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  1. Thanks Scott. I'm after something with a remote ... getting fat and lazy.
  2. Does this run an i.r. remote and if so, is one supplied? Also, how old is this unit? And which phono module does it have ... MM or MC? or does the module do both sources? Thanks.
  3. Item: Aragon (Mondial) 28K Preamp. Price Range: Totally negotiable. Item Condition: Used, might consider inoperative / broken. Extra Info: Must have Remote ... that's right, I'm lazy! Either colour, but prefer black. Any voltage. Consider exchange with my 18K Preamp.
  4. What percentage of 'singles' is there?
  5. You crack me up, Pops! If that avatar is 'The Don' then he is 12hrs behind! No wonder he's asleep!
  6. Yeah thanks ... its not black, but hey, I'm sure it'll sound the same?
  7. PM Sent. Cheers.
  8. I'll have the Aragon 4004 and 18K Pre please Tom.
  9. My 6SL7 saga started with a pair of default 6H9C Reflektor tubes. Seeking something that didn't sound like it was forced through a strainer, I went with a pair of NOS Sylvania (RCA mfd) Jan-Chs-6SL7GT from around 1944, better, in fact quite nice, but I'm still left wanting. Next was a NOS pair of Sylvania Jan-6188's. A fraction better, but I still wanted more. (yes, greed is good). Looking at raves on the net regarding RCA's 5691 and the short supply of anything resembling genuine NOS at a price line that I could afford, led me to eek out a pair of new Sylvania 5691's ... these are near enough to an exact physical match to the RCA's as I can tell, but with black phenolic bases. They sound very musical with a 'zing' in the mid and high registers that was not present in the other types tried. I consider that I was quite lucky with these, as they were purchased untested off evilbey from a seller without a record of tube sales and came within 2.0% of each other. End of babble ... hope it helps.
  10. One wonders if they are all they are cracked up to be .... he's willing to take a $125K loss? Wonder what the pre-nup looks like? :eek: .
  11. But, back to the topic ... The RFT tubes shown on the bay (above) are actually ECC82's, which is directly equivalent to 12AU7 and are Not equivalent to 12AU7WA / CV4003. These (CV/WA) were beefed up for military use with a minimum of thicker mica and were the equivalent to E82CC. As far as I am aware, all Brimar tubes in the 12AU7 family had box plates with ribs ... I may yet stand corrected on this. The Mullard CV4003 has boxed and ribbed plates also. Conclusion ... IMO, the valves shown are RFT ECC82's, remarked ... but by who? Reckon you're better off getting the genuine article RFT ECC82, well matched for around the same money. I have no affiliation with this seller and have not purchased from him. I'm new in here, so, please correct me if I am wrong, but I had always thought that, as a loose description, 'matched' valves were within 5% of each other, minimum. Clearly, the tubes from Oz are outside this spec. Clear as mud, eh!
  12. Ahh ... memories, or should I say, the lack thereof!
  13. Ahh, yes, dislexia ... where one gets frazzled on cheap white and won't admit to it! .
  14. Look like German RFT's to me. Don't think they're English.
  15. Hey All, Thanks for the warm welcome. No, don't have the r2r any more, nor sadly, the AR4x's, but I'm working on that one. Two heads ... that's why my little Opera headphone amp has two output sockets! Twice the listening pleasure! Old bastard?? and proud of it! Cheers, Daryl.