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  1. .....So her in begins the birth of Black Metal IMO. Venom might have started earlier but for me this release is year zero. Bathory - Bathory
  2. Ahh ok no worries, Heavy yes but I reckon shipping isn't going to be to killer. Got all original packaging so it should be safe. And for you mate id also throw in the Transrotor Konstant M-1 Reference power supply that Id spent an additional $1200 on (standard power supply is a wall wart jobbie) http://www.solidstate-audio.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=423_498&products_id=5507 The Arm that comes with it is a REED 2A 9.5", Wenge arm with Finewire C37 Cryo wire and WBT connectors. Comes with wooden box and all packing materials inc align protractor but i'll also throw in a AccuTrak protractor as well. ZET3 also comes with an additional alloy armboard for a SME I think (cannot remember)
  3. So how does that work? Need someone interested in my rig and then i'd buy the P9 off you?
  4. Yeah well I reckon I could listen to an extended fart from this great man and still be satisfied so I'm probably easily pleased
  5. Lost Tracks Of Danzig - Danzig Cranked at 11 so my postcode hears my love for this album.
  6. Bummer, i'd be willing to swap my Trans Rotor Zet3 with REED 2A arm for one of these....Always wanted to try one of these tables but they don't come up for sale often.
  7. Errr sorry, you're asking for what? Think there's been a mixup.
  8. That LP is my sacrificial offering (i.e. alignment LP when setting up my ultrasonic cleaner) and yes in this current arrangement im only approx 2m from the speakers so very near field but these speakers were designed for this so it sounds pretty good.
  9. The church has many temples mate, you've only seen one of them... Now getting them through the door and down the staircase would be another issue
  10. Dude, don't go half arsed and just pick these up http://www.aussieaudiomart.com/details/649323459-jbl-4350a-studio-monitors/ Get em' outta Vic. so i'm no longer tempted
  11. Jeeeezus, never thought i'd see the day.... So what do you have in mind for a potential replacement?
  12. Thats awesome, tha Awesome, thx for sharing. Geez those bring back some memories, unfortunately my tape selection did not survive the various moves over the last 30 years and all i have left are a few Spectral Birth demos
  13. @Dave O))) If you havent done so already seek out a copy of the 2014 doco "Dark Star" for a really interesting insight into the world of HR Giger. Also has a fair bit of Tom Warrior in it too for a added bonus.
  14. Its weird Kreator, Sodom & Destruction were pretty much in my top 5 bands throughout the 80's however for some reason I have lost touch with all 3 not having listened to any of their output since perhaps the mid 90's (even though I keep playing there older stuff) perhaps in part that I want them to remain immortal and not have to endure deteriorating albums that are potentially crap bit like the shock of Celtic Frosts "Cold Lake" album Might dip my toe in and have a looksee....
  15. One of my metal reference albums (That segue between SOH and SS is pure genius) Great stuff Dave. Geez I almost forgot about this thread....need to get posting again.