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  1. Anything with Guru in the name is probably dodgy.
  2. Big VUs.
  3. I so hope you're taking the piss...
  4. 'cause it's bullscheitzen. Look, physical transducers like loudspeakers will always have a degree of 'break in' and some other devices such as transformers and capacitors 'may' change subtly over time but most of this, particularly with regard to cables, is such utter rubbish as to be laughable. But if it floats your boat; enjoy the delayed psycho-acoustic gratification. It's a journey...
  5. Where do I sign up?
  6. Nothing downstairs.
  7. But that's what it is.
  8. St Nick is forcing us to audibly witness the slowest suicide in musical history. It's not getting better with age. The pretension is thicker than the blood. I just wish he'd get on with it...
  9. Can't believe you didn't know this...
  10. 1. There's a great difference between a system that allows you to understand and appreciate the quality, or lack of it, of a recording and one that 'ruthlessly exposes' it. 2. Systems of the latter type are not useful for listening to music in the home. They are for male overcompensation only.
  11. They're fine; leave the poor things alone.
  12. Utter wankery.
  13. Does the Zip drive use an ordinary FDD or IDE connection? Zip drives were made with both as well as a small number with a proprietary SCSI connector.
  14. That'll do it.