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  1. that brings to the little 22mm f2, how is that on the m5, will compare again with the 5D4 and with an equivalent focal length lens to compare, so comparing the eos m5 & 22mm f2 prime with the 5D4 & sigma 35 f1.4 Art the 22mm on the eos m5 is 35mm full frame equivalent so makes sense to compare with the sigma 35mm f1.4 on the 5D4. the 22 is a f2 though or f3.2 equivalent vs the sigma which is a f1.4 so will have to shut down the apperture on the sigma in shots to compensate an even bigger difference size wise this time around and also weight wise the 5D4/35 is a 1562gm combo vs the m5/22 which is 527 gm. but how does that pan out in shot comparison ? I pulled the sigma on the 5D4 back to f3.2 for level the playing field, look carefully and hopefully should be able to pick between the two. but the 22mm on the m5 isnt doing too badly for such a small relatively inexpensive thing that it is ...ofcourse keeping in mind the sigma being pulled back in apperture for the shot
  2. rear quarter view doesnt help things either ! SO obvious the form over function. ! look at how steeply raked that rear window is .. and given the seats in the back there and head rests, rear visibility will through a tiny slot ! then look at the side rear ! the way the sides rise upon ? with the door rear passenger handles and the little passenger side windows as a result. pretty much a huge blind spot as a result I would suggest ! again here driver looking back to the the side to check blind spot as a result is going to have one little slot to look through there as well !
  3. so what are the 11-22 and the 22m like as lenses on the m5 ? I thought id give the 11-22 a go for starters and to compare with the 5D4 and equivalent lens as a reference so comparing these two rigs, eosm5 & 11-22mm and 5D4 & 16-35 F4 IS and as pretty good match as comparison given the 11-22 on the m5 gives a 16-35 full frame equivalent. though keeping in mind the 11-22 is a f4-5.6 which translates to a f6.4-f9 full frame equivalent. as can see as a combo the m5 & 11-22 is a considerably more compact combo vs the 5D4 and 16-35 F4is. in weight too the m5/11-22 weighing in at 655gm vs the 5D4/16-35 weighing in at 1539 gm. So quite a weight and size difference between the two. so how do they compare in use ? a wide shot comparison here, can you guess which is which ? and a little closer, a little harder to pick between this time around
  4. another form of the toorak tractor... just like those upmarket 4WDs that never leave the inner suburbs... Could be also cashed up traddie that want to spend up more ? truth of it ... its really a nissan under the skin and a styling exercise. just like the infinities that nissan get to use all the merc A class base. incase of the infinity id say just buy the merc instead. and likely in this case probably better off buying the nissan unless chasing the styling of the merc
  5. Finally picked up a couple of toys today that I got thrown in the deal, I've owned these two lenses prior with my eos m/m3 rigs had before ...so in the lens choices out there these made most sense to grab they feel quality pieces, gosh am reminded how small the 22mm is ... and suits the m5 body well I reckon the little snub lens pretty close to flush not sticking out much past the hand grip. The 11-22mm is a bit more substantial,
  6. have taken only one comparison shot... full auto...just to see how they go .."on their own" can you guess which is which ? though not something for critical examination as such but anyways was just playing around ...with what would be similar focal length rigs.... i.e. the 5D4 with the sigma 50 1.4 and the eos m5 with the 35 f1.4 (56 f2.2 eqv) if one thing it tells me stick equivalent focal length lenses on both and guess what you end up with rigs about the same length well you have to really ... or be breaking rules of optics hehe people will remember ray diagrams of year 10 physics.... weight difference between the two are m5 combo 1.2kg 5D4 combo ...1.7 kg ... not as much as thought there would be
  7. a new candidate ? though am not sure toyota can really help themselves
  8. the only thing to "LOL" about this is what hifi. if you have only now discovered the review then would be no doubt unaware that rather embarrassingly the review initially was quoting "darbee" capability ... someone had to contact them to tell them there was no darbee on this player and have to get the older superseded D models to get darbee... just goes to show how much they know about the player or about the reviewer. atleast the ended up editing to references to it !
  9. hehe yep blind buy here too, i dont mind lucy either though... yes gets a bit naff at the end but most of it I enjoyed :)
  10. great stuff David, and looks like still within easy reach. yep people with rear mount gear next to pjs really dont face any of the cable woes many of us do ! if I were doing a room again. I'd put a gear rack at the back tall enough to plonk a pj on top and done
  11. managed to pick up a m5 body with the $300 cash back happening definitely a mini me thing going ..with the M5 next to the 5D4 a quick shot to check all works ! using the sigma art 35mm, I am very impressed with so far in use. A lot of thought has gone into its design. VERY well made thing and just works and so well. Very pleased ! things have come a LONG way from the previous eos m series and have owned both the m and m3 prior !
  12. kazz, I dont know if billy turned up for you today. was a suprise to find the postman with mine ! just normal post from amazon I couldnt wait to pop in the player. I made sure the pana was set for 4k 50/60 output pana shows this on home menu once selected and jvc shows the below, once movie gets up and going pana reports 4k60 and jvc reports as per below, just gave it a little run just to see if works. long synch times.... and not even shutting the blinds for day time viewing very obvious ! hits you in the face !!! my GOD ! is this some of the MOST stunning pics have seen on the jvc ??? Goodness it looks stunning. cant wait to watch at some stage...when get come time. the detail the richness of pics ! and guess what it has a FULL 3D audio atmos track to boot ! what a treat in store
  13. saw note below from kevin over on avs, guys who straight talk. refering to the latest just released oppo firmware, I too would be disappointed. things seem pretty slow in development it would seem.... gosh you would hope they have things sorted before the release of the flagship otherwise I can quite easily see myself just giving this current series a complete miss ! maybe they'll have some better luck next time around ....
  14. haha should email into classe attn dave dauber and let us know the response
  15. some more info on the new classe delta pre pwr from stereophile, "Classé was keeping information about their "in development" Delta Preamp/DAC close to their vest. But I was able to pry a few tidbits: price will be below $10,000, it will replace the CP-800, and it should appear sometime around May or June." and a bit more on the delta 3 stereo power amp specifically below, "Classé premiered its new Delta 3 amplifier series at CES 2017. Rated at 350Wpc RMS, the Delta 3 Stereo ($10,000) employs lateral MOSFETs in its output stage and 234,000 microfarads of German-made 4-pole Mundorf electrolytic capacitors in its power supply. These capacitors are said to offer lower equivalent-series resistance (ESR) and equivalent-series inductance (ESL) than other brands. The lateral MOSFETs require less current drive, and have a higher slew rate in their Delta 3 circuitry, which delivers 10% of its output power in pure class-A. Classé's Dave Nauber announced that both the stereo and mono versions of the Delta 3 will be available by mid-year 2017."