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  1. I get what you're saying about the potential for manufacturers to be taking the piss (I really do) however if upon opening you were faced with a behemoth transformer and 100 shiny transistors per channel would it really make you feel any better? For me the value proposition was: Doesnt need 1+hours after switch on to sound its best Doesn't cost me $20/hr to run due to inefficiencies in the design Runs cool (which is important in my non air conditioned environment) Gives me 800w into 4 ohms for when I want the band in my room Fully integrated saving me $$ on cables and rack space But most importantly it sounds fantastic beating any other amplifier I have had in my room from Class A to class A/B, valve,transistor or mosfet. That is what's important to me.
  2. Alas no blacker than black knitted in chainmail style unholy goats wool version...
  3. Spot on @jdog This amp was a huge advantage coming from a Class A triode amp due to the reasons you mentioned along with the fact that there is no requirement for a pre-warm up due to it being always on. Must say though im not a huge fan of those speaker terminals JR likes to put on his gear. Interesting comment regarding your experience with the McIntosh but suspect the MA8000 would not suffer the same issues.
  4. Wow looks great. Out of interest did you also get the matching preamp as that would make an awesome combo.
  5. Yep and the moral of the story is that throwing a ton of cash at something doesn't necessarily guarantee better sound.
  6. I went from a $4000 CHARISMA AUDIO Ref2 cart to a $400 AT150 and to my ears not only did the AT sound much better it also tracked much better as well so from that point on I have always liked the sound of AT carts. More recently I purchased an Ortofon Cadenza Black based on some positive reviews but never really got into it so picked up an AT ART9 for about half the cost of the Cadenza and it blows it out of the water in my system So my Cadenza is now sadly sitting in my drawer.
  7. A year in and I'm still wrapt with my Continuum S2. I too was sceptical about class D until I heard this. For me this is the nicest sounding amp I have ever had from a long list of others that have passed by my listening room including Luxman 507, Pass Labs X150, Leben C600, Bladelius Thor2 and Line Magnetic 219A. Completly non fatiguing and effortless at any volume however I'd still love to listen to a Mcintosh MA8000 some day.
  8. .....A fool and his money
  9. I recently ordered 3 records from these guys. One was in stock and the other two were sitting in there UK warehouse. Items arrived approx two weeks from time of order however coincidentally or not the two from OS had bent corners even though the packaging was in perfect condition leading me to think it was poor handling from whoever packed these originally from there OS warehouse.
  10. I was against the use of L-pads when I got my JBL's and when I was updating the crossover I was considering removing them altogether but thankfully I didn't as they are a great tool in fine tuning to your rooms response and taste. If fact the designers of my speakers expected you to use them when in situ within the studio so if its good enough to use while recording then I don't think my cloth ears are going to hear any detriment to the sound at home.
  11. Haha that chalkboard is a classic!
  12. Hey Daz if its to reduce port chuffing try the old ProAc trick and jam in a tightly bunched handful of drinking straws into the ports (cut to the same length as the port). This was also a trick often employed by Trevor Lees with his speaker designs and works surprisingly well. You could also easily experiment with leaving the straws longer to see if that helps.
  13. True but I suppose I (like many others I suspect) just think that high efficiency speakers automatically means lower power amps are an option which is not necessarily the case. My current JBL's are supposedly even more efficient @97db and they require all the watts they can get (in my case 400w) and they are an easy load apparently so I got no idea whats going on there (even taking into account my deafness )
  14. Agree that the 219A is a nice amp however as mentioned you need to be careful what you pair it with as it was a very poor match when I tried it with 94db efficient Zingali's. Mine was constantly in the red when playing at moderate levels so listening at realistic levels was not an option
  15. @unclemack Agreed however cannot decide which i'd rather have in my room