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  1. Obviously time for me to shut up and do some research! Thanks.
  2. Although, there are some that think altering the volume level in the digital domain is a no no, I am going to approach this with an open mind (not like me at all) and take your advice ... you're right ... it's only $175 aud delivered. Let's see what my ears think. I don't really care too much about the money, I just don't want to send my system backwards from where it is at the moment, it has taken too long to get there. A Great Big Thankyou to all that have replied. I'll let the forum know the results.
  3. @Addicted to music Nice topology in that Sanders Pre. After looking at most PGA2310/2311 units on the evil one, I have come to the conclusion that the design teams brainstorming session went something like this ... Idea #1. Hey, lets save a motza and stuff the innards into the smallest chassis we can find. Idea #2. Hey lets place this whopping big transformer in the center of the chassis, that way everything will get a spray of EMI. Idea #3. Hey, speaking of EMI, how bout we twist all the sensitive cables around the A.C. wires. Save more on cable ties, in fact, let's not use any. Idea #4. Hey, I bet I can think of the most stupid name to call this so we can laugh every time we think of the stupid people who get embarrassed when a party guest points it out to everyone and sundry. After a few hours spent looking, this appears to be relatively OK.... Cheap and cheerful pre.... Power supply looks like it needs modding. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  4. @ray4410 Thanks for the link Ray, but you might want to edit the length of your post. That is a great store ... I spent about an hour having a poke around. They have a good selection. The Glasshouse pot controller looks just right for my application. I have an external 9VDC power supply and I like the mute on start up function. In fact I'm sure I have seen that board somewhere else in my searches around 6 months ago, but never saved the link. The Philips RC5 code will suit me fine, as I think the other remotes in my listening area are all NEC. Pity the remote isn't metal, but somewhere on the web there will be one, probably with a code learning feature. The pluses Philips has going for it are that it is cheap and plentiful. Thanks for your input.
  5. @Weka I need to explain 'too large' ... in that the PCBs actually take up the whole chassis in surface area, so that 'where ever I can mount the motorised volume kit' unfortunately isn't an option. The current amp that holds 'flavour of the month decade' title is the Bill Beard BB100 (below). There is no way I'd hack that around just for remote volume. It really is a work of art and the best sounding, most neutral amp I have ever heard, by a long shot and besides ... makes a great backup heater in winter.
  6. @Weka Unfortunately, both the Pre and Integrated have PCBs that are in the road and are too large to be moved any place else, that's why it needs to be a stand alone solution. Thanks, Daryl.
  7. @GregWormald Thanks for the idea Greg, but ideally I'd like something a little more professional. BTW, I still use a couple of your tampers. Daryl.
  8. @gonefishing999 In another life, I used to be a comms tech, but quite frankly this project has thrown me. I did see a setup I liked from a company called Bent Audio in Canada, but they have gone underground due to pressure from the audio companies that were purchasing their kits. I also like the idea that maybe I might come across a kit that uses the Apple Remote V2, which is a nice little metal jobbie, but for that I need to find a kit that talks the same code. I'm not sure, but I think they use the Arduino with that. Daryl.
  9. @gonefishing999 Hi Peter. Thanks for your reply. I'd like to use it as a stand alone passive solution as the pre and also the integrated I have would require too much modding to incorporate any of the solutions I have seen so far. I prefer to run external power supplies. Mute ... absolute would be nice and a first preference and I guess to an extent, would depend on cost. As far as cost is concerned, ~$300 max without the PS, but with more knowledge of what is available, I might have to move the goal posts. All suggestions welcome. Daryl.
  10. Thanks Gordon, That's the sort of thing I'm after.
  11. Check the link in my OP and you'll get the idea.
  12. Sorry folks, but I've decided to narrow it down to 'remote volume controllers' only. Thanks for the input.
  13. I don't mind paying a little more for a solution with some compromises, but unfortunately, only one 'coax in' port isn't one of them. That also rules out the Teac UD-503. Appreciate your input.
  14. I have the need to insert a remote volume control into my 2 channel unbalanced rca system. I have looked at quite a few preamps / dacs as a way of achieving this and also using this as a means to an upgrade path, but so far, they are all expensive compromises. So I'll stick to 'remote volume controllers' only. My requirements are ... Passive, Metal remote, Mute. Has anyone tried this remote volume control? HIFI kit JV13 50K Remote Preamplifier board Volume Control Board / 4 Way Input. I'd like to know what others here have tried wrt controllers and what you would recommend.
  15. Like the one in the middle of the pic that reads 11.2896?