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  1. The cure fan here but the Love song version of 311 is awesome https://www.vevo.com/watch/311/love-song/USZM20400748
  2. Best Live recording

    David Gilmour live in Gdansk, recorded in Poland and Richard Wright is on the keyboards.
  3. Xmas in August, I got this just now, still sealed. Abraxas Mofi
  4. mate, I bought it online, http://atmosphereaudio.com.au/ they seem to be in SA, first time I have bought from them and I can't complaint. This was an special sale for the black stylus thought but ring them they might be able to help your friend. cheers H
  5. no problem at all it was below 500 from Atmosphere audio
  6. Item: Ortfofon 2M Bronze stylus (used) Location: Brookvale or Sydney CBD Price: 230 ONO Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Bought an Ortofon Black Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi all, I have got an Ortofon 2M Black for my Bronze cartridge so I would like to sell my current bronze stylus, I got the Bronze back in July 2013 and have aligned using a protactor provided by an SNA member. I believe is in good condition as I couldn't hear nothing wrong with it while using it, I got the Black because I found an unbelievable offer for it from a local seller. The stylus will serve as an spare or replacement stylus for any owner of either a 2M bronze or 2M black, it's so easy to replace them. I'll really will like to sell it so I'm open to reasonable offers otherwise I'll keep it as spare stylus, It will be better for an interested person to come to my place for test it before, I'm attaching pictures below and happy to provide more if required. I don't have the original stylus guard but a broken one that will protect it while transporting it but won't work when mounted. I'm selling the stylus only, the container on the pictures is from the new one I just bought. Pictures
  7. Thanks, it definitely has lots of bass now, EVBTG done is Making movies time now, is your tracking 1.5? H
  8. Hi all, I just got the stylus and have installed it on the turntable, is an upgrade for the 2M bronze so the setup was pretty straightforward, removed the bronze and put the black. I have also set the tracking to the recommended 1.5, I have read on the forums that the stylus needs to break or something like that can I please get some advise from the experts if is there anything else that I need to do? I'm listening to Everything But The Girl - Language of life and the first difference is that the bass is stronger than on the bronze, my gear is Pro-ject RPM 4.1 with akai am 2400 and Wharfedale speakers.
  9. Hi mate, my stylus has arrived, I found an offer that couldn't refuse from a local dealer. Just installed it and playing the Language of Life from Everything but the Girl my first impressions is that it has stronger bass than the Bronze.
  10. Hi mate, Yes, it does have VTA adjustment (http://www.audioreview.com/cat/analog-sources/turntables/project/rpm-4/prd_343254_1597crx.aspx) . last time I took him to the dealer He checked the settings for the Bronze so I believe is a matter of swapping the stylus and make sure it has the proper tracking.
  11. I still can't believe it, waiting for the product to arrive, keep refreshing the Austpost page :). My gear is an Pro-ject RPM 4 Akai AM 2400 and Wharfedale crystal 30.5 and it plays nice with the Bronze so I expect it will be nicer with the black H
  12. Yes, I do have it, the offer I got for the stylus only was really really good, from a local seller, well below the price of the full cartridge I don't believe I will be able to afford the cartridge+stylus combination not even from overseas. Cheers. H
  13. Hi mate, I would like to know how r u enjoying the 2m black? I might get one just want to know how's your experience? What kind of music do u listen?