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  1. hmm I watched on blu-ray.... and really enjoyed actually yes a bit kitchy in a couple of parts but overall something really liked especially given its based on fact. by the way if getting this on disc... there are some issues and best keep in mind. the au release blu-ray completely misses with the sound track and doesnt get 3D audio track the us release does. the us release is wrecked with banding and posteurising. if want to know what am talking about check the scenes below from the au blu-ray release other than those two scenes in the au release of the blu-ray which is no doubt due to some mishap in mastering the rest of the blu-ray is actually quite spectacular in picture quality and the sound track even without 3D audio, post processes well using neural X with some bullets whizzing over head and such ! so id probably stay away from the au or us release of this on blu-ray. I've got the uhd blu-ray version coming, I have not read any issues wiht its PQ and it does come with the 3D audio sound track so one wiht the lot I do hope
  2. the thing is i dont mind updates... eg with the panasonic you get updates and you dont even know what it fixes. same thing I've experienced with denon and marantz for instance. I've always joked and called it denon house keeping .. you know doing the odd tidy up, keeping the odd thing at bay that you might not see in general use. there are also updates that are more substantial and unlock a new feature or something. but we are at a very different end of the spectrum with the oppo I think. where we go from one update to the next just hoping it will make it a player that just works.
  3. I optimistically think they wouldnt release their flagship disc player if it cant play discs... in some ways that they pushed out the 205 from march to april is encouraging to me... that they are holding it back till the tech is sorted.
  4. oh wow ! good on em !
  5. you got one ? I regret selling mine... I paid about $2300 for one and was part of first shipment into the country. amazing player... but sony's dross they release now days just shows how far the mighty have fallen. their new player doesnt look anything much more than one of their box mover players with an ES tag on it. sorry being skeptical... but am sure it wont stop them popping a nice sony price tag on it !
  6. they do have their very latest beta just released overnight in the us... Release date: March 24, 2017Category: Latest Public Beta Test ReleaseMain Version: UDP20X-41-0317BLoader Version: TF0030MCU Version: MCU203-01-1118Release Notes: Added the Dolby Digital and DTS options under the S/PDIF Output setting in Audio Output Setup, which allows the player to re-encode different audio formats into the Dolby Digital or DTS audio format for the S/PDIF output. Improved the output accuracy when using the RGB PC Level color space. Resolved a frame dropping issue when using cable or satellite boxes through the HDMI In. Improved A/V sync when using the HDMI In. Resolved an issue where the Full zoom mode would not fill the screen when playing 4:3 content. Improved stability when accessing SMB servers. Resolved an issue where ejecting the disc tray could lock up the player. Improved compatibility with Optoma 4K projectors. who knows it might magically ...cure all .... their 205 could be a great thing as long as plays discs....
  7. doesnt look a patch on the sony 5000es I had in their blu-ray days.. now that thing looked like could run over wiht a tank ! they definitely dont make em like they used to ! all that said as mentioned neither the sammy or pana players I've used extensively look very solid players or talk of anti vibration and what not and work seamlessly so seem to think more to it !
  8. not that recent marty it came out as a beta a while back but yes fixing disc specific issues. ageless I read who had the "latest" recently watched deep water horizon and noted he reported the below,
  9. to be fair I am unaware of any disc replay issues of any prior oppo so for me quite a shock to say the least with what id see as a pretty basic purpose of a disc player...to play a disc faultlessly... oppo au have also been resonably responsive in turning across overseas releases to our local ones. and we rely here on local ones. so atleast they have improved in that regard to their previous track record with the 103 and 105 where au is still waiting for firmware releases from last year ! I understand. and yes official firmware and beta are not to be seen as extra releases the officials are just the public beta releases turned official. and the first official firmware I dont see how counts as it was there bang when you switched on the player . everyone around the world saw the same and would say thats pretty much a factory release if anything !
  10. maybe you were lucky to identify one issue tripping up. I couldnt. in certainly couldnt say repeatable in fashion. infact id say in the 30+ days of owning it and number of discs put through only one of the trip up issues was repeatable.. .and only on 3 ocassiosn after that wasnt repeatable either. the trip up stutter in audio/video are only one of the issues. there are others. below is firmware history, (us) https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-203/blu-ray-UDP-20x-Firmware.aspx below is latest beta released for US just the other day, not sure what muri is running, https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-203/UDP203-firmware-41-0317B.aspx below is AU firmware history, which will see was just the official rolled over from the beta I was running, http://support.oppodigital.com.au/support/solutions/folders/4000020612 not sure when au is going to get the latest beta from the US I for one hope they get there and soon. they have pushed out the 205 and is now showing as April. IF the 203 needs wads of shock absorption under to run sorry it aint a player for me no matter it sorts its woes I will be more likely to get a 205 as I cannot imagine they'd release one without the issues of the 203 and it is likely more substantially built and we can only hope they have implemented some learnings from the 203 to make for a better player re contacting oppo in the us, I just used their email on their website.
  11. well id be surprised if from a JVC, because see for the image below, and this from a foot (300mm) away taken with a full frame DSLR and with lens to replicate human eye perspective I can tell you even if I uploaded the full uncompressed shot of the second you still wont see any pixels. thats the difference with the jvc can put your nose to it ... there are no pixels with the pixel shift engaged the jvcs are and have always been very film- like ps the presumes you are not using a beyond human vision perspective lens eg a macro or tele zoom something at that sort of distance. because perhaps then see something but be beyond what your eyes will pick up and even at that sort of close distance which in my mind would have no bearing on viewing as such. not really into pixel peeping. where screen gain comes in these days ... is if going for too big a screen for throw that cant get enough lumens. not enough for 12 FL at centre or say 30FL for HDR. if can manage that then will need more gain or bring projector into a shorter zoom or use a smaller screen. something can explore with projector central calculator will get you in ball park even if not something id rely on to much
  12. well I thought the shop would last a couple or days or a week at most, but heck 3 or so weeks later ... theyre still there ! same guys as saw at the show, @Luc wil remember but yeah walking past there couple of times, one time 4-6 people there another time a couple of people there. so still getting a bit of foot traffic through... who would have thunk ... in just your average outer suburban shopping centre.... wish them well...
  13. unfortunately marty, I was many at times thinking oh gee its right... as would sail through a movie...false comfort... will be watching something else and you'd get micro stutters and drop outs and even freezes and lock ups and what not (non repeatable in 99% of the cases. its a very frustrating machine and reduced my movie watching experience to one of just sitting there and rather than enjoying the movie wondering just when it was going to trip up again...which is no enjoyment at all. As a note I have watched stuff on the oppo at volume with no trip up and also had it trip at a completely randomly at same time with a movie with no rhyme or reason be it volume or bass or anything. I do wish its fixed, and as much as want to believe it ... I have my severe doubts as I mentioned because I did much testing on oppo (USAs) request. with no volume at all. unplugging subs, switching off subs etc. to no avail. perhaps it needs some isolation from its own self ? who knows... but what can say is two players many times less substantial in build. heck I dont even know if sammy or pana have had ANY consideration of mechanism isolation in their designs...they are that cheap a player. I've had number of other players over the years in my system (including previous oppos and never had the kind of stuttering and drop outs and freezing and what not the 203 was doing. and this is NOT at reference level I generally in my listening am running at a about -24 maybe -21db below reference at most so long way from cranking things to the max either. I hope indeed is the case, definitely others should explore and I would suggest to advise oppo usa with the picture for what its worth. and same with interdyn let them know too though might as well write it on a post it note and stick to the back of the house for the wind to blow away because thats about much use it seems telling them anything !
  14. Marty... I wish that was the issue and solves, and something oppo suggested to me a long while back but no gremlins would appear even regardless of audio. Goodfellas the movie on uhd was classic example, have posted further back. Even volume turned down to nothing it was doing its mischief !!! And much of its mischief was non repeatable completely random. Which was all the more frustrating about it. very unfortunately for oppo too many firsts with this player. A home cooked transport home cooked error correction. A complete home cooked basis and chipset unlike others Panasonic /Samsung that use the same as they have used in their uhd TVs. as a note when had the oppo I first had the cheap as chips box mover tin can casing sammy sitting ON my subwoofer and then followed with the pana uhd that also resided on my subwoofer. Neither skipped picture or sound giving the oppo the big finger and if anything I'd expect them to be doing all that and they never did. infact to this day neither the less substantially built pana or even less substantially built sammy prior ever skipped a beat and no matter how much I try to bring the house down with my two 15" long throw subs and some 4kw at peak behind them. at end I hope they can sort things. Their 205 was due in march obviously delayed with still issues with the 203. Hope oppo get there and hope they can have the 205 faultless. Because I did like the oppo and I'll have one again if it can just play discs as it should !