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  1. If I didn't just go pre-free, I'd be right onto this. GLWS.
  2. I'll take the other pair if still available. Thanks.
  3. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    @Addicted to music and all other responders ... you know who you are .... I finally decided on a PGA2311 based cheap and cheerful volume controller as a trial platform, with the intention of starting at the cheap end and increasing the amount spent until I either cried 'uncle', or achieved the desired result. The controller I purchased was the unit mentioned in one of my previous posts ... Cheap and Cheerful Vol Control. The reason I chose that particular unit is that it looked the neatest topology wise. Having heard some negative hype from the totally passive crowd regarding degradation of sound quality, I connected the unit with the preconception that it would be a failure. Once connected and running, it confirmed the old adage that you can't judge a book by its cover. The outcome is that once running, I can't actually tell (sound wise) that it is in the system, apart from being able to vary the volume. It took a little while to sort out the starting priority, which turned out that it be the last to boot up, but this has no impact on my system, as there are no pops or clicks when its channel relays cut in. In conclusion, it has found a home, at least for now. The big negative is that I'm sure I've gained at least 1Kg by not getting up and down to change the volume! Again, many thanks to those that responded.
  4. FS: Huge Cable Clear Out

    If you'll split them, I'll take the QED and Kordz optical, please.
  5. Back up for sale due to buyers remorse. Price now reduced!
  6. g'day Tom. Nice to see you again. I'll PM you.
  7. On Hold pending payment. Back on the market.
  8. Item: ARAGON 18K Preamp with Original IPS External Power Supply. Location: NW Tassie 7315. Price: $650 ono. $550 ono plus PP fees and postage where necessary. Item Condition: Excellent 8.5/10 due to age only. Reason for selling: Different direction. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash on pickup or Paypal before shipment. Extra Info: Excellent sound ... very neutral. Power supply recently professionally recapped. A bit of blurb from eBay ... "Despite the name, which would represent a reduction in the purity of gold, the 18K was intended to be "better" than the 24K and 24K SP that preceded it. The 18K has no phono section, but it did retain the outboard power supply. (Aragon sold a stand-alone phono section, the 47K, by this time) All 18K were shipped with the IPS. The 18K features six line-level inputs, (labeled CD, D/A, Tuner, Aux, Tape 2, Tape 1) two preamp outputs, and two tape loops. There is no headphone jack, however headphones can be driven from the preamp output jacks on the rear panel if an adapter is fabricated to allow a headphone jack to connect to the RCA jacks." and a few specs thanks to HiFiEngine ... Pictures: Also comes with the original Aragon IPS cover ... have no idea why a previous owner replaced it. Last ... image of internals taken thanks to eBay. .
  9. I'll take this please Dan.
  10. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    Obviously time for me to shut up and do some research! Thanks.
  11. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    Although, there are some that think altering the volume level in the digital domain is a no no, I am going to approach this with an open mind (not like me at all) and take your advice ... you're right ... it's only $175 aud delivered. Let's see what my ears think. I don't really care too much about the money, I just don't want to send my system backwards from where it is at the moment, it has taken too long to get there. A Great Big Thankyou to all that have replied. I'll let the forum know the results.
  12. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    @Addicted to music Nice topology in that Sanders Pre. After looking at most PGA2310/2311 units on the evil one, I have come to the conclusion that the design teams brainstorming session went something like this ... Idea #1. Hey, lets save a motza and stuff the innards into the smallest chassis we can find. Idea #2. Hey lets place this whopping big transformer in the center of the chassis, that way everything will get a spray of EMI. Idea #3. Hey, speaking of EMI, how bout we twist all the sensitive cables around the A.C. wires. Save more on cable ties, in fact, let's not use any. Idea #4. Hey, I bet I can think of the most stupid name to call this so we can laugh every time we think of the stupid people who get embarrassed when a party guest points it out to everyone and sundry. After a few hours spent looking, this appears to be relatively OK.... Cheap and cheerful pre.... Power supply looks like it needs modding. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  13. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    @ray4410 Thanks for the link Ray, but you might want to edit the length of your post. That is a great store ... I spent about an hour having a poke around. They have a good selection. The Glasshouse pot controller looks just right for my application. I have an external 9VDC power supply and I like the mute on start up function. In fact I'm sure I have seen that board somewhere else in my searches around 6 months ago, but never saved the link. The Philips RC5 code will suit me fine, as I think the other remotes in my listening area are all NEC. Pity the remote isn't metal, but somewhere on the web there will be one, probably with a code learning feature. The pluses Philips has going for it are that it is cheap and plentiful. Thanks for your input.
  14. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    @Weka I need to explain 'too large' ... in that the PCBs actually take up the whole chassis in surface area, so that 'where ever I can mount the motorised volume kit' unfortunately isn't an option. The current amp that holds 'flavour of the month decade' title is the Bill Beard BB100 (below). There is no way I'd hack that around just for remote volume. It really is a work of art and the best sounding, most neutral amp I have ever heard, by a long shot and besides ... makes a great backup heater in winter.
  15. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    @Weka Unfortunately, both the Pre and Integrated have PCBs that are in the road and are too large to be moved any place else, that's why it needs to be a stand alone solution. Thanks, Daryl.