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  1. iPhone 8 and X

    Would’ve really liked embedded sim in the X, a cool feature I do use on my iPad Pro. I’m packing an iPhone 6 and wanting to do the whole gift to my father who gifts his 5 to my Mum who throws out her 4 thing... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bladerunner UHD

    So this will be something like my 5th copy of the movie... Getting a little concerned by the amount of ads being shown for the sequel. If a good movie it should sell itself...
  3. GLWTS. I'm using a 7.5m PRS cable for UHD without issue.
  4. Give Leaving Las Vegas a whirl. He regularly sells out these days but that movie may change your mind. Not an easy watch btw, but incredibly powerful
  5. Dedicated 2ch system in another room. Didn't like the isolation of a dedicated room just for music as I can't sit and stare into space for hours... but have been playing vinyl since 4:30 this arvo in the family room whilst doing other parental duties Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. iPhone 8 and X

    The A chips used in phones and tablets are proprietary Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. If the phones and tablets don't interest you perhaps leave this thread to those that do have an interest
  7. iPhone 8 and X

    Perhaps because Apple are not paying a royalty fee to Google to use their OS. All the other manufacturers have always spec'd gear above Apple equivalents yet speed etc is no better. Apple by being a hardware AND software company will always be able to drag more performance out of lower spec but more reliable hardware by writing the OS specifically for their own hardware and not a whole industries varied hardware Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Dangers of cycling

    Motorcyclists love that wire rope stuff. No better way to get torn to bits than to hit it at high speed. I think we would also find the total number of cyclists is increasing at a faster rate so cycling is probably getting safer, statistically speaking.
  9. I've never sold Vinyl, and never intend to. Might give this a try on Tidal but have never got thru an entire album before, I just find it puts me to sleep, and too much of this mellow hipster type of music around for my liking these days
  10. People are probably only buying to flip at a profit. The music is as boring as bat **** anyway
  11. pre order now sold out!
  12. Netflix currently watching

    Anybody else getting flaky Netflix access via 4th gen Apple TV? It only seems to be this app but it opens but we can't navigate properly. Have tried pulling the power to no avail. Next step will be to delete the app and re-install. Netflix is working fine via my Panasonic UHD player.
  13. JVC autocal

    I'm very interested in doing this, just wish there was a Mac version of the software. I don't have space on my Macbook for a bootcamp windows installation. At least the colorimeter is very affordable.
  14. I simplified to a Moon Neo Ace (all in one integrated). I now have very efficient Spatial Audio open baffle speakers so 50w is more than enough. Would not have considered this amp if I still had the Focals.