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  1. Report Bugs Here

    Weird. I've tried turning on and off the phone and still not working. Also tried changing the password to no avail. Keeps getting a long error message.
  2. Report Bugs Here

    Hi Marc Tapatalk not working since last night cheers
  3. Tube amps can go bust when turned on and something played without speakers (aka load) connected.
  4. Single malt whisky

    @~Spyne~. Very jealous. I'm having another shot of humble Bowmore The skull with an ice brain
  5. Probably a stupid Q but can't I use the detergent used with VAC based RCM here?
  6. Single malt whisky

    Bowmore 12
  7. Ok ordered both the US basin and the motor. Just need your next batch! Hang on I need that fluid thingy eh....where to buy from?
  8. Could it be this? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gasmate-240V-Rotisserie-Motor-BA1003-/272314485717?epid=633565293&hash=item3f67354bd5:g:5MEAAOSw8w1X6x8i
  9. Thanks mate - have you sourced the Rotisserie motor too? If so, where from?
  10. @The Blues mate where did you get this from please?
  11. The Matrix 801 used to be my one-day speakers before I got bitten by the horn/SET disease
  12. Stream Connor Mcgreggor Fight

    Hit the local pub?
  13. Projector advice for a newb...

    Not too much. It does cost me about 2 centuries for each lamp but we no longer go to any cinema. We don't watch TV stuff every night either. Oh I also play retro games with the PJ too.
  14. Allow the soccer kick in the head when on ground...!
  15. Projector advice for a newb...

    PJ does all in our abode too. There is no ugly TV in the room.