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  1. Seems like Dslrs are getting smaller and mirror less getting bigger. I might have to go to a store and play around with few. We're off end of June so might be a bit early for the Canon although sounds nice.
  2. I am looking at a new camera for a Europe trip coming up. Main highlight is Iceland and thinking I may need some zoom. So far I like the looks of Fuji XT20 or Sony A6000 but don't really have any idea what I am doing at this stage. They come with the 50mm lens as std which I assume is enough for most of the time. Question. I have this old lens from a Canon EOS Film SLR way back (see below) Can this be used on new mirrorless and is it worth it or any advantage?
  3. Get your Latin on!
  4. Yes you are correct. The phone should automatically switch over to local wifi connection when in the house. You can see the icons on the phone using wifi. The way to test is to switch off mobile data on the phone and should still be able to browse/download on the phone. When you go outside it should disconnect until you switch the mobile data back on.
  5. Put Tapatalk on your phone and it will notify you when you have a PM. No need to check forums every hour.
  6. Oooooh what does the "Stealth" switch do? Make it invisible to our partners?
  7. Enjoying this with a morning coffee. Where do you get your ecm fix from. Direct online or is there a local retailer?
  8. The 105 headphone out is very good to my ears so hopefully more of the same.
  9. Pics gone! Sneaky sale....
  10. Price drop $200
  11. Easy mistake to make with AV gear. I've done it in the past. So many buttons and options. Then when you start swapping gear you can easily lose track of settings.
  12. Google translate: Speaker used Woofer JA - 2508 · 25 cm cone type tweeter JA - 0516 · 3.0 cm beryllium dome shape Maximum allowable input 60 W Sound pressure level 91 dB / W / m Frequency characteristic 40 Hz to 20 kHz Impedance 8 Ω Crossover frequency 1.8 kHz network 2 ways, 12 dB / oct Level controller Continuously variable type enclosure Bass reflex type / black paint External dimensions 335 (W) x 610 (H) x 338 (D) mm weight 19.3 kg
  13. I just love the name Fozgometer. Sounds like something made up in a cartoon. I know I'm a child....