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  1. With a mint front panel and the remote control option fitted! That's rarer than hens teeth.
  2. Yep, damn nice swirls in that walnut.
  3. Yes, I am sure many of us are familiar with both of those looks. The average man on the street (and his dog!) just don't understand us SNA'ers.
  4. I can't see them working under speakers Bob, speakers produce movement in their normal operation and so would wobble around continually and probably smear your sound stage and imaging all over the place. Sources and amps react to the vibrations in the air (and ground) caused by the speakers and that is what we are trying to treat with an isolation platform. Or at least, that is my understanding of things.
  5. Yes, they work, but they work better under your source. As it says in the thread above I bought one and ended up putting it under my source. At some point I'll get another one for the amp, but I'm not in a rush.
  6. I've mostly babied it, but it was given some juice this afternoon. I visited Gremrock this afternoon to try out the Accuphase on his ML3 Refs and we had to do a sound check or two. Water of Love was awesome! We also discovered that on the ML3s his Bel Canto DAC sounded better than the internal DAC40, I was pretty surprised at that (oK, it's a $3K RRP DAC, but still). I don't feel like it would be the same on the ML2s but that's something that may just have to go unproven, as I keep getting reminded you just can't have everything in this hobby. I reckon it'd do very well with a pair of ML1 Refs, really, really well! As an upgrade it works out financially too, an extra $1100 over what I paid for it is more than covered in the addition of a $1600 DAC card and a functional front panel. That would make pretty good financial sense (hint, hint!).
  7. Paralysis by analysis does strike every now and then but that's no reason to give up a hobby that's this much fun. I love the mystery of hooking up a new amp and turning it on for the first time. Will it sound better, worse, good-ish, bad-ish, English, American, Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, will it have a good top end, cloudy, fuzzy, hard, sharp, metallic... will it give me good vocals, bad vocals or indifferent vocals, strong bass, weak bass, tight, loose, dirty, muddy, punchy... the list goes on and there's no way to know until you turn it on and spin up a disc. Maybe it will be the one you will want to keep and listen to above all others, or maybe it will be a shocker that you will turn off after just 2 songs and never listen to again. You wont know until you try. OK, it isn't quite the reason I get up in the morning but it is the reason a smile finds its way to my face every time I arrive home to find a new cardboard box sitting in front of my door. It's a little piece of adventure in an otherwise fairly monotonous life. The only thing I'd rather be doing is fishing.
  8. Item: One Accuphase E460 Integrated amp with both AD20 Phono card and AD40 DAC card fitted. Location: Sunny Nanango Price: $7000 Item Condition: Aesthetically very good with some light scratches on the top panel. Reason for selling: I've had my "Best of Japanese Integrated Amps" fun and now it is time to move the Accuphase on. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (buyer to pay Paypal fees if choosing to use Paypal) Extra Info: Comes with remote, manual and original boxes and packing. This is the same amp as listed in the FS thread below: I have had the front panel fixed and have added the DAC 40 card and have adjusted the price to reflect these alterations. Also, I don't have any more of the little grey plastic RCA plug covers, but I do have some cheapo looking red and white ones if you really want them. Pics:
  9. Well that was excruciatingly, and yet enjoyably, difficult but I have come to a conclusion. I have (for a second time, the Accuphase rallying towards the end on the ML2s just made the process longer) decided to keep the Sansui Alpha 907NRA. Sansui fever guys, there's a reason it exists. I suppose only time will tell just how badly I've caught it. The big problem facing me right now is that I want the Sansui to sound as good as it did with the Accuphase DAC feeding it. Ah, never ending hobby, how I love thee!
  10. It's hit the bottom of the sliding scale already so the price is $2000 flat. Check the date on the top of the first post, it's been up for a lot longer than just a day.
  11. I like to think so. At the moment it's the cheapest one available outside of Sweden.
  12. Well my papers on the Alpha 907NRA have arrived and I've scanned them to pdf. Not a great deal of use to me personally although I will certainly be forwarding a copy to Andy prior to sending the 907 to him for a checkup but there are likely to be several enthusiasts who will get some value out of them so here they are. Go nuts guys. Sansui Alpha 907NRA doc 1.pdf Sansui Alpha 907NRA doc 2.pdf
  13. Item: One Modwright KWI 200 Integrated Amp (no DAC or Phono fitted) Location: Sunny Nanango Price: $4200 ono (buyer to pay postage) Item Condition: Excellent, would suit new buyer. Reason for selling: Did a swap with a fellow SNAer, he gave me his Modwright and I gave him my Luxman L507u. I've given it a listen and found that it has a sort of active warmth to the upper mid range that I am not a fan of. It makes my Lenehan S2Rs sound quite a bit like a pair of B&W 805s. I will say that it has some of the best drums I have heard though. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with manual, factory box and packing and the plastic remote control. This puppy is too heavy for Aust Post so it will be courier only. Pictures: Rear, top and side pics to follow.
  14. When my Thor Mk2 protection circuitry was playing up I took it in to Andy at Hi Fi Repair Services. He rents space from Mike Lenehan in Ashmore. PM me if you need contact details.