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  1. Spotify is going Lossless and there is already Tidal. I use a modified Sonos connect but you also have Bluenode, Cromecast it really cheap but not sure about lossless with the Cromecast...
  2. Cheers, The manager of the hotel I stay at has offered to pick up a sim for me as there is a shop in her home town
  3. @Tweaky a 5m HDMI run is fine with 4k and HDR. I'm running a 7.5m Kordz PRS cable without issue. I have found with my Panasonic UHD player I sometimes get a green static image on screen after changing discs, but unsure whether its cable related, better not be as it was a bugger to run through our ground floor ceiling. A power cycle of the player fixes it anyway.
  4. My wife currently has a out of warranty Brother printer off being repaired at Brothers suggestion and cost. This is a low end business model costing around $800 and 3 years old.
  5. Thanks guys, will lock in my Optus contracts with current extra data offers . My only issue is my main holiday destination in Oz only has Telstra coverage. I'll simply arrange an Italian Vodaphone sim for my iPad when over there, I'm told they have best coverage for the town I stay in but no local store.
  6. Very True but the lack of support for a big ticket item is concerning, more so than the failure. Good luck @Grimmie, just remember the retailer is who you have your contract of sale with, not the manufacturer/distributor. Too often retailers fob people off by saying the distributor has knocked back the claim/repair/replacement whatever and there is nothing more they can do.
  7. It was a MF X-Ray Pre, or whatever the pre from that old series is called. It did not have ht bypass though but gave a much better bass extension and rock solid soundstage. The 80.3 by comparison did not give a realistic imaging, everything sounded like coming from l & r speakers, very faint centre for vocals. All from the same source into same speakers and power amp. Btw he said it cost hundreds, not thousands of $. You read that as $100 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Calling all Vodaphone mobile users. Wanting to know how you find the network in country areas? I'm currently with Optus but looking at their plans for the 10-15 days I spend overseas where I can spend $5 a day and use my phone like I would here.
  9. Take a chill pill Dan. This response is why some people can get short with you. I'd be willing to bet fair sums of money, this is not directed at you, Al is not like that (many here know him personally and would agree), you read too much between the lines I think. I think you may have overestimated the income this site generates for @Marc and a pretty cheap shot. Moderators are not paid, only reviewers for the main site, not the forum posts. I think Marc goes out of his way to keep clear lines of engagement with regards to governance here.
  10. It should be judged on being competitive, where most of the field has a decent chance of winning. We don't want super even performance though, look at Supercars, can't watch it, just a high speed train of cars and only overtake due to driver error because the performance is so similar.
  11. The problem with your Elektra is it was only 3 ch. Very little demand for that configuration regardless of brand. I couldn't get $1k for my 80.3 on trade in. Could still sell my 7ch Theatron for more than that even though many years older.
  12. True. That's why most of my purchases have been 2nd hand or run out models. As @:) al said, everyone has compromises to some extent, even with dedicated rooms etc etc. $4k spent wisely on the 2nd market would give you killer AV processor, Multi Ch power amp and 2ch pre with HT bypass. You could spend much less if lucky and still end up with a better dual purpose system than a flagship AVR would give you... potentially for less coin.
  13. Probably not the right spot to discuss, but quickly... It is understandable you are annoyed you could have bought for less. Retailers I've spoken to regarding this won't touch them due to insufficient supply to meet their needs/demand. As soon as something has been used, the value will not be great in HiFi. Try trading in your 80.3 and see what you are offered . I was bought a quality AM/FM portable radio for my birthday yesterday and I'm not opening the packaging until I decide I really need it.
  14. Deep Hz brought a few subs to my house so I could try in situ. 1 stayed. I didn't know whether to buy a new sub for my HT room or living room 2ch system, so tried a few in both rooms. Ended up with a SVS PB200 in the HT room and my Subsonic sub from there went to the livingroom.