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  1. So is this still for sale or not? Is it a refurbished unit? And can the MM board be retro fitted? Cheers, Neil
  2. It does actually, but volume only. Moot point as already spoken for though.
  3. The 80.3 has dual sub calibration via Xt32 processing as does the Marantz (which can be had for more like $2k). The choice comes down to house sound if atmos or 4K is not a priority. Marantz is a warmer, full bodied sound, where Integra is crisp and detailed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Both items spoken for pending payment pick up etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Looks like I have a buyer for the power amp, so who wants the pre?
  6. It's only a 8 hour drive! I can get packaging as Arthur has confirmed the new pre uses the same packaging as chassis is identical.
  7. Item: Elektra tube Preamp and Elektra Reference Power AmpLocation: Melbourne Eastern SuburbsPrice: $3000 for the pair or $1600 each (firm). Replacement cost today around $8.5k (for slightly improved models)Item Condition: Excellent. 1 tiny knick on the top edge of the pre amp but would need to show in person to find it.Reason for selling: reducing box countPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Pick up preferred. I don't have original packaging but can get some at additional cost from the manufacturer. This combo is the easily the best 2 bits of stereo electronics I've ever owned and preference will go to those looking for the pair as a real shame to split them up. I guess you would call it entry level high end gear based on replacement cost, but even then, like quite a few locally designed and manufactured electronics, punch well above their retail price points. Am moving on to buy an all in one integrated the family can use, although I'll probably sacrifice sound quality in the process. My Audiolab 8200 CD (which is actually a DAC that can play CD's) will also go under the hammer shortly. Purchased this combo (which was previously owned by SNA moderator @joz) early 2016 as wanted amplification powerful enough to try out some Maggie's and had never owned tube gear before. They were a great match but I ultimately moved the Maggie's on. They also took my Focal Chorus 826W's to new heights, but now have highly efficient speakers so want to look into other lower power options. Since owning this combo I've had a couple of upgrades by Arthur Rappos, the designer and manufacturer. Had a completely new set of tubes installed in the pre in Sept 16 and had Arthur modify the power amp with new soft start protection circuit & internal changes so it switches off via 12v trigger within a second or 2 of turning off the pre amp, previously it took around 90 seconds to power down such are the reserves of power in the caps. This was not a fault, just the way it was originally designed. These modifications were done whilst checking everything over and given a clean bill of health. The power amp was replaced in the Elektra range by the Reference HD in 2015 for a bit more power and the Preamplifier was only superseded in the last 12 months to give an extra 2 balanced inputs at the expense of 1 set of RCA inputs and 1 set of RCA pre outs I believe. Pre features HT bypass, 3 sets of RCA pre outs for bi/tri-amping. 1 set of XLR pre outs 4 RCA inputs & 1 set of Balanced inputs. 12v trigger. Remote control is volume only Reference power amp features 2 x 250W into 8 ohm, doubling down to 500w into 4 ohm, stable with 2 ohm loads @ (I'm told) somewhere near 900w. 2 sets of binding posts, Balanced or RCA inputs Pictures:
  8. currently drinking

    Wife brought this half full bottle home from a supplier funded lunch. Found out later there was a max $1000 budget for 4. Why was I not invited and why did my wife not arrange a taxi home Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. So to update this thread, a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have 1 of the first Naim Uniti Atoms at my place. As you would of expect from Naim, set up was breeze and up and running within a couple of minutes. A more upfront sound than I'm used to but not in a bad way, and sound improved markedly over the weekend so probably far from run in. Thankfully the Naim imaged properly and the app was faultless. The only issue seems to be the annoying bananna plug only speaker terminals, which make hooking up a speaker level sub awkward. Not sure if I'm ready for the bright, forward sound, but perhaps because I had preconceived ideas about a Brittish laid back sound due to hearing Naim mated with Sonus Faber in the past, in a highly treated room. Anybody heard the Denon PMA-2500NE? https://www.au.denon.com/au/product/hifi/amplifier/pma2500ne Okay it's not a streaming integrated but does everything else and I'm happy with my current streamer anyway.
  10. My first dislike
  11. You are entitled to your view and I'm not aiming my posts at you here, more of a general comment. I'm not here to burst bubbles, but Radiohead are inventive and fairly unique in "popular modern music", and almost universally critically acclaimed. Note that I didn't add Radiohead either, I went with Muse, but Heart Shaped Pool would be in my top 5. You obviously love your jazz and Wayne Shorter, but on a brief listen to some of his stuff on Tidal just now, for me, I'm not hearing anything new or different, although an excellent 60's/70's style jazz performer with a great body of work. I'm not saying I don't like it or belittling your post, I just don't think it fits a "best of now" list, perhaps best of a genre. To repeat, this is just my opinion, but I feel this list has been made artificially diverse by members trying to out do others with obscure choices. I could of thrown a few in there too, but choose not to.
  12. Of course there is much wider access to music than ever before, but does that make it "best of". We are 30 albums in so far and no mention of Radioheads latest! I search new releases on Spotify (Tidal is useless for new releases) once or twice a week and still find mostly boring copy cat stuff. I can also see (at least in Melbourne) FM radio being a culprit, as it seems the vast majority are still playing music for my 40something generation and the music we grew up on as teenagers.
  13. Rel T9i Sub impressions???

    @Happy, well... it is a 7m x 12m room and I may just put off buying a new integrated for awhile to help ease the pain. Buy well, buy once.
  14. Bought the vinyl last week and loving this album. Obviously got pressed at the same time as Bernard Fannings as the same dirty brown see thru vinyl.
  15. Rel T9i Sub impressions???

    Rel S3 order placed...