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  1. I had a pair of these on loan for a while with some Magnepan 3.6. They barely broke a sweat. Plenty of headroom. I think they would drive just about any speaker. Bargain price.
  2. Is their wifi and does he need a high quality player for Spotify? Why not just a smaller Android tablet? If he needs internet from a phone carrier then that means a sim card etc. He may appreciate the larger format as eyesight may be an issue if using a smaller phone.
  3. Coming soon to Marina Bay Sands. Just enjoying some dumplings on a Singapore stopover
  4. Travelling in Iceland at the moment with the OMD E-m5 mkii . So far so good. The weather proofing gives you lots of piece of mind. Walked through waterfalls and hiked in light rain and no issues. Get a decent strap that you can sling around your shoulder. I don't like them around the neck. Battery life a bit short but I bought a spare so not a huge issue. Only thing I find is with the smaller bodies I keep hitting buttons by accident but I think it's just getting used to it.
  5. ROCK is just a server. It doesn't do anything else. You can put it anywhere on the network and forget about it. Don't you already have a Windows PC/Kodi hooked up to the TV? Just install Roon Client on your PC that is hooked up to the TV and you can use that for control and album art etc.
  6. I assume this is all HDMI? Could just be that the NUC HDMI is not the best (too noisy) for audio? I assume same HDMI cable used for comparison? Pity it doesn't have an optical out to compare. I would think USB is only way to get the best out of it but that doesn't work for you so no big deal. Just to clarify Roon only suggest Gen6/7 because they are the models they tested on and needs a bit of grunt for the database but they are not promoting the NUC as an end streamer. They are suggesting you use it as a server for the core and use something else as a streamer.
  7. Seems to be rebranded Qobuz? I'm all for competition but this is double Tidal cost and you have to pay for a year up front. Is that reasonable? Who knows. Also :
  8. Via Tidal sounding good to me. Plenty of detail and emotion.
  9. As you have all been losing sleep over my choice I thought I would update. The hardest bit was finding somewhere with good customer service. So many places I went to were not interested in helping me. Anyway found a good local camera store and played with all Fuji, Sony and dSlr. Very patient, over 2 hours. Came away with Olympus OMD e-m5 mk2. Possibly the longest model name in the market. It became so subjective in the end. This just felt best in hand to me and good deal with a 14-150 all purpose lens for my holiday. I may invest in a nice prime later. But I really need to relearn basic photography as I was on auto mode for years since going digital. I upped the budget as this camera actually feels like it will last me a while and weatherproof adds to ruggedness. Anyway camera sorted, skills will be a work in progress.
  10. This is interesting I can barely understand some of the tech features but that is not a high bar.
  11. Can get a NikonD3400 with 18-55 and the 55-200 VRII lens for $600 after cash back deal. Need to push the button tonight. Just need to get a case and memory card. My feeling is at this price if I end up not using it due to size then will just sell for no great loss. Figured I'll have an iphone 6s and future upgrades for times I'm not carrying it. What do you think?
  12. Seems like Dslrs are getting smaller and mirror less getting bigger. I might have to go to a store and play around with few. We're off end of June so might be a bit early for the Canon although sounds nice.
  13. I am looking at a new camera for a Europe trip coming up. Main highlight is Iceland and thinking I may need some zoom. So far I like the looks of Fuji XT20 or Sony A6000 but don't really have any idea what I am doing at this stage. They come with the 50mm lens as std which I assume is enough for most of the time. Question. I have this old lens from a Canon EOS Film SLR way back (see below) Can this be used on new mirrorless and is it worth it or any advantage?
  14. Get your Latin on!
  15. Yes you are correct. The phone should automatically switch over to local wifi connection when in the house. You can see the icons on the phone using wifi. The way to test is to switch off mobile data on the phone and should still be able to browse/download on the phone. When you go outside it should disconnect until you switch the mobile data back on.