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  1. Speaking of which do horns get affected by the wall behind them as much as the conventional box speakers?
  2. Ahhhh....but doesn't it kinda spoil the RG characteristics? Or a short length at the end don't really matter?
  3. thanks but what about the centre strands? they're so thick and stiff
  4. oooh....tempted. only if i could try it out to see how it sounds against a trio of my SETs...
  5. Any pictorial guide on how to terminate them well?
  6. Jakey boy has cloth ears anyway. #2 on SNA followed by me
  7. Do they 'double-down' into lower impedances?
  8. That son of yours act like my cat who poops on the floor just because (he knows how to use the litter box)
  9. man you got tamed over the years on SNA to call this subtle! I think you made the right call.....go hard or go home
  10. dang they're such monsters....what kind of coin do they command????
  11. No I know you're not
  12. Thank just ordered a can from Store DJ on eBay using the 20% discount code
  13. Thanks jut tried it no crackle or drop that way. So I guess I should try that Deoxit for pots.