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  1. Roon on my wife's iMac, controlled via iPad or iPhone My living room is also a TV room so the remote turns on TV, Foxtel box, and controls volume on my Elektra gear, and inputs on the DAC, but input selection on the pre is still manual, as is on/off, that's why my family won't use it. It looks cool, but can't see why people love it soo much, it doesn't work with every press and has limited range. My Logitech will control my volume etc from my kitchen some 14m away, the Dev one gives up half way there...
  2. Thanks. I think I could get a 2nd hand 200 for a fair bit less than the demo unit actually. I know the last one went for closer to 5k on here, but the remote issue is a big one to overcome. I'm looking for an all in 1 primarily for ease of use and already have a premium Harmony to make input selection easy. The requirement of 2 remotes would make my wife's eyes roll back in her head... Have people that demo'ed 120 vs 200 found the sound much different? I don't need the extra power, but a fuller sound signature would be of benefit.
  3. I'm suffering big time. My girls had a sleep (wake) over on Saturday night and then I couldn't turn off last night. Great drive by Danny, but particularly that double overtake at the re-start. Nice to see Vettel and Hamilton get some bad luck. Heard a report today that says Danny has been in a position to win 7 GP's. The fact he has only won 5 of them is his teams fault, not his. He was refered to as the pizza boy, he delivers! I'd love to see him in a team with Hamilton and see whats what.
  4. Yup, pretty good now, but opening actual threads and submitting replies still slower than before the latest issues.
  5. I also found it surprising that the remote often required a 2nd press to get the Dev to turn on or change inputs. Being RF I was hoping I could use it in the kitchen whilst cooking, but the range appears to only be around 6-7m
  6. Not for me but my wife and kids. I thought being such a computer orientated device, it should be an easy feature to implement, and it appears it is. But the remote issue makes it a moot point for me.
  7. Thanks, That is a deal breaker for me I'm afraid. My RF Harmony doesn't actually send RF commands, it only sends IR commands via RF to it's blasters. I know there is the phone app, but I hate using phone apps for streaming, never mind something as easy as volume control.
  8. Couple of other questions regarding living with a Dev more than it's performance I know the supplied remote is RF. Can I control it with a Logitech universal remote? Can you rename inputs to make family friendly? Couldn't see a way to do so on the Configuarator, but I haven't registered a devise...
  9. And Optus don't meter Spotify usage
  10. I wish Roon worked with Spotify, not Tidal, much better database, just not lossless... yet...
  11. Fair chance my Electra Reference will be available soon
  12. The same people that whinge about free software are the same ones that have a HDD full of music obtained via dubious means... God forbid paying for a subscription. In this world of free or very cheap apps, you would think people would be more appreciative of what choices we have for very, very little outlay, including VPN's
  13. I bet if you keep looking just based on what you can get for your money, you will end up spending more $$$ in the long run. Buy well and buy once! You need to audition the speakers more than any other component.
  14. You definitely need to hear it. I know many moons ago when building my system I thought blood would run out of my ears after having Klipish speakers demo'ed to me as they were so shrill and bright. However you may love it, we all have different tastes and no one is right or wrong, your taste is your taste, but you surely need to compare a few speaker systems in person, not on website reviews etc.
  15. I'd say somewhere in between. When I demo'ed the Moon instore I also demo'ed a Luxman class A, and within 2-3 minutes I dismissed the Luxman as being overly warm and veiled. I like detail, I have a HT room full of Focal gear, and had them in my 2ch system till around 12 months ago. I just have have a nagging doubt that although I like what I hear from the Dev, I may tire of it's sound signature, it's exciting at first, but will that last??? The Moon is also brighter than my current Elektra combo Of course as @scumbag says, these are all different flavours of good sound and these views are my own, and do not pass judgement on anyone else's personal preferences