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  1. Are you turning them on and off with a hammer? In normal use they should last around 20 years; often twice that...
  2. Sorry, but we need to remember that these things weren't any good in the first place; they were just quite a bit less awful than the absolutely craptacular plastic turntables typical of the 'CD Era'. Almost any reasonable pre 'CD Era' turntable will do it over. The best thing that can be said about it is that it won't, if fitted with a reasonable and well aligned budget cartridge, kill your records. A baseline Rega is a good turntable; this is not.
  3. Be worth half that now.
  4. Fiio products offer incredible bang for your buck. Yet to hear a bad one.
  5. Want!!! Can't afford... :-( GLWTS.
  6. I thought $20 was a very fair offer. Pretty crap radio tuner attached to very average amp and speakers. No idea what people see in the things...
  7. Place Without a Postcard. Made a huge impact on me when it came out. I had been buying their albums from the first but this one had a darker and more literate edge that really grabbed me.
  8. I cannot fathom the interpretation of this post as an 'ad' or 'touting'. The initial post is entirely reasonable, technically literate and fair opinion. I have also had similar experience with the brand mentioned; and some others that I won't mention for fear of being branded a 'brand basher'. Simple message; use quality caps, with an appropriate safety margin for both voltage and temperature, especially in the Australian environment with it's somewhat variable mains and weather. Simples...
  9. The tweeters in these are epic. GLWTS.
  10. This. The quality of the USB implementation in the streamer and DAC will make far more difference than the type of cable at that length. Try it with AnyOldCable TM and see if it's good before flushing your hard earned down the psycho-acoustic toilet. P.S. The concept of 'synergy' with a data cable is beyond bizarre. No offence; just can't apply.
  11. Such a nice system. I imagine this has great synergy having heard some similar systems back in the day. 'Carefully chosen' is right; this should not be broken up if it can be avoided. Great price; GLWTS.
  12. Funny lookin' KE-10...
  13. Must be; proper 'quantum aligned' cable elevation systems cost way more than that. Scam alert.