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  1. Yes, but with less wanton destruction and more snoozing.
  2. Cool table of parts there Simon. It's all coming together. Even your feline overlord looks pleased.
  3. I have an opinion to update. Some time ago I had my third attempt at making the YBA Passion IA350 sound good to me. I was unsuccessful. Since I have difficulty giving up in this regard I decided to try again. I was once again baffled by the Passion Integrated. It has this overly treble-y performance. It isn't really bright, or hard, or forward as such but if feels like it is enough of each to give me listening fatigue after about 2 or 3 songs, no matter what I do. I have tried half a dozen speaker cables, more than half a dozen interconnects, and two other DACs in addition to the one it contains and I can't make it work. Most recently I hooked up the lower spec line YBA Heritage cd spinner and the Burson Conductor to see which I preferred and, baffling as it may seem, I could not pick the difference between the two. On almost every other amp I can pick the smoother vocals of the YBA from the sharper instruments of the Burson but not on the Passion. I tried about 20 times and I could not for the life of me pick any difference at all. There is just too much treble. So, what could I do? My usual test disc is out, no fun to listen to at all. Nothing I do makes it work for rock music, but maybe that's because it isn't meant for rock music (heresy!). So, with nothing else to do until my car is returned from the garage, I conducted a search of my greatest hits collection to see what I could find that might work. Warrant is out. Def Leppard is not an option. Black Sabbath, no, just no! I have to look on the right hand side of the case, the side I usually ignore. And I found some albums that, thankfully, tell me quite a lot about the Passion and what it is meant to do. I went left to right on the above pic. The quality of Enya encouraged me to move on to: Sheryl Crow - this was a semi success as Sheryl has some deep bass in several of her songs here and that tends to overpower everything else. The vocals are great though, Every Day is a Winding Road was the stand out song for me. Cyndi Lauper - not so hot on the pure pop stuff but very good on Time After Time and True Colors. Really, really good in fact. Diana Krall - yes, I have her greatest hits, I've only listened to it once before today but desperate times mean desperate measures. Diana comes across brilliantly on the Passion, that extra detail that makes it so hard to handle on rock music really brings out the vocals and non-powered instruments. It emphasizes that "Lounge Air" effect that you sometimes get when a largish area is open and empty behind the instruments on stage. I was really enjoying Diana on the Passion. Time to branch out a little more perhaps? Billy Joel - OK, Billy is rock and roll but he isn't hard rock by any means and several of his best songs are only really vocals and a few non-powered instruments and that seems to be the theme developing here so... Piano Man is always good but it is excellent via the Passion. Still Rock and Roll To Me was beyond excellent, I had all ten toes tapping and my head rolling side to side (full disclosure here, this is one of my favourite songs of all time). We Didn't Start The Fire came across well too, a bit of a surprise as it is more pop rock than the first two tracks but it worked. An Innocent Man was also excellent and Only The Good Die Young was so good it was almost as much fun as Still R&R To Me, but not quite. Sandi Thom - Just about Perfect (yes, with a capital "p"). I've liked this debut album of Sandi's ever since it came out and I like even more than I thought possible via the Passion. Freddie Mercury - pretty good and considering the album suffers a bit from being not such a great recording (it's very soft and Freddie's vocals don't separate well from the instruments, if they did I would listen to it more than I do) pretty good is about as good as it gets. Wilson Pickett - pretty good, but again with the full disclosure, I only ripped off the plastic on this album collection this morning so I don't really know how he is meant to sound. I do like the sound, but not as much as Billy, Sandi or Diana. So what I seem to have discovered here is that the Passion IA350 (and likely the whole Passion line) is voiced for non-rock music, or at least music that is more soft rock, blues, lounge style. Basically anything that doesn't contain amplified instruments. If you feed it the right music it will reward you with a great sense of rhythm, very accurate vocals (not glossed over or extra breathy, you only get what is there so great singers sound great but average ones are not) and, again, very accurate instrumentals. You can occasionally get away with a little electric guitar in the background but that is as far as it goes. So, although it was a very painful process I believe I have finally managed to understand what YBA were trying to do with the Passion range. I should have made the connection sooner really, I mean what sort of music would older white guys be thinking of when they name an amp "Passion"? That's my child of the 80's upbringing working against me. Integrated Amp number 77 has finally been finished. A pity I couldn't make use of my usual test disc or scoring method but all's well that ends well. Now, I'm settling in for an afternoon of Billy, Sandi and Diana. I hope your Monday afternoon is as enjoyable as mine is.
  4. No interest in these at all then?
  5. I'm sure we can arrange that Pete. I may be a hoarder of amps but I don't believe in hoarding information that could be beneficial to the community as a whole.
  6. I don't have any new Sansui amps (which is a pity) but I did happen to see an auction for some circuit diagrams on Yahoo Japan. So I bought them (of course!). I'm hoping I now have the bias settings for the Alpha 907 NRA. Once they arrive I'll scan them and see if I can find a Japanese translator that can tell me exactly what it is that I've got. The translation of the auction description was "adjustment method" so here's hoping that means bias settings!
  7. Hi Rawl, well I for one would like to thank you and Mike for all your experimentation efforts. If not for those I wouldn't have an isolation platform at all and would have remained forever ignorant of the benefits, and I'm not a fan of remaining ignorant. My new footer (or booties, if you prefer) equipped platform is currently my tweak of choice.
  8. And an even-more-final price drop to $2800.
  9. OK, original post is too old to edit. Price drop on the Thule, down to $400. Price drop on the Redgum, down to $800.
  10. Well I didn't have to cut up a kids book but I have made up cardboard footings for the springs. I cut up the lid of one of those thin little cardboard boxes that you get in variety shops. Thanks for the suggestion @Metamatic, I do like the way it looks now better than when it was sitting on a sheet of MDF. Now I just need another one for the amps.
  11. Even nicer! There is so much vibration damping in there it almost boggles the mind. In addition to nice thick plates of copper and/or copper plated steel. It looks a million bucks. I bet it sounds like it too.
  12. I see the twin DAC chips on the underside of that PCB? Very nice. Sansui certainly weren't afraid to pack parts onto a circuit board were they? There's not much free space in there.
  13. I love internal circuit board/chassis pics as much as the next audiophool so looking forward to that John, thanks, but will that tell me if I should buy it or not? That's what I really need to know.
  14. What about the Sansui on the PMCs?