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  1. I didn't think I was being impolite? I don't need the information urgently either, I just thought it was pertinent to the item for sale, especially as there was conflicting information that may confuse potential buyers. @Astronutter, thank you for the information.
  2. Is that the same amp? I don't see it being called '200M' anywhere, and it has RCA input (M500 MKII at least), whereas OP mentions that the only accepting balanced.
  3. Would it be possible to get specifications, or a link to further information? I can't find a single reference to these anywhere..
  4. Finally came in from the UK. $700 including shipping on eBay, should come to about $560 once the VAT is refunded. First things first, the vacuum is bloody loud. If you live with or near people, you will not be using it late at night. Having said that, it clearly isn't making noise for the sake of being noisy. It will dry the (dirty) liquid from the vinyl very quickly. I've also noticed that the bi-rotational motor makes a not very pleasant sound. Not loud, but it sounds kind of rickety. I was worried that it might just be my unit but after viewing a few YouTube videos of this cleaner in action, it seems to be common to the model. It's been able to clean my records quite thoroughly. The only thing it hasn't been able to clean are stubborn stains that look almost like residual adhesive (god knows why anyone let that happen to a record). For the most part, the cleaned records are very clean indeed. Even the most embedded grains of dust are removed. Anybody have questions, feel free to ask! This is my first record cleaning apparatus (unless you count a brush), so my ability to compare would be limited or non existent.
  5. How on earth do you remove the tubes out of the Tube Box DS?? I've removed the metal ring protectors, but can't get good enough a grip around the tube to pull it out. Is there some trick or some tool that's required?
  6. Could you go into more detail about the acoustic panels? 1 - 1/2 meaning it's one and half panels? Size, photos, etc?
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone, don't think I could've run into a more informative bunch! I went ahead and ordered the UMIK-1 last night, really can't wait. Hopefully it'll get here before i get the chance to move my gear into the new room, would love to memorialize the shift from one room to another in graph form. I emailed the supplier of XHD100 and he contacted the manufacturer. I'm sure it's been stated in one of the other threads, but the manufacturer has MOQ of 3 packs, and I'm only interested in two, so I guess I'll have to play a bit of a waiting game. Anybody here been thinking about ordering a pack? Oh, and as I suspected, they won't do diagonal cuts. I'll just get them cut 70cm and 50cm for the corners anyway and try to cut it myself. Even if I botch it a bit, plan on covering them up eventually anyway..
  8. Stud frame and plaster. This room is in the corner on the second floor, so the front and left walls have bricks on the other side. Will this make things more difficult? D: I went through that page you linked and tbh, a lot of that stuff just goes over my head. I looked at the acoustic modelling tool linked there and I have little to no idea of what most of the parameters are for. Thanks for the links @125dBmonster and @almikel. Don't know why I didn't bother to just google UMIK-1 and instead went straight to eBay. I'll probably get the UMIK-1, it seems to be better favored by people (and appears to be cheaper). Time to read up on how to actually interpret all these graphs
  9. Thanks everyone for the insightful responses! I guess the general consensus is that I will want a microphone for measurement, regardless of what treatments I try. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard good things about the UMIK-1 (recommended on the REW site) but cannot find it anywhere in Australia. Anything I can get (preferably locally) for $100-$200? With a single 2.4m x 1.2m sheet, a trapezoidal trap could be made that is 70cm at the long/outward-facing side, and 50cm on the short/inner side. This would produce a right-angled triangular gap of sides 35cm - 35cm - 50cm edit: 21cm - 21cm - 30cm when doubled up. It will still be 10cm short from the ceiling, but I'll just stuff some of the off-cut poly at the top. I mean, it's possible.. but it would definitely be a while. I can start moving gear into the room from about the 10th of Oct, and I'm just worried that if I miss the next batch of XHD100 to get manufactured, it might be another god knows how long until they get made! I could just order them uncut and cut them myself after taking measurements, but I don't trust myself to make such clean cuts. Perhaps I'll email the bloke and figure out what the scheduling looks like.
  10. I've been thinking about having the sides cut at a 45 degree angle so they will sit against the wall, but I get the feeling the manufacturer generally don't cut the sheets at such an angle. Perhaps I'll have a go at it with an angle grinder. Would this be a sufficient 'seal'? Otherwise I have little to no idea about how to 'seal' fluffy insulation to drywall Also, the edges of the ceiling have a concave trim that will make it even more difficult to 'seal'.. Thanks for the tip though, will definitely keep it in mind!
  12. So a room will be vacant soon and I'll be turning it into my personal listening space. I want to do it right (within reason), and want to get opinions/advice on my current plan. I'm going to be ordering some Martini/Polymax Absorb XHD100 sheets and placing it around the room. Not pictured in the diagram is a rug that I'll be placing on the floor, and two XHD100 1.2m x 1.2m on the ceiling (god knows how I'll get it up there). Besides the corners, all sheets will be 1.2m in height. The corners will be going to the ceiling (nearly anyway, sheets are 2.4m high, ceiling is about 2.5m), doubled up with the outside one being 60cm wide, inside 40cm. These corner ones are intended to work as bass traps. In short, what do you think? I just want to get opinions in before I send the order, because I'll be asking them to cut to size. Will these 'bass traps' be at all effective here? Will this amount of treatment result in a too 'dead' sounding room? Image is (very close) to scale. Speakers used are Tannoy Cheviot. Thanks!
  13. I probably can't go wrong with black, but I was hoping to go for a more vintage look. I'm just worried I'll get a little too creative with the cloth choice and end up looking ridiculous. I had assumed all along that it was just the wood painted black. It's also the impression I got from looking at the way the edges chipped. Is there any sure fire way of telling? I'll have to take a closer look when I get home. Assuming it is vinyl though, is there any reason it couldn't be painted?
  14. I do have the grilles on.. some times. New cloth needs to be put on though, the old ones not only are slightly moldy, but have quite a few 'snags'. Just a matter of choosing the right colour now (open to recommendation!). Regardless, it would be nice if they could look good with or without the grilles on.
  15. The photo definitely doesn't show the blemishes as clearly as you'd see them in person, but perhaps I'll try a more thorough cleaning first. I had recently used Howard's Restor-a-finish on the veneer (after the photo in OP was taken), and was so pleased with the result, I thought it would be a shame if I couldn't get the rest of the speakers looking as good. I will have to do something about the inner perimeter of the 'driver hole' though, it's simply too eye-catching. Probably get the cone replaced at some point too. Anyway, I'm still open to any tips/advice with the procedure I described in OP, in case I do end up going through with it.