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  1. Hmmph not enough turntables
  2. Yes budget maybe but still quality sound from these.
  3. I wouldn't bother the only thing I have is a couple of surge protectors, won't protect from a lightning strike but I've had a few appliances control boards get frazzled by surges in the past hence the surge protectors if you don't want to pay the outrageous prices for these exotic power boards then don't power in Australia is pretty clean power filtering is a waste of money just my opinion though.
  4. I'd buy it if I was anywhere near Adelaide and I don't even need it nice looking piece indeed.
  5. I'll grab these thanks
  6. Gonna cause a stir mate, I for one agree with you.
  7. HRT Microstreamer only plays up to 96khz but gee they're good.
  8. That's the new one I sold the one I got off you the OS updates eventually didn't support the older JK units drivers so it was either stick with an old operating system or upgrade to the Ciunas I upgraded and haven't looked back.
  9. I think you'll find there's not much difference.
  10. No idea I never take it off charge I turned it on and left it on doesn't hurt it at all, good guy to deal with is John Kenny reply's to emails promptly and very helpful.
  11. These are probably as close to an Audiophillio I have it and love it.
  12. Niiiice thanks mate.
  13. Zaph I got myself a set of Duntech Barons and an ME550 Hicap recently I'm planning on using RG213, thoughts?
  14. Who gives a hoot what others say Felix if you like it that's all that matters!!!