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  1. I only just got started with a mic and have no idea what I am doing but had a go. So the (red) is the first measurement without changing anything. I then moved the listening seat progressively closer (10 times!) to the speakers and finally found what looks to be a pretty good response (green line). It's now a bit close to the TV for my liking so I have pushed back just a bit. The overall movement was from about 1m off back wall to 2M off back wall so quite a bit as my room is only 5.5m long. This kinda follows the rule of 1/3 principle I guess? Speakers are Devialet Phantoms. Reason I started this is to see if I can use the PEQ in Roon to improve things but not sure I need much. Might try and bring the <40Hz bass down a bit but I guess that will depend on music. I was surprised by how much of a difference moving the seat made so I assume I was sitting in a node(?) before. Anyway not sure if this helps @Jventer ?? Can you move the seat ? just saw the photos, not much room to move the sofa, maybe the speakers can come out a bit to see if that helps.
  2. Time to revive this thread
  3. Beers? Pilsener, Schwarzbier, Kolsch Sausages Bratwurst, Mettwurst, Bockwurst Hmmm, I must be hungry....... The Pre/Dac looks great by the way.
  4. Yep the Oppo has av sync feature -100 to +200 ms. I use it to actually reduce the auto delay to my Phantoms as the built in DSP causes audio delay. You would think there have to be other cheaper players with this feature.
  5. Nooooo we don't want facts and clarity. How can we go on speculating and pointing fingers for another 5 pages now that you have said that.
  6. Portable DAC and Headphone amp
  7. Really as a distributor, why would you sell a product where the software is crippled from day 1? Just asking for trouble IMO. If they don't have the expertise to mod them then better not to touch them. People read overseas Internet sites and they want all the features as advertised not some half baked solution. Without all the streaming working then it's just another DAC and I think the distributor would struggle to sell them once they put up all the warnings and disclaimers.
  8. Does it? Mine doesn't and we've watched way too many hours of Netflix. Glad I have a 105D now upon reading this thread. Not convinced there is really much better out there if you don't need the latest formats.
  9. I thought the whole point of a NAS was you could replace a drive without having to do all that? I know it's not a back up for catastrophe but I assumed it was designed for a drive fail.
  10. Ummm, a bit creepy but here it is folks.....
  11. Page not found, it might be in your cache
  12. A bit shorter and a bit wider.....
  13. So this is the suggested system: Duntech > ME1400 > ME25 > M51 > Chromecast It seems a sharp drop from great gear to a dongle. Just my opinion but I would take a punt that the Chromecast may be a bottle neck in that wonderful system. I would go for a streamer/DAC that has Tidal that will be RCA direct to your ME pre. Something like a Bluesound Node 2 (Similar price to an M51) with built in DAC. You can always put a higher end DAC between the Node and the pre later. The HDMI requirement is limiting and you don't need Chromecast to enjoy Tidal. Also if you have ethernet access you can hard wire the Node which I would recommend. There are a lot of devices that do Tidal. Have a look at their page: PS: I just have bad experiences with HDMI so I may be psychologically scarred.