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  1. well theres qualifi themselves in melb. or theres JLS in doncaster. so couple of authorised repairers can thing off
  2. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  3. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  4. wow amazing indeed ! the difference a couple of days has made ! hehe cute ! no longer there ! hopefully found its owner
  5. a bit of fauna and flora from day out today, from a day that turned from incredibly soaked in rain to one with a full blasting sun !
  6. no wont see it as the avr is not feeding video to the display so will have to rely on the display on the denon one option people take is using the dual screen out the denon and feed a small monitor. it should give the osd overlay.... but something want to check ! given the wierd things hdmi can do...
  7. I do recall this mentioned prior as well. My ARC phono pre uses EH tubes as did one before... sounds beautiful ... so no thoughts of changing ...
  8. Gat does he still fit elktro harmonix as stock tubes ?
  9. this time us had pre order and shipping before us. as it should be they buy for quite a bit cheaper and get 30-90 days return if not happy. where as we are treated as crash test dummies... that pay full price for the privilege !
  10. Am not responding to anything you posted, just a caution to OP to not just dispense the m3. and not going on any reviews or anything just my ownership and which gave me cause to respect the amp it is. he m3 is also not just any integrated. I strongly believe it falls in the category of super integrated ! you have to see this thing and experience what capable of to appreciate. below is running with my focals to see how goes, its a magnificent design, there are VERY few integrated amps out there built like it. and as mentioned one of the few that combine some serious clout with refinement. its a class act. you have to pick it up to realise just how large heavy and seriously built the thing is. it also has a very high quality pre amp here. with electronically controlled ladder pure analog pre built in. It also has a xover built in if say would like to integrated with a sub woofer. or cross over to some "cones" to handle the lower ends. it can be setup and configured with a ht bypass as well. so not only a thing of quality but very capable too. I also am a believer that wattage claims never tell the full story. and the nad m3 is probably another that are reminder of that
  11. Fond memories of my m3 it's a stunning integrated ! Genuine quality amp and yeah can run b&w 802s and like so can tackle tricky loads. Drove my focal utopias no problem to and with class and finesse. I wouldn't move on unless can demo something else that find better
  12. actual real owner pics of one in the wild posted on avs, looks pretty swish if ask me, and I like that it has real buttons rather than those silly persistent fake buttons sammy and pana use on their players.
  13. good to hear ! this on the latest c7 you went with ? whats up with ABC ?
  14. $9k ? more like 10 ! http://clefhifi.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=13&products_id=2958 but yeah most definitely. I dont know about anyone else but its lust worthy gear and kind of thing have to give a jump up and if ever could afford would need to pretty much have to be end game material
  15. yep I lived it for well over a month and many discs gone through and quite honestly its frustration with disc play was main reason went back, others could probably live with. I'm not sure too much to ask as a disc player to be able to play discs ! yeah I've owned other oppos and never a disc play issue, and same with cambridge players have owned that also shared the same transport and never a disc issue. look their 205 being a bit more substantial in build and given another couple of months or so of beta testing with the 203 quite possibly has improved things. but I cant erase my memory of how it was. what I can hope is oppo releasing their flagship will hopefully have in a state where it isn't the beta machine the 203 was. but still i wouldn't get one blind. would definitely be checking out before purchase and if considering it will be some time after release. it would have to be a sure thing. its too much money for it is to be anything else it is a real pity on the yamaha front as they certainly look a lovely thing and same with their matching integrated amps. what ever it is I hope they can get over. it just worries me what happens in those sort of cases once the warranty passes ! in dedicated sacd players I'm only on my second with the first being faultless and something owned from new for over a decade and was a flagship sony which was like new when sold it. I tend to buy something for the long haul so frankly things like reliability is not something I really want to be worrying about. and yeah the various brands have a littering of sacd player issues. I know musical fidelity swore they would never make a sacd player again after being let down by philips with their transport for their flagship machine. yeah dont know really between models, I believe its proprietary, but never have heard of any issues with them so thats only confidence i have. and so far have been rock solid kind of thing happily go for decade plus it would seem ... and i hope ! anyways marantz has a long run of making sacd players. i somehow doubt this flagships of theirs wouldn't be well supported and a stunning design. but yeah am also of no doubt if the thing broke its probably not going to be as cheap for transport or whatever as an oppo costing many fractions cheaper !