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  1. Nobody but Bill does anymore. I got stooged by class XD, which translates into
  2. That's where I heard Bill complaining about the NAD, he liked the Cambridge slightly more (on a value proposition) I believe, but it's also a Class D or hybrid style topography.
  3. except he rarely cranks it, as compared to you waking the dead
  4. I may be putting up my Elektra Pre and power shortly. Worked wonderfully with the Maggies I had. The Elektra combo is a massive overkill for my current speakers.
  5. I'm not familiar with the M3 myself but I know Bill McLean is not a fan of the current Master series gear.
  6. didn't know 700 pounds was considered reasonable for a cart. Thats about $1400 with gst etc. I paid just under AUD$400 for my entry level Shelter locally but have always wondered what a different cart/phono pre/tt may add to the final sound as a % investment.
  7. Clear your inbox Al Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. to the 2ch merry go round. This should be fun Time to change your username now too.
  9. All these "bargains" are nothing of the sort if you sell them 2 months later.
  10. Yup, many bands/performers don't use dynamic range to add to their performance, or are you talking too sedate, i.e. Just 1 guy and a guitar?
  11. Cheapens the look for me. Makes them look too much like the entry models. Maybe just a warm white LED would set them apart more. For instance I believe all Commodores have blue lights/dash, whereas my SS Redline has red lights/dash If I had the dosh to lay out, I'd go gold.
  12. Pfft, you beat up on a TAC cup team. 7 teenagers in the Carlton team, it looked like a practice game there was so little pressure. Did anybody cop a bruise last night? *I only saw the 2nd half*
  13. Service can be largely dependant on the person you speak to and even their mood that day. I've only needed support a few times from the Doncaster store and always been very happy. 1 staff member I've got is very good at destroying things, he is currently on his 3rd iPhone 6, they just keep giving him a new/refurbished unit. Where else can you get an electronic device repaired on site in Oz? It always needs to sent to a 3rd party, often by yourself rather than the retailer. I'd say the Oz support did more to solve your issues with the iPad Pro than filling out a customer form in the US! It made you feel better though.
  14. Virtual or Bootcamp Window's 8/9 on your Macbook Pro an option?