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  1. I am getting great results with my luxman amp which pushes out 110 watts pc drives my harbeth c7s beautifully well. Incisive but relaxing. Perfect to my ears. Unfortunately I think luxman only comes in silver Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey is this thread still alive? Q: I've been using a DXe for some time now. Fantastic unit. I've been reading about the upgrades you can now get from Antipodes across the range. Has anyone actually gone ahead and got this done? Is it worth the effort and cost? Is it just better functionality or is there a step shift in sq improvement as well? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. The Vega hits the sweet spot as far as dacs go. Makes everything sound great even crappy old mp3s you haven't listened to for years. Don't know how it does it but don't really care. Just buy one! Nuff said!
  4. Great tip. Works beautifully with my new Auralic Vega. Now just got to work out if DSD really is the next leap forward for digital SQ?
  5. tried one of these recently connected between my squeezebox and Rega DAC. The dejittered performnace is quite amazing really. Much better sound quality much better separation with more refined bass and treble. Interesting quirk though is that it only works for redbook files and below. ANy hi-res music ie 96/24 spits and stutters like crazy. Tried all sorts of things to get it to work but to no avail. May not be the fault of the Audio-gd as i've experienced a few quirks with the Rega DAC on BBC iPlayer for example. If that problem wasn't there I would definitely still be using it. Just moved to an Equilibrium Audio Synchro Mesh instead. Double the cost (unfortuantely) but trouble free and sounds even better than the Audio-gd to my mind.
  6. After having a quick read of this thread I went and dug out some old attenuators that were lurking in the bottom of a draw. Wow what a difference! Now getting a much smoother sound with better space around the instruments and with much better control of treble and bass. Don't know why I ever stopped using them? Whatever the reason I won't be shoving them back in the drawer any time soon!
  7. Hi HC2007, When I made up my own cable I went with Clipsal 1439 (approx $10) at the power plug end which is a plug I have seen used on several professionally produced products. Big and easy to work with, just screwdriver skills required. For IEC or whatever at the other end I can't remember but try and use something pretty robust. These guys seem to have some good options 2 other things to remember if you're going to make up your own power cables: 1. The choice of cable itself will have a greater impact on the SQ than the connector and you should try and use high quality copper or even think about silver - can get expensive. 2. Make absolutely sure you get those connections right or you could completely bugger your gear!!! If you do go ahead I'd be really interested in how you get on
  8. Hi HC2007 yeah good question. You don't have to spend a fortune anything that gives a better level of shielding and uses higher grade metals (usually copper) for the wiring seems to do the trick. Currently I'm pretty settled on Flavor cables from VH Audio in the states order by the interweb Now got flavor 4s across the system - gets a bit pricey, but give a smooth deep dark sound I like. I tried quite quite a few over the years, stuck to audio brands like: Audioquest - crystalline sound Siltech - lively, bright Nordost - too bright for digital Electrocompaniet - crisp If you look at sites like Audiogon you can pick up some of these quite cheaply 2nd hand to give you a chance to test out whether it works for you. Bear in mind they mostly come with american plugs so you either need an adaptor or a universal power board. VH Audio and others will fit Aussie plugs for you - but they charge alot for it. alot of hifi shops will stock power cables fitted with aussie plugs from various manufacturers and alot of those guys have probably had the opportunity to try a load more cables than I have. Lengths are typically a metre or longer which seems to be a good length that shows good benefits, and I haven't worried too much about exotic plug termination and just go with the basic. Another alternative is to have a go and make them yourself. Buy some good spec cable and good termination that suit your gear and put them together. I tried this a few years back with mixed results. All cables I have terminate in standard IEC connections. For things like the Squeezebox they run into and upgraded power supply from Channel Islands Audio, but for the MF A324 dac it already has an IEC. As I say just waiting on a C5 adpator for the Rega dac The last thing is that if you buy new, you will need to give the cable a couple of weeks to burn in ie before the sound evens out etc. Burn in is another thing that makes no sense to me but I know it exists. Anyway hope this helps.
  9. I"ve been mucking about with digital audio for years ie since the first cd players came out (I fell for the hype of perfect sound). I invested in a Meridian 200 transport back in 1991, figuring that I would never have to buy a CD player again just upgrade dacs. Currently I've got 3 dacs: MF A324 circa 2003 cost about $2,000 back then!!! Cambridge DACMagic circa 2009 about $500 Rega DAC 2011 $850 from CAV (still awaitng birthday for unpacking) All I can say is that DACs are offering better and better performance at cheaper and cheaper prices all the time. The MF unit is a real audiophile device built for old style CD playback giving ample bass, sweet midrange and a rolled off treble that was typical of the time. When I moved into Squeezebox territory, I needed a DAC with multiple digital inputs so I gave the DAcmagic a try. For $500 great little unit with top tonal accuracy (especially midrange) but limited bass output and a slightly scratchy treble as well as a rubbish power supply that fell to pieces in months. Looking forward to trying the Rega as I think it's going to provide the ultimate compromise between performance, flexibility and cost. However as successful as the DAc upgrades have been over the years the other upgrades that have been most successful have been power cables!!!!! I know it should'nt make any difference but they do! Running high spec (and expensive) power cables to all devices including Squeezebox and Dac has improved the SQ out of sight- giving a deep dark sound stage with pin point imaging, deep but tight bass, sweet extended mids and trebles. This stuff can sound like snake oil selling and I don't know why it works but it does! I even bought an upgraded power supply for the Squeezebox from CI audio which worked wonders and have already ordered a good spec IEC -> C5 adaptor for the Rega when it comes into service. As you can see I really drunk the coolaid on power cables - I don't know why it works but it does. So I guess I'm saying next time you're looking to upgrade - maybe look at power cables before anything else!!!!