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  1. Yep. Both are correct. Apparently not only did they mount all transistors back to front they also used different power transistors to what had been specified. This is what happens when stupid robots are asked to build something as im confident a human would have realised the error right away.
  2. Heres something that will make the techies laugh. Here a photo of the first Vidar amp board Schitt recieved from the outsourced board assembler. Hint take a good look at the output transistors
  3. Looks really good. So for under $4k I could get 2 400w monoblocks and a nice preamp. Cannot think of anything else currently in the market offering anything close to this. If it sounds any good its almost a no brainer....
  4. Thanks to all those who responded to my questions. Only two remain. A) can I afford this? B) will it properly drive my speakers considering my last two failures ( Line Magnetic 219A which went into clipping as soon as the music nudged past 90db and my Pass Labs x150.5 which was much better but still my JBL's got the power meter on the front panel flapping a bit) Just wish there was an easy way of knowing whether an amp will work well or not as we all know sometimes lower wattage amps do better than higher rated ones and with my JBL's being 97db efficient and an easy 8 ohm load you'd think they wouldn't need more than a handful of watts but unfortunately this does not appear to be the case.
  5. Consider me interested however what im trying to find out is how the Class A/AB switching arrangement works in that if your in Class A mode do you still have the full 100w on tap (with just the first 25w being Class A) or are you strictly limited to just 25w? Also I understand that it defaults to AB on turn on and you have to physically switch it over to Class A correct? Can this be done on the fly via remote or is there more too it?
  6. Priest - goth styled electro pop from my hometown Sweden. Catchy as hell reminding me somewhat of Depeche Mode
  7. One of my favourites also. Paid a fortune for this Japanese version in the 90's. The first of the un-cut releases. Being familiar with the original Aus. release this was a bit of a shock really pushing the boundaries of a child /adult relationship.
  8. True that however rocking up to your interview sporting a hangover the next day probably wouldn't have done me any favours. Any any word of moderation simply does not exist as @blybo will attest when we both went a bit too hard continuing drinking well past "lights out" time during last years SNA after show dinner which finally ended with me getting prodded by the cops after passing out on the train as it was returning to the yard early next morning
  9. Looks like a great night was had. Would have loved to be there but had a hellish week at work going through a redundancy process or as I like to call "a deckchair re-shuffle on the Titanic" Thankfully I managed to win one of the few remaining positions but man there dropping like flies at the big T
  10. Ha, but I reckon that cover is kinda cool even though they screwed up with the goat occult reference. Anyone who's studied Crowley, LaVey etc knows the pentagram points down for black magic and up for white
  11. ....was just thinking the same thing.
  12. Issue is most people likely to attend my day of demise wouldn't appreciate my "exit tunes" list hence my lack of caring on this matter.
  13. Doesn't matter as I won't hear it...
  14. I can give you a contact of a guy who did an excellent job re-coning my JBL's recently (located in Diamond Creek). PM for details.
  15. Yeah sous vide is going to be the next step in my journey to food greatness. Gee this food stuff is beginning to get as expensive as Hi-Fi isnt it