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  1. chris it really depends on amp in question what you running ? keep in mind manufacturers claims can be all over the place in some cases highly optimistic and more akin to marketing than reality. regardless of claims comes down to power reserves. companies like nad tend to be lot more honest and conservatively rated than few others. also comes down to speakers and and the kind of load present which will be a dynamic thing at 80db... if not breaking up and getting ragged around edges likely both amp and speakers holding together pretty well
  2. Chris you might be surprised at range of responses will get i typically can listen as 60db maybe top out 80 or do don't typically push much past there though have seen 90s and even 100 at some stage. Mine is a combined system so listening to movies can go way beyond that as well as subs have some wallop. Though not typically ... a little flag re spls. Might be surprised to know it's not often the pure loudness that irritates. Its doof doof beats continuous ...monotonous ... in the back ground... basically all the low stuff.. typically most buildings to not pass the higher frequencies but the low stuff tends to pass through most things and have stuff vibrating in sympathy ! so depends little on your system your music listen to and unless your walls and ceiling and floor paper thin ... which can be ... it might not impact so much on neighbours. to give indication a company once decided to put some office/adim people's office within a factory took quite a bit of trouble .... you wouldn't believe the howls of complaints that came pouring through. Myself as site and plant engineer went in with my spl meter to investigate. I kid you not I could not measure any if the factory noises ! The click clack of people on their keyboards and picking up and dropping of their phones and talking to colleagues and stirring their cuppa was louder by huge magnitude and all could measure ! the rumbling of machinery was there and audible but not of ANY significant magnitude to even be measurable with a spl meter (an industrial calibrated one at that) i still ill made some efforts in the factory with acoustic boxes around done noisey things. Motor mounts. Fan exhaust mufflers and kind. Not much can do with the rattle guns or rumble of forklifts and such. reality is anyone of the factory people going in the office couldn't believe how quiet ad serene it was. People in the office still wished they could have an office elsewhere. in time the grumbles went away ...
  3. @liminal18 [moderator post]please include a price. all items for sale require a price to be listed as per our classifieds guidelines[end moderator post]
  4. @liminal18 [moderator post]please note as per our guidelines you are missing a sale price. please include as items for sale do require a price to be listed.[end moderator post]
  5. @cafe67 it just means its queued up awaiting review for approval. theres quite a stack as it happens...while am answering this am not reviewing them for approval ! please keep in mind its a manual process, we need to review each, I for one wont do on a mobile device for instance as a few checks we need to do. its done to make sure no dodgy ads get through. all ads no matter from who or how long you've been here go through the same process. so sit back be patient. perhaps sit on your hands ...go outside get some fresh air or take in some tunes...
  6. wow what a bargain for a lovely sub here !
  7. the blu-ray of the wow disney is the one to go for. or the spears and munsil. both will achieve same end. the disney one does help you quite a long though and gives some great options from beginner to professional so can be quite handy if getting started in this sort of thing.
  8. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  9. unfortunately it doesnt even have to be very loud for people for it to be annoying... bass travels far and through almost anything. and annoying for people at levels you'll struggle to even measure with a spl meter !
  10. rantan that is a very wide sweeping statement. I would respectfully disagree. there are multiple of layers of parasound product. the classic line for instance is VERY basic bread and water (butter is a luxury) kind of product. I'd peg it below anything nad makes for instance or rotel for that matter. the halo stuff goes up, but so does nad and rotel gear as you go up in price. the parasound cost us twice here than overseas so in actual fact you can do very well nad or rotel vs parasound in the same price point. its a but much to dispense rotel and nad particularly, nad for instance makes some pretty special gear these days quite upmarket actually and you pay for the privilege. they moved up quite a few steps quite some years ago with the master series. the nad m3 as super integrated for instead I would happily peg against any other pretenders and can tell you parasound for instance has nothing in that sort of realm. the peach tree my experience of it will not be everyones cup of tea...more so than say nad or rotel or parasound for that matter. hence the good suggestions already here to demo...
  11. had the pleasure of visiting Tassie Devil in one of my trips and can highly recommend, I don't think I even scratched the surface the lovely system there is there. Hopefully one day get to revisit. great to hear of your journey….and then …
  12. depends on the "system" i guess ? we are not privy .... keep in mind overseas likes of parasound play in the same space as nad and rotel, its just here they are about 50% ? more ? dont just go on price. depends what your chasing in the end .... what specifically are you chasing in an amp ?
  13. if wanting to check out what uhd blu-ray is all about, The Shallows is a great example wiht some of the most stunning visuals coupled with an enveloping 3D audio sound track, you just sit there going WOW ! a movie I much enjoyed to. I wasnt sure buying it what it would turn out like...but gee she kept the suspense going some screen shots from the movie, including the seagull..... the amazing thing about this movie is it only uses only a 2K Digital intermediate from a 3.4k source. be interesting if they ever re release with a 4K digital intermediate to see how much more eek out of it.
  14. the other thing I like about the X100 series is their optical viewfinder which is a hybrid and also includes an EVF. given how I detest EVFs and given it does provide the optical option is a major bonus for me and yeah there are certainly other options .... the little aps-c sensor canon eos m and m3 bodies coupled wiht other 22mm prime was one very good and ultra cheap alternative...
  15. I know a bit of a following for the premium prime compact thee days, and especially for cameras like the fuji x100 series, looks like the latest 4th gen of the series is been showcased in the X100F https://www.dpreview.com/news/0513197848/f-for-4th-hands-on-with-fujifilm-x100f I tend to love cameras like this, however having just sold my ricoh GR2 not that long ago...as not been using it since getting my 5D4 I cant help but still be drawn to something like this, will likely be quite an expensive one though and hardly compact.. i.e. not really pocketable.... so perhaps will sit it out. though I can expect it to get a lot of interest. I believe looking at the brief info on the new release it comes with a new sensor and AF system and an additional dial. some criticism am sure will come with sticking with the old lens which looses some favour... anyways ... a nice thing regardless am sure as with camera like this its relatively large APS-C sensor, the prime 35mm f2.8 equivalent prime lens in relatively compact form are the main attractions ...