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  1. Our friend Keith from Wyndham Audio may be able to help you out as well I couldn't say if they will match the price though you'd need to ask? Preamplifiers
  2. I reckon you'd be pretty happy with this.
  3. Technics SL1200 MK2 Rega RB300 arm Origin Live arm board
  4. Item: Pioneer PL50L with Denon DL103 wood body MC cartridge Location: A.C.T. You'd have to be insane to ask me to post this, will need to be picked up sorry. Price: $1700 Item Condition: It's pretty excellent overall does have a few slight marks, the timber is from what I can see perfect, for it's age it's just beautiful, the cover is lovely too no cracks scratches and the cartridge has approximately 140 hrs plenty of life left in it sounds great. Once you're in the room with one of these you're eyes are just drawn to it. Check out the photo's I think they tell the story pretty well This TT has been lovingly cared for all of it's life. Mechanically the TT works beautifully I kid you not there is nothing wrong with it. Reason for selling: I don't need two turntables however I'm not giving it away the price is firm if it doesn't sell that's cool. I'm also buying some beasts of speakers from Darren69 this will ease the pain of that transaction somewhat. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pioneer made and sold an absolute tonne of these you would think that there would be a heap on the market but there aren't because they are so good people keep them until they decide to buy massive speakers do some Googling there is lots of info on these. Pictures:
  5. Guys thank you for all the interest in these but sorry they are gone.
  6. I've found putting too high a price on this site usually kills an ad there is plenty of choice on here and lets face it it's a community isn't it?
  7. Item: Rogers LS7 Speakers Location: ACT Price: $530 Item Condition: Excellent for their age check out the photos, drivers and tweeters are excellent too. Reason for selling: Making room for beasts Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Just when you guys thought I couldn't possibly have more speakers for sale well BOOM here I am again these are one of my favourites classic British sound, excellent workmanship on these they have been babied looked after as good speakers should be the stands under them are included if you want to research them Google will be your friend there are heaps of threads on these. Pictures:
  9. I have the Era Gold and PSU1 on a Technics SL1200MK2 Rega arm and Denon DL110 can't comment on the others but it's pretty damn good I don't describe sound well but I can tell you I very much enjoy this phono stage if you can't find one second hand contact Keith at Wyndham he'll look after you he's a good guy.(which you probably know already)
  10. Yep yep yep I know....