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  1. Post some pics thread...

    Scrape the sky. 8x10 print scan. print is warmer in tone, which reflex's the sun better. Prints scan never turn out the same as the print Holga medium format plastic camera. Red filter
  2. Post some pics thread...

    Ahh but Henri didnt do any of his own printing/editing, so maybe less of a hack although he could compose OK.
  3. Post some pics thread...

    Another great picture, but how did you get the birds to stay still......have you been feeding them something
  4. Post some pics thread...

    Great picture, nice bit of editing. I've been doing a few cyanotype prints....I need a lot more work .
  5. Those sensors are sooooo small, dont you have anything bigger? The screen on my 8x10 view camera is huge.....but everything is upside down, even when I flip the screen over.
  6. That's the problem I can't make out your taste in music, but looks to be an impressive LP collection. Basically you need to tell the camera how you want your picture to look. The camera is just guessing . Its really not too hard to get a better picture, watch a few youtube vids......on taking photos that is.
  7. What were you focusing on? The stuff beyond the printer is out of focus. If you are using a tripod, stop down to get more depth of field (maybe f16) focus about 1/3rd the way down, maybe on the chair backs. Use aperture priority and manual focus, use a low iso without getting too much over 1 sec exposure. Try a few exposures of 1/3rd difference to find the best and adjust the white balance. Muck around Im sure you can get a better picture than that. Oh any thing longer than a 60th use the camera timer even if hand held, will help with motion blur......
  8. A tripod A lens that will open to at least f2.
  9. Post some pics thread...

    No prizes for guessing where this is.... 8x10 Pinhole Camera, Vandyke Brown Contact print.
  10. Post some pics thread...

    Bweautiful Geoff. Love the curves of the branches........now try to do it with a negative and some chemicals
  11. Blues Currently Spinning

    Junior Kimbrough. Something you don't often find in the record bin at st vinnies. And underneath was a Ti Seagal LP. Both in mint condition for less than $10 for both. Anyways easy to tell who Black Keys were influenced by.
  12. Is the 85mm the sharpest focal length?

    I think the rule of thumb is lenses are at there over all sharpness a couple of stops down from wide open.......but sharpness doesnt always make a good picture. I like the 85's there a good size, very light, good for people street photography type shots, where you dont want to get too close.
  13. Post some pics thread...

    It is a great tree, the branches go for miles.
  14. Post some pics thread...

    You dont have to go to NZ to get a pic of a tree, they have them in Brisbane to, not sure where all the people went. Take a deep breath........ 8"x10" F250 pinhole camera 35 minute exposure. Aristra edu 100, compensated for reciprocity. Developed in Pyrocat HD 2+2+100 for 10 mins in drum roller. Handmade Vandyke Brown sensitiser on Hahnemuhle 300 Platinum Rag. contact print, 45 minutes under UV lamp, 5 bath wash, 4 minutes in gold toner, fixer, hypo, wash, dry. Scan, digital correction as best I could.
  15. Post some pics thread...

    Thats a really beautiful picture Geoff, well worth printing. Id crop it 8x10 or at least remove the bit of land on the left, but what would I know, you do great stuff.