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  1. A beautiful and capable speaker at a bargain price. Why can't all speakers be as user friendly as these? GLWTS.
  2. No; but this may help... Ikea or Death Metal? ...or not.
  3. There is almost nothing about it that isn't hideous.
  4. I bet that lot images like; well not at all really... More an obsession than a hobby at that level.
  5. Why not use the tape loop output for the sub?
  6. If you're talking about the ones on Gumtree in Adelaide at the moment; just buy them. Bargain price.
  7. Yep, great soundtrack and how much fun was Roadrash to play? Simple, mindless escapism.
  8. Just like real life then...
  9. A great place to start.
  10. The arguments in that S.O.S. article about 'time domain accuracy' are largely crap; though written by the designer of one of my favourite NFM's, the AE-1. Nor do I find NS-10s particularly 'revealing'. They, like Auratones, are good for ensuring a 'full-range' mix does not produce problems, and is broadly intelligible, on poor to average equipment. That's all. My real issue with them is that it is quite easy to tell when NS-10s have been used as the only monitor for a particular recording. The recording will probably be crap. Anyway; back to NS1000s...
  11. Great little amp at a great price. Which Two Rock did you buy?
  12. Pretty sure that is not the point that was being made. The NS1000M is just not a serious studio monitor; period. The use of NS10Ms is driven by two things; they provide a 'consistent', if middling, benchmark and they allow engineers to hear the mix on something approaching the crap standards most end-users will 'enjoy'. I know a number of folk who love their NS1000s; and good luck to them, I can see the appeal. But the, "It's what they use in the big studios", thing is BS and refuses to die. You'll find acres of JBLs and Tannoys as far-field monitors in high-end studios but never a NS1000.
  13. Nice. Good outcome.
  14. I have been in many many recording studios and I have never seen NS1000s installed as monitors. Lots of NS10s as near fields, which I remove before any work commences, but never 1000s.