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  1. Thanks for your responses guys. Eltech - that's the question - which Thorens auto decks could I get for $600-$800 and would they be an improvement? The aim is to get a rich sound - full and warm with clarity, as my speakers are reasonable neutral. I'm open to suggestions to other vintage decks with an open sound and decent bass. I'm drawn to decks with auto-return, so the Thorens' would be TD-147 or others less expensive. My only interest in it is I've had the Technics for a long time but not sure if it's sounding as good as it can. And I've heard good things about Thorens. I've checked my amp and it can do MC to 0.09mV. (47K) I don't fully understand it though - is this low enough?
  2. Hello there, I'm trying to getter better sound out of my vinyl collection and considering upgrading the Technics SL-1700 I have. It's got a Rega Bias2 on it now. Any opinions on whether that's a good match would be appreciated, as I don't know too much about the finer details of set-up. I'm running an Accuphase E-204 and Sonique 5.5SE speakers. Blues, Jazz, Soul, Alt country, Rock mostly. I've heard a lot about the Denon DL-103 and wondering is the money better spent on a new deck - a Thorens for example? Or another cartridge? My budget is around $600-$700. Thanks for any ideas,
  3. Opinions on Sonique SE 5.5 - amp match

    Thanks Dave, I'll try the Sony soon when I get the chance.
  4. Opinions on Sonique SE 5.5 - amp match

    Thanks Wimbo and Dave - wimbo I will try the amp direct into the wall as it's been on a power board - what is the advantage of doing so? Dave - nice set up - I'm keen to try some more power but have a limited options at the moment, though I do have an old Sony power amp MU-A200. Thanks again for replying. Cheers, Ben
  5. Hi there, I haven't posted much before but would appreciate any advice regarding my set up. I recently bought the Sonique SE 5.5's and am trying to get the most out of them by considering amplifiers that others use and consider well matched. I've had mostly vintage equipment and enjoyed my Sony SS-7300's and Boston Acoustics A40/A70 and Rega ELA's in the past. I have used a few amplifiers - Accuphase E204, Rotel RA-971mkii, Jason J2-10 vintage valve amp and I also have a Yamaha A-1 I haven't tried yet. The 3 SS amps are about 70wpc - do I need more? My sources are Rotel RCD-1070, Pioneer TU-8500ii tuner and Technics SL-1700 w Rega Bias2. Medium room. Love to hear your thoughts if anything resonates.