right price definitely add it to your options list.
  15. Power amp "pop" when turned off

    Some amps do, some don't. All Redgum amps do. It probably isn't anything to worry about if it's only a pop.