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  1. There is a couple on local ebay. Check out the AV forums/Gumtree etc. Not many for sale though. I am looking too but have decided to look at other brands as well.
  2. Check out ebay in the USA
  3. I have done hours of testing on ANZAC day - outside. I think my neighbours are going to kill me if I do another whoop. The results were very interesting. I used 2 different bookshelf speakers and 3 different amps to get my head around a few things. Once I had things down to a pattern, I wheeled one of my 90kg speakers out and did on Axis and off axis measurements. The microphone was at tweeter height and I tested at 0.5m to 3.5m with .5m intervals. For off axis I went at 22.5 degrees. 85dB was the volume of the sweep generator. Below is the graph with on axis and off axis at .5 and 3.5 m as well as my best measurement inside. A lot of hard work, the tests have identified other issues and confirmed that there is a room issue between 100 and 200 Hz.
  4. @almikel @davewantsmoore Thanks for responses. I am hoping to do some more (proper) measurements during the weekend or Anzac day. I will measure outdoors, on axis and off axis and see how it goes.
  5. Very interesting what you are all posting. I don't understand all of it, but keep it coming. I am interested in being educated and informed so appreciate the info supplied. I have just looked at ZWave and Fibaro and am very impressed. Like anything else I think what a consumer may want to do will depend on the usual things when you are considering the place where you live and how you would like to live and may include: What would you like to achieve, e.g. a few lights coming on at a certain time, controlling several items with one remote, one to a few rooms, the whole house etc. New build or existing home Wired - using which wires? Or wireless, e.g. wifi Technological advances who is going to do what, e.g who is going to set it up, then maintain it and then operate it. And then the big question: budget Keep it coming please.
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  7. Follow up. I have done 2 quick sweeps with a pair of JPW booshelves. (The graph is not 100% as the JPW's were done to get 83 dB whilst before I was trying to hit 85dB.) The JPW look totally different at about 150hz but then expexperience a drop/suckout depending on position at about 150 to 180hz Also note the difference between left and right speakers at about 160hz whilst the left is low the right drops double as low. There is something going on between 150 and 200hz and I am still stumped.
  8. Bidding now at $435. I would be interested if I could figure out how to remove the laminate (IMO Beautiful to look at from afar, but far from beautiful. Looks a bit tacky from close up.)
  9. I forgot to add, you are listening via a phone to MP3's. The phone and files will be the limiting factor. If you go down this path and wish to spend, maybe look at better files and a headphone dac and amp.
  10. My son who plays guitar and piano and uses headphones all the time - as in at home on the bus, etc.: anything he can stick into his ears. Not earphones like the Apple onse, earbuds as those you stick in you ears and provide sound isolation.Headphones is a big issue for him as he continually lose them, break them, forget them etc. We found if we buy around $30 a pop it works most of the time. Earbuds are good because it is easily stored and what the kids do is to remove just one if they want to listen to someone. Some brands are remarkably resilient - they even survive being left in trouser pockets and being washed :). Friend of mine who travels to the USA once year and some flights locally swears by Bose. I use good earbuds, mostly Etymotic - those that you can stick in your ears to provide sound isolation. Cheaper that way as you don't have to pay for noise cancellation. The thing with noise cancellation is that it only works for certain frequencies and then you need batteries too. Best advice is to try before you buy, if possible.
  11. @almikel Thanks for last post. I have done some playing around with moving the speakers as well as putting parts of a sponge mattress behind the speaker. The best position I have been able to get is the green in the graph. (Just as a refresher: moved into a neglected rental property end of December which is being fixed with my guidance/assistance, some things to be paid for by the owner and lots to be paid for by the previous tenant and the property agent as they have allowed several tenants to move out without reporting or fixing. Agent is doing their best not to pay so etc. Quite a struggle, but rentals here are are hard to get and the rent was discounted due to the current state. Not an ideal place for HiFi, but the house serves the needs of our family for the next five years.) In preparation of carpets to be washed and painting to be done everything as in lounge dining and study had to be moved out. Quite funny, lived with speakers in the kitchen for a week as the double garage is full . ) Carpets have been washed, but painting not done and don't know when it will be done so we proceeded to the next stage. After a detailed investigation of every shop in town, every website you can think of, trying every possible place to put the furniture the couch and chairs are almost back in their original positions, but the big coffeetable is gone.(Dont know what is coming in its place yet, but the old one was just too big and a negative effect on the sound.) We have also bought lots of curtains which I am hoping to have fully installed in about a week's time. The room is already a lot darker - kids love it and less live. Last weekend in the process of moving three rooms into the already full garage I had to unpack and repack and cull what was possible. In the process I "found" 3 of my 4 pairs of other speakers. I have also installed my old AVR. Valve amps and Cary is packed away, so I will start news tests and see if that makes a difference. Good idea re trying other speakers, will do.
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  13. In theory cd transports are better than streaming, but that will also depend on the rest of your system. Can you go to a shop with phone and irdac and compare?
  14. Good idea to test with your friend's first. I have a Yamaha, which was in a big room. At loud volume it ran out of steam and my rear speakers would sound bad. When I added a 3 channel amp it was much nicer. Further believe it depends what you use it for. AVR never bothered me with HT, only bothered us when listening to music. Also will depend on your room.
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