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  1. I did indeed, and still do. The ME240 was one of those amps that was so good I decided to keep it, even had it upgraded to a hicap model by Peter Stein himself. An excellent amp, one of my all time favourites. This one is in better external nick than mine, mine needs a respray on that top panel.
  2. @~Spyne~ check this out. It is hard to go wrong with an ME240, especially with a DAC/pre with a low output impedance like the Konverter.
  3. There's no need to choose, you just buy them all, test them out and then you will know what you want. You know, now that I see those words in front of me they don't seem to make quite as much sense as when I was thinking them. Oh well, I'm sure everything will work out for the best in the end. I can offer a home demo on an Exposure Classic 28. The price has dropped to $500 since that add was placed. On the crop of amps listed above I can only comment on the Marantz (I agree with your personal bias, they aren't bad but they just aren't special, unless you want your digital sources to sound a bit like analogue with that added warmth) and the Nuprime, I wasn't real impressed with the one I had for a while. I'm not saying it was terrible but it wasn't as special as all the tech talk on Nuprimes' site would have you believe. Be sure to let us know your impressions if you managed to lasso any of them into your listening room.
  4. A wellness product with questionable claims and poorly worded marketing. Colour me amazed!
  5. Apologies there mate, guess I should have separated that post about it going and staying into two, then the thread would have been more noticeable.
  6. Hang on, I've got a bite. Looks like it is going again.
  7. That's completely different, Ash Vs Evil Dead is made of Awesome! Blood Drive needs its own Bruce Campbell.
  8. I'm sure its ratings will do just fine without my assistance. Hang on... whalewolfs? Since when is that a thing?
  9. I had actually decided not to watch it before I saw the trailer. Now that I have seen the trailer I am even more likely to not watch it.
  10. I'm not sure I'll be bidding on it, it is just an Alpha 607 Extra (possibly L Extra) with a built in DAC. But I might, I guess, depending on what range I think it will end up going for. If you want to bid let me know and I'll hold off.
  11. I'll just add that to my watch list. Thanks Aasza.
  12. Still a bit slow from my end but at least all the functions seem to work now.
  13. I have mentioned it to one of the two said wizards in the past. While the word "blasphemy" was not used directly in the answer I received I did get the impression that it was heavily inferred. Sansui did a lot of work on their power supply sections and thus many fans are loath to modify them unless absolutely necessary. Particularly when 100V step down transformers are fairly cheap and not that hard to find.
  14. Yes, but I'm still in the "refusing to admit that my decision could have consequences" stage of the man/car relationship. I'll probably stay in it for a while yet, so it's all good for now!