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  1. It's not really an amp it's an apartment block (for very small people)
  2. Pm sent interest to buy
  3. Yep not out to offend anyone's music taste but Sheeran does not rate with me.
  4. So boring zzzzzzzz
  5. I had the AQ Red and one of these HRT's I kept the HRT, not telling you what to do but it was better, however I guess it would depend on sound preference we're all different.
  6. Perhaps use the car on rainy days, I'm just saying.
  7. Yes Jack I'm the culprit I've missed out on a few ME's over the years however this one is coming home to me should get the Duntechs singing nicely, don't mind admitting I'm very happy about this one. I'm not sure how many amps is enough mate maybe I should get married again that would certainly help.
  8. PM sent with interest to buy
  9. Gee I would have thought the Klein would be good enough what are you trying to achieve doesn't sound like you are that unhappy with your system?
  10. Nice setup Sovereigns and ME
  11. You shouldn't have to totally disable the ad-blocker there will be a section in the settings to allow certain sites to show ads I've just input the Stereonet URL no more popup.
  12. Wouldn't mind a pair of these one day question, is Maserati blue, white? Perhaps it's my colour blindness.
  13. Presume you've given the record a wash, may help then again may not if it is damaged.