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  1. And I had the same problem with Wadia. Outside warranty would not help local tech.
  2. @TerryO I had a Yamaha AVR (your AVR's smaller brother) and please, please get an amp. A used integrated here wont break the bank. Maybe @cafad has a nice one to sell you for your speakers. Buying used means that you can sell and upgrade and not lose too much. Enjoy the journey.
  3. Ouch, what you have been spending on amps and speakers, I am shuddering how much you will need to pay for a TT to make you happy . All jokes aside, I have Consonance amps and they are good value for money.
  4. I am playing around with these things at the moment and have similar issues that I cannot really move furniture and don't wish to invest in something that may not work. I would start with the window, front and back wall. If window coverings is a possibility. Use a temporary method e.g. tape/ suction cup hooks/whatever and cover the windows with curtains/doona cover/doona etc. See if that helps. For the front and back walls. There are certain acoustic treatments that are nice looking that can be put on the walls or you can buy stuff at Bunnings etc. & cover it with nice looking material, which may be cheaper. Your solution of having extra under the couches to be taken out is a good solution. AFAIU you are making the room less live, which means absorption. You could try the product you are referring to, but I would research a bit more and shop around. Plenty of info here on SNA
  5. No worries, We all have specific needs and wishes and it is sometimes hard to find something that suits. I know, I am still somewhere in my journey. All the best, something will come up.
  6. Hi Dan yes the commissions etc are terrible, but if you know what you are doing there are bargains to be had. Thanks for letting me know, sometimes I feel like posting into an abyss. For that price it is a bargain, enjoy!
  7. Is there a way you can get JBL's to try out - before you sell these?
  8. @mageak Please read the fine print, but this may suit http://www.graysonline.com/sale/2163030/audio-tv-home-theatre/new-pioneer-n-50-netwrok-audio-player?spr=true
  9. @davewantsmoore - your thoughts please
  10. @almikel Room is: 4,080 W 4,660 L 2,420 H. Thanks
  11. As recommended by @davewantsmoore I have done more measurements. So, from the seating position at 3.9 m I have gone forward until I got stuck right in front of the TV screen at.35m.
  12. Buying this used is an absolute bargain.
  13. @davewantsmoore Thanks for your input so far The following are graphs at 10 to 400hz based on your recommendations. (Great to see physical speaker movements etc etc has made the 50hz issue dissappear). So guys, what is my issue and what do i need to do, please?