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  1. Hi from Coffs Harbour

    Welcome Steve Great to see another member in Northern NSW. Wayne form Prt Macquarie has already said hello. There are a few more members around Coffs. @darren69 and myself are in Grafton - as well as a few other hifi personalities that are not on SNA. @Luc is close to Lismore Most of the action close to us is in the Gold Coast. Would love to see pictures of your speakers, even better why dont we organise a GTG at Coffs Audio or if you are brave enough your place?
  2. Auralic Aries vs MicroRendu

    @scumbag Hi Mark Thanks for the reply. There is remarkably little information available from Australian posters on websites. I already have a forward speaker based system, do not wish to add to that. The most informative info is currently on the US Audiomart forum. A guy with the handle of Tubelover has a very detailed topic going on there: 142 pages. Over the top/too complex IMO, but enlightening nevertheless. He does score the Yellowtec higher than my Audiophilleo :). @bhobba and @Gieseler Audio are playing with the different Aries models at the moment. Bill wants to compare it to the PS Audio bridge. I have found new and demo units of all the Aries models in Australia. Several used models overseas. I will see how it goes, I might just source a few used SOtM, Sonore, Auralic Aries streamers and then usb spdif converters as well as power supplies and bring to the Gold Coast for a GTG. When I am ready for comparisons I will let you know - if you still have the Yellowtec I would like to listen to it.
  3. Auralic Aries vs MicroRendu

    @scumbag and others. I have done a lot of reading on every forum that I can find. If I had the funds I would just go and buy the PS Audio directstream and bridge and move on. Second price and such good value is the PS Audio Junior Or maybe I should just sell all my spinners/computers/streamers/converters/cables/amplifiers and buy a Devialet Anyway why I am asking re comparisons to the Aries is that the current SMS 200 and Rendu renderers still require a usb/spdif converter - whereas the current Aries and Aries LE do not. Mark, I know you were using the Yellowtec usb/spdif converter. Looks like the Singxer products are the latest and best. Problem is that it adds up to buy a renderer, special power supply plus then a usb/spdif converter and cables where the Aries is a one box solution.
  4. @Sir Rab at Everest When I try to PM you it says you cannort receive messages? Is this still for sale?
  5. SACD Players

    Works with several brands and models. Lots of info over at Computeraudiophile. Maybe we should get Jud Superdad and a few others over here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I also had a Loewe CRT until a lightning strike took it out. I am a Panasonic fan. Have you checked out the Aldi TV's? Some tips Make sure you understand specs and compare apples with apples. There is fit for purpose legislation, not sure how long a tv should last under that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone in the Gold Coast?

    On your way up stop in Coffs Harbour at Coffs Audio and say hello to the boys there - not many GTG's but nice new shop and they have been in the industry a long time. @Darren69 and myself are in Grafton so everyone going up and down the Pacific Highway has to come past us - always feel free to let us know to meet for a coffee/drink/listen. In Gold Coast you have Mike Lenehan and Clay Gieseler - both commercial members. There should be a GTG soon. There are a number of members around the Gold Coast/Brisbane and I have met them at GTG's at Mike's. There is a nice HiFi shop in Tweed to pop into - Toma Audio. Have not been to the Queensland Audio Club - that is on my list.
  8. My Room acoustic measurements

    Sorry, I thought you said you had the mic in your hand.
  9. My Room acoustic measurements

    @scumbag I started with a makeshift tool for the microphone. Then went to the local music shop and bought a microphone stand, less than $30 and really worth the long term effort.
  10. My Room acoustic measurements

    Dont have that much experience but agree with @marten- good results re the ringing.
  11. My Room acoustic measurements

    @almikel @davewantsmoore ?
  12. Streaming Advice for a Newbie

    To answer your question: Nobody, Nada, Zip. Royalties, regions etc have stuffed us all up. It is the year 2017 but in Australia you need a VPN, use various sites or not cd quality. By the way, Tidal is cheap for what you get. Tidal closing down one day? What will most likely happen is consolidation in the market. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Streaming Advice for a Newbie

    Tidal is the only streaming site AFAIK Here is a whole list of sites for downloads: http://www.findhdmusic.com/high-definition/directory/ (For $10 a month you can get a VPN which solves the region issues: Qobuz is a good streamer.)
  14. I have heard of and created bigger issues. This is how we learn. All the best.
  15. The price is good. I had one and it can play from USB. I used my one playing from my NAS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk