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  1. thankyou Scott, the harry potters have indeed all sold. I have updated though the main post to remove all sold items that have now gone off to new owners. also added a few ...
  2. sure thing. if they indeed price affordably. if they hike it up like they did with the leaf. they'll just rot on the car lots for years as the leafs have, and be trying to flog 4 year old cars for massive discounts and people still wont want them ! like the one below, 2012 release 5 years later ... still trying to be sold as "new" https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Nissan-LEAF-2012/OAG-AD-14587488/?Cr=1 who is going to buy it at that price !
  3. be interesting once something like the zoe gets here as its really a whole another market than where tesla play. i wish nissan would also get off their butts with the leaf 2 as with the chevvy bolt. these are kind of cars needed in the market place it get larger volumes of people interested. the australian market place has changed greatly with even 10 ! + years ago the mazda 3 as a small car being the top seller. people just arent buying big huge cars anymore.
  4. when in california 10 years ago people were gong on segways... where myself and a few other stupid aussies were riding to work on our bikes... got overtaken by one of those segway things ! in some ways I thought the california thing a bit bizarre if so serious about saving energy why wouldn't you ride your bike instead of those silly segway things. there was no public transport to speak off. no bike lanes nothing. there was a bike shop in town but only stupid aussies riding their bikes on the roads car share even here has been around for donkeys about 10 years atleast...same wiht those casual hire schemes. but have never bothered with those. why would you they re quite costly when can walk in and hire a car for a day for $30 or so instead we do live in wide brown land though and things like bikes and seaways and casual hire and car share and such really only much sense in inner city areas...head outwards and wont unfortunately have much relevance.
  5. our fiat is 2 years old has done 40,00 kms covers the length and breath of victoria and tasmania in all sorts of conditions. amazing little car and not let me down once. our mazda is 3 years old and lives a inner suburban life rarely for the odd trip getting itself maybe an hour out of the burbs. it had two issues in its first two years both meaning undriveable. and needing a trip into there shop to resolve. gee imagine if i had taken it north west tassie or far west or far east or north of vic where the little fiat has been. rear visibility on the toyota corolla ? this is what you see when you look behind you. when driving rear visibiltiy is an important thing as with not having massive dead zones for visibility that the toyota does. it is not unusual though these days and a lot of brands fall in the same trap with very poor rear visibility. a rear view camera is only good reversing. however driving along its absolutely no use.
  6. certainly like the look of the new rega brio released if its integrated amps fro rega talking about
  7. good to see something... but if anything it shows how pitiful the electric car market is right now. 219 cars in total...vs 1.14 million ! petrol electric and hybrid cars people bought instead. people arent stoopid ! and yes something has to be done if they want people to take up electric. we need better more suitable car options. and better infrastructure etc and something that makes more sense. which if clearly doesnt now. heck people bought 363,000 diesel vehicles instead ! and this even with diesel gate and all the bad press etc ! gives some perspective.... as far as big players being involved... they arent as long as they dont have a toe in the water. most if not all dont right now... so they need to get off their butts collectively as well. particularly the likes of renault and GM who actually have good electric options but arent bringing them in right now.
  8. great example... and much publicised. its what happens when brands do a me-to thing so they have something they can sell their power amps with .. which is their real money spinners... its not unusual the use of the D&M denon and marantz platforms though. the marantz product itself is basically a audio optimised version of the base denon. adding decent analog stages, power supplies dac stages etc. is it worth the improvement sure is... and they are not alone in doing this macintosh when it was part of the D&M business also basically took the denon processing and why not is stellar ! and added their own analog stages dac and processing (lyndorf) to make their own. and charge appropriately... whether you think that is a case of rip off or not upto you. but many buying into it. as they like the mcintosh take of things... and based on the platform it is it is a pretty good way to go. a lot of this happens in the market place and there is a long history. not just in audio but other products of all sorts as well. but again... consumers have all the right to vote with their wallet do your own due diligence ... do your own research check stuff and decide for your self. we are all given minds brains and ability to make our own decisions
  9. the lexicon case was just plain stupid ! however it shouldnt tarnish other makers that share the same platform which by the way isn't oppos but instead a company called mediatek and there is a long history of the platform being shared across a lot of brands. and why not it was a great platform and a great way to do things. i.e. one firmware update and platform to support rather than a whole bunch of different ones. and just because share a platform it doesnt mean cant get benefits from it and take further. the Ayer example is probably the best where they took quite far what was possible digitally with it and gained a good rep for it. similarly cambridge took it and added their own dac and analog stage, and as did primare and oppo had their own version. oppo also have come under some criticism themselves. we here saw their first direct imported product for some 100s of dollars. their flagship first came in at $995. now days its $2200 ! cut it dice it any ways you like is the 105 or 205 2x the player the original 95 was ? hard to put some values on these things. yet people are buying 105s and 205s over the bog standard model. you could even challenge the case on a simplistic level of a chinese made player for at $1k let alone $2k+ when you can get blu-ray disc players from the super market for circa $50 or under ! if you just play blu-rays are you being ripped off buying such an expensive machine... and in reality picture wise you arent really going to be seeing much if any difference certainly not on the 40-50" type tvs or smaller most folk tend to run.
  10. awesome bargain. haver ordered... thanks @agelessgoodguy
  11. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  12. having worked in the automotive sector... I know one company that basically made every car at a loss... as the car itself was a trojan horse to the money income stream of parts and service when each one ends up in the market place for remaining life.... so different businesses can have different business and pricing models. am not surprised in the factors you have quoted though. obscene amounts of cost can go into R&D and approvals and many years can go by with no money seen from designs and creations people are working on. these businesses are not charities and at end of it can churn out run of the mill same old same old. but some others are investing in the future and that does come at a cost.... at end of it ... when comes to the consumer its very simple...they can just vote with the wallet. some things will sell that consumers think worth the asking ... some others wont...
  13. but you will need two ? ... one for each speaker
  14. some dealers do let you borrow over a weekend or over night. I got this without asking wiht a citroen some years ago. they wanted to get my peugeot valued in any case so ask if i can leave and take their demo away for the weekend. loved the car... scared the [email protected] out of the wife when she saw it ...thought i had bought the car and the demo was GOLD in colour hehe one of the things I've learnt over the years its not always straight out performance ...ie 0-100 or around a race track that makes a car something you love on a day to day basis... so i think you make a very good point...
  15. did they go a bit crazy with the chrome and the white... i think id grab the amg version instead