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  1. http://www.soundandvision.com/content/denon-avr-3808ci-av-receiver#6T7Dit1kvjCuiZsW.97
  2. VAF speaker restoration (Brisbane)

    Not sure what modifications VAF did to them. Let us know their answer, if you contact them. No worries. I've got a few of that gen of DC's still from all the way back to the aus.hi-fi days to some i've collected over years. Even have a few stored for spare parts and am always on the lookout for any that come up for sale. Haven't made the jump to their signature series just yet. (one day)
  3. VAF speaker restoration (Brisbane)

    The current tweeter in your DCX's isn't suitable for those speakers. The Audax tweeter (VAF used a slightly modified version of it) is the one that it was designed and engineered for. So the question I'd ask myself if I was modifying one of my VAF speakers would be - "do I know more about electrical and acoustical design and engineering and have more resources than VAF to improve these?" Personally I like that gen of DC's with the horn tweeter and woven fiber drivers. That said, if they sound good to you, then they sound good to you
  4. VAF speaker restoration (Brisbane)

    The DC6,7 and X's use the same Audax sourced, horn loaded tweeter. From your pictures posted, your DC7's and 6's have the correct driver. IMHO there will be a big difference. Do both your DCX's have the same (incorrect) tweeter or only one? If you wanted a quick fix, perhaps just swap the correct tweeter from the DC7's to the X's?
  5. VAF speaker restoration (Brisbane)

    If it's only the dust cap that's been dented in you can, use a vacuum cleaner (covered with a sock) to suck the cap out gently. (i had to to do these for one of the set of DC7's I have). Other wise you can just get a replacement dust cap that's similar from a lot of places (link posted above, previously) VAF have the DC6 drivers available for $140ea. They've confirmed that they are the same specification as the woofers in the DC7's (just magnetically shielded).
  6. VAF speaker restoration (Brisbane)

    No worries. Also to clarify. That tweeter in your DC-X's isn't the correct tweeter that the speaker came with. The previous owner may have blown the original tweeter and slapped that one in there. Moving the tweeter's from the 7's to the X's will at least give you the same sounding front sound stage. Hope you enjoy your DC's
  7. VAF speaker restoration (Brisbane)

    Bit of a thread revival here however - if you want to replace that VIFA tweeter with something that actual works properly with that gen of DC's then here you go https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/horn-tweeters/audax-pr125t1-horn-tweeter/
  8. Hello everyone, Registered this account in 2012, been lurking and reading only, all this time! I got my first "proper" setup back in 2000-2001? VAF DC-X's all round with Rotel seperates. Still have the X's, 2 Rotel power amps and 2 HSU VTF3's in storage for when we finally buy/build our first house with HT room. Hopefully in the next year. Currently have the old "PC" setup which consists of some modified and upgraded LSK's M4's all round, LSK S100 sub and a Yamaha RX-V1065, setup in the living room of a rented town house. The call of VAF Signatures is strong.....must get bigger place first.