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  1. I also told thousands of ppl how good they are . Yes nothing is perfect but it raise the bar so high , most of my friends now owning one . With this DHC cable in my system, it surpassed anything I've listen before even the Magico S5 Glad you enjoy one of the finest hp available today mate [emoji1362]
  2. Item : FE Master Reference amp stand Location : Brisbane Condition: about 1 year old but like New [emoji1360]still have box . Price : asking $1600 Shipped in Australia with $50 donation to Stereo net if sold here . Reason for selling: upgrade to Mono set up , need money asap [emoji4] Payment : Cash or Transfer or Pick up or if you local free delivery for COD Extra information: it virtually new , i sold my Vitus amp and Magico S5 so it have to go as well . Well build and work like a champ . Save yourself, it less than 1/2 of RRP so act quick before it gone to good home :-) Oh this is large size unit 600x800 Thanks again for looking .
  3. Hahaha bro , Vitus sold b4 S5 [emoji12][emoji1362]
  4. Did i missed something here ? Pls
  5. 32 of the finest drivers , 60m of Jorma Design Statement cable .... 800h of man power [emoji4]
  6. Donation of $250.00 done [emoji4] Pls lock this up admin [emoji1362]
  7. Once the deal finalized, $250 will be donated [emoji1362][emoji4]
  8. Thanks bro :-) , i always have luck and some how i can kind of tell if that person going to buy it [emoji1362] We both agree S5 would offer a wonderful sound for many years to come , again when it come to resale specially this size and price it not hard at all . Most importantly he going to enjoy music in a new epic way , this transducer can show him so much in to music world like it did to me 13 months ago [emoji4]
  9. Thanks for looking and your kind words , speaker now Sold pending payment [emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  10. I totally agree, amazing ability to all kind of music . Will hold value so well in the long run not just sound but also build quality too [emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  11. Any one interested in the Vitus SS102 pls send me a pm :-)
  12. I use digital file , i think it was Tidal stream to CH Precision Dac . The name of singer is Zhao Peng I get the song name when i get home later bro [emoji1362]
  13. Thanks Chanh for your kind words , yes it very beautiful sounding speaker. At the asking price i think it hard to find anything any where near when it come to bass , yes all highend speaker give you so much detail but the bass of Magico need to be experienced . Imo not many bass on others speakers can keep up with the speed of tweeter n mid using modern solid state amp . I remember music 30-35 years ago was all about mid and how sweet the sound , but now all about live music experience and this speaker doing so good at [emoji1362] The room wasn't so small it 5mx7m with 3.5m height, but it have so many windows, fishtank , glass table and many open area make it hard to sound it best but i think it doing great job . I forgot to mention if sold to our members $250 will be donated. Also I'm very flexible with the price as long as respectable and genuine. I would prefer local so can demo plus free delivery by me coz it weight about 90kg each on it own plus box n crate [emoji1360]
  14. Here what the S5 sound like in a family room using iphone as a recorder [emoji4]
  15. Thanks bro , you really should try this out . Won't loose much more coz it already depreciated [emoji1362][emoji6]