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  1. Question for Denon DL-103R users

    That's actually pretty accurate it does have it's fans though depends on the system. Was just trying to determine if the system had body before the 103R
  2. Question for Denon DL-103R users

    What was it like with the Shure?
  3. These guys have some nice architectural panels I'm going to get some of the big white ones soon while they're on special. http://soundacoustics.com.au/
  4. bit of a tricky cable questions

    Maybe, it's just an example the cable you asking about might be available, it'll be from a pro audio shop I reckon if anyone has it, alternatively there are guys on here that make cables on a regular basis they might be able to help. https://factorysound.com/products/cyx401f
  5. Still haven't forgotten about the mini GTG Sime.
  6. @misternavi Mate I'm not very good at describing sound they have a vintage sound bass not overpowering but very nice the treble and midrange is clear but not in your face doesn't hurt the ears a lot of it will depend on the amp choice I ran these with different amps and I kept coming back to a Sansui integrated (an Alpha) lovely synergy with that combo an AU-D9 was very good as well an Earl Weston, they are on spikes and not the original rubber feet that protect the floor both are included anyway so there is a choice there the spikes are best IMO. Probably not much help sorry, to hear them is to know them I'm pretty confident if someone actually bothers to have a listen they'll buy them I could probably sell them a nice Sansui to go with it too LOL.
  7. Item: Paradigm 11se Deluxe 6ohms Full Range Location: Sunny Canberra Price: $650 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Too many speakers not enough rooms Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are untouched all drivers are original sound lovely and are in excellent condition they really are good speakers with the right amp (Sansui would be a good choice) the buyer will not be disappointed. Demonstration is welcome yes I'm in Canberra so far from anywhere but you can have a listen in a dedicated listening room see what these are capable of. Pictures:
  8. SOLD: Metrum Pavane

    @thunder 99 Hope you don't mind me doing that but it was hard to see, I can delete it if you like? Item: Metrum Pavane (Black) Location: Sydney Price: $4500 NEG (RRP ~$7500 AUD) Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Funds needed elsewhere Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Hello everyone, Up for a reluctant sale is my much loved Metrum Pavane the flagship Non Oversampling (NOS) R2R DAC from the Danish company, Metrum. A couple of comparisons to start off with: Vs Auralic Vega Completely different sound, the tonality of the Pavane feels spot on with natural musical timbres, male and female singers feel much more real whereas the Vega sounds a bit bleeched and lacklustre trying to give the impression of resolution which sounds a bit artificial. Pavane also gives a better sense of coherent lushness, bite and impact of the piece. It can be mistaken to be a bit laid back but it is just as resolving as the Vega, definitely more dynamic and at par (if not slightly better) in terms of openness and scale of the piece with the Pavane sounding both deep as well as wide in terms of the soundstage, with no constriction of the music. In fact it has great bottom end differentiation and resolution with better portrayal of bass (can be stomping but not overwhelming) and overall power. Sound is much more romantic, musical and sweeter than other DACs I have come across. All in all, this is a reluctant sale for what I consider to be an end game DAC as money is needed elsewhere. Vs MSB Analoge -The Pavane came very close with the difference being approximately 5-10%. I was not very interested in shelling out a lot more $$ to upgrade to the MSB (as well spending more on all of its upgrades) as the Pavane ~ MSB. Hence I did not listen more to it and cannot offer an in-depth comparison. I think all in all, if you are able to spend $$ to get this, it actually offers great performance for the price better than a lot of its peers. Please find attached a few reviews of the product http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/metrum-acoustics-pavane-digital-analogue-converter-dac “The hardest part is to put into words the overwhelming feeling of happiness that the Pavane’s presentation and naturalness brought to my system, more so than any DAC that I can remember. A year ago I would not have believed this performance level is possible at this price.” http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/metrum/1.html - More the technicalities behind the Pavane and its Non Oversampling nature One thing I would like to mention based on my experience with the Pavane is that I have found it to be ruthless with bad recordings. That means, it would benefit from HQ music with a good source – Feed it these and you’d be in eternal bliss. Guaranteed :). Please feel free to PM me. Happy to answer any questions. I have all boxing and can ship with insured shipping on the buyer. Will post pictures soon. Thanks for looking!.
  9. Advice on selling my Naim system

    Do you still like music?? One ear is better than none keep the gear use it as long as you can.
  10. I sent a PM offering to buy but no reply I presume they've been sold.
  11. They look cool I would guess a sub is needed.