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  1. I would just try an extension on the 5 metre I doubt you're going to lose much signal over another 2 or 3 metres it's worth a try what have you got to lose $4 on a cable and $4 an adaptor so it plugs in the DAC if needed.
  2. Pm sent interest to buy
  3. Can I ask what's included?
  4. They could be for sale..........
  5. I thought the same thing at first too but it's not necessary I have no idea why @Zaphod Beeblebrox is one of the main guru's on here no doubt he'll chime in when he gets a chance or someone else will explain.
  6. You know that deserves one of these!!
  7. There are a few threads about this on SNA quite simple really the centre is positive outer for negative using one cable obviously being careful so they don't touch the only drawback with this cable is how stiff it is to work with, worth the effort though I haven't looked back since I made mine.
  8. Oops couldn't resist
  9. Yep agree with Egg save your money and spend it on music or whatever.
  10. Won't stop at one I couldn't.