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  1. I don't get it

    When you spend all that money you want too look at your gear so we plonk it in front. .[emoji14]
  2. I actually think this may be a Tidal/OSX/USB issue. I have no proof other than my experience but a bit of web searching and there are few complaints about Sierra losing USB connections. I have an iMac and this happens to me occasionally. I have found if I listen to Tidal through the app on the iMac it sometimes loses the DAC exclusive mode settings and then I get the white noise like you do. Happens after Tidal software updates. Restarting the DAC (Matrix iMini) does nothing. In my case I find connecting and reconnecting the USB cable to a different port seems to reset everything. It's nothing to do with sampling rates in my opinion as when the white noise is present it doesn't matter what you play you cannot get the DAC to play music. When I use Roon it seems to be fine though so there is something strange happening in the software and I suspect possibly Tidal is messing with something when it updates. Restarting the Mac would probably also fix it. It is frustrating but I only use Tidal for the MQA files so no big deal for me. I don't think it's your DAC but impossible to be certain as you can't duplicate it. There have been quite a few Tidal software updates so I am suspicious of it.
  3. Tapatalk v slow

    This is not about speed but didn't want to start a new Tapatalk thread. Since the last updates I have noticed that the Tapatalk "new posts" section seems to only go back a few hours at best sometimes less sometimes more. I think in the past it used to go back a lot further. This is basically how I use it, just go to new posts and scroll through till find things of interest. I tried looking for any settings but can't find anything relevant. Is there something on the forum side that decides what goes into new posts or is it user specific?
  4. Roon Rock

    So you need 2 converters and one patch. Each converter hooked up to power ? Complicated isn't it? Now the big question, do you notice any difference or is it more peace of mind?
  5. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Just noticed on Roon forum that firmware update will make the 203/205 Roon ready. As a 105 owner I had no interest in upgrading but jealous now.
  6. Roon Rock

    Here is a post on Roon forum: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/rock-intel-nuc-to-directstream-jr-ideal-connection/29869 that provides some info. As your DAC is a Roon endpoint you have pretty much the ideal set up IMO. It looks like you have already isolated the ethernet connection electrically anyway. A NUC would allow you to set it up as your Roon server and take it off the iMac. You could just hang a hard drive off it for now and get a NAS later if you feel the need. I use a NAS as a server but if I had my time again I would go the NUC/Rock direction as I am not using the NAS for anything else. The only reason you would put the NUC in your music room is if you wanted to try USB (and this may be a valid reason if sound quality is better), otherwise it is a potential source of noise so I would put it elsewhere. Curious what is the media converter/optical patch you are using?
  7. Geez you guys are fickle. You should try buying a Geek Source from LH Labs. Ordered July 2014 via Indiegogo. Still waiting........
  8. In-build DAC to Pi Possible?

    For USB only you don't need a HAT board. If your are not happy with the USB for some reason then a HAT will convert to SPDIF. Here is one that is a bit more audiophile: https://www.allo.com/sparky/digione.html . I would have tried it by now but I only have optical so no use to me. They make some big "best ever" claims which is marketing but anyway. I think the main issue here is the RPi USB output on it's own may not be the best but the same could be said for many PC type solutions. I agree just test your existing streamer and DAC first and see how you go.
  9. In-build DAC to Pi Possible?

    I love my RPi2 but I do use a linear power supply with it (as do many others) and a HAT so it is not really just an RPi. It will depend on how good the Cambridge does with it's Digital outputs. It also depends how good the USB input is on your DAC as that can be a point of weakness. Just getting an RPi and hooking up via USB is a cheap exercise for a comparison but agree not sure that you would have any difference in audio quality. It will be more about the software you prefer as there are many options with the Pi.
  10. SANSUI BA 2000

    I was waiting for someone to ask. They really look inseparable.
  11. Tidal app is OSX10.9x otherwise you can use a browser.
  12. FS:2009 Mac Mini

    sorry wrong thread
  13. Depends what else you use the PC for? Anything can do basic streaming but if you have other uses that may steer you in a certain direction. Also do you use any Windows specific software that may not be available on the Mac or that you need to repurchase? Any Intel NUC will do the streaming job but I would think the Mac Mini would be quieter.
  14. Item: Optitec V2 Remote Control Jockey Wheel Location: 2118 NSW Price: $1300 Item Condition: Very Good to Excellent - used less than a dozen times. Comes with manual, remote, box, cables etc. Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this in May 2016 at the same time as I bought a boat (1.5tonne Fibreglass). Alas DIY boating is not for me and I only used it maybe 8-10 times before I sold the boat. It was stored inside all the time and only brought out to move the boat in the driveway. My driveway is steep and difficult. This wheel works exactly as advertised. It is an amazing device and has local Australian support. I did lots of research at the time and this was the best option for the price. It is very stable and safe to use. The remote allows you to walk around as you "drive it" so you can back it into very tight spaces. The videos here give you a good idea of how it works :http://www.optitec.com.au/caravan-trailer-mover-operation-video.html After the first set up then very easy to use and just as useful for Caravan or Boat. I am happy to show the buyer exactly how to use it if they are close by but I don't have any trailers so would need to be on their equipment. You will need a battery to hook it up to and brackets on your trailer for the wheel. Pictures: