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  1. An important point to also consider is typically larger speakers require a minimum listening distance in order for the multiple drivers to provide a cohesive soundstage (some manufacturers state a recommended minimum distance) so in my opinion its not necessarily the size of a speaker but more the ability for you to be able to sit closer in a small room.
  2. JBL 4435 resto

    WTF? As nice as the guy was he's deluded if he thinks some new surrounds will get the job done. They need full re-cones from what I saw and on top of that more than likely new compression diaphragms too (at a minimum). I can understand he must be somewhat attached to them and from what he told me quite a few major Aussie bands albums had been mixed via these specific speakers but still he needs understand the reality is there just a pair of 30+yo speakers that need a lot of work and consequently priced accordingly.
  3. JBL 4435 resto

    So there gone? Hmmm dunno who bought them but based on what I saw good luck with the resto. and hopefully those cabinet sides are not too beat up otherwise you have just added another grand for a re-veneer.
  4. JBL 4435 resto

    As Jakey already knows a mate and I decided to do a reconnaissance mission to take a look for him yesterday at Sing Sing studios. Really cool place with a ton of history and the owner was very generous of his time giving us a full tour as well a a few antidotes of various bands who recorded here. Heres how they look.
  5. Bladerunner UHD

    I bought this years ago.anyone else got one? Not sure if I need this new version as my older gear would not do it justice but for the right price....hmmmm
  6. JBL 4435 resto

    See if you can beet him down to around $2k. I made sure he was well aware of all there current faults and the costs involved to bring them back up to spec. so he shouldn't be in denial about there current "worth". He probably still thinks my mate is interested so maybe he wont budge for a few days until he realises his options have run out. He needs to get rid of them soon as the replacements are sitting in the hall so offer cash on the spot and get em' out of there. You would be looking as some resto casework (unknown extent until there pulled out) and a full recone and maybe replacement diaphragms. Still potentially worthy of a project if your keen. Like I said earlier I paid $5.5k for mine and dropped another $2-3K getting them to the way I wanted and I still consider it value for money bearing in mine that I preferred the JBL's to the Zingarli's they replaced which I think were RRPing for around $18K. Are they perfect, hell no what is and I bet quite a few here would not like there sound but when you know that there were the speakers used to mix and possibly master some of your favourite recordings then i reckon there a bargain (as your aware these do have a lot of history behind them) Super short vid I took yesterday.
  7. As if I even need to mention....im in! Hopefully this time though it doesn't end up with any involvement with the police on my ass.
  8. JBL 4435 resto

    Yeah stick around for the reading of my Will
  9. JBL 4435 resto

    Ahh yes ok. And for the record everyone has different priorities in what there looking for sound wise and thats cool but personally for me the 4435's have sailed closer to the sound I like more than anything else for reasonable money.
  10. JBL 4435 resto

    Jakey's got some serious horsepower on tap should he decide to still go ahead....
  11. JBL 4435 resto

    ....Question is though at around 100kg each how do you ever get them out of there?
  12. JBL 4435 resto

    Just looking at that pic again ad it looks to me they may be soffited into a wall as many were (see the gap around the edge). If thats the case you may have struck gold as its possible the walnut veneer and cabinet might be in top shape and if so i'll be extremely jealous of you as although mine were good there were still some imperfections requiring work
  13. JBL 4435 resto

    Sorry that comment I made about no other speaker manufacturers still making parts for old equipment comment probably came across somewhat elitist which was not intended at all as im sure there are others out there which is great news for those of us who use who own vintage gear
  14. JBL 4435 resto

    800 bottles! Surprised you not a VIP guest at every GTG hosted
  15. JBL 4435 resto

    Im sure by now you have absolutely have no intention to get anything other than genuine parts even if that means it becomes a long term project. It would be awesome for me to hear another pair in a different environment to mine as a point of reference so get on your bike and go grab them!