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  1. Looks like we have a buyer lined up. Thanks all. Will let you know if it falls through, @heybaroo
  2. Item: AudioQuest Dragonfly RED Location: Sydney, inner-west Price: $190, incl. shipping Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Has joined me on the occasional business trip, but mostly been left in the briefcase. All working perfectly. Original packaging, etc. Cheers. Pictures:
  3. Item: Linn Kivor Oktal DAC Location: Sydney, inner-west Price: $150 Item Condition: Ok, a few light marks on the top-plate Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I've had this in the cupboard since purchasing it here some years ago. I don't know much about them, but there's some info here and elsewhere online. The common refrain is that they were a seriously expensive piece of kit 15 years ago. Pick up would be preferred. Pictures:
  4. Cheers, @Nigel. With a rainy long-weekend predicted in Sydney, might be a chance to track something down and play around. I know subs aren't the type of thing you have lying around, but if anyone in the inner Sydney zone has something I could potentially borrow for a couple of days.... I can certainly contribute wine and/or beer to the deal. Cheers, David.
  5. This is certainly the pinnacle of the pinnacle.... I didn't even know you could get a new Brazilian Rosewood guitar. Certainly not in Australia. This will be considered a thing of wonder one day... Wish I could...
  6. Thanks, @nzlowie Yes, I need to be clear that the measurement above is just one, and done before the final x-over. I also don't know how it was conducted, (though I do remember saying to test/set it at my listening position, not directly from the speaker). My experience is the same; acoustics, vocals, etc., sound superb. Ethereal, clear, weightless in the room. More complex rock sounds a little thin, or maybe polite is a better decriptor. I suppose ultimately, that's what I'm asking, would beefing up the low end fill out that type of feeling? Maybe I should hunt down something to buy, or even borrow, to see what happens.
  7. Many thanks @Happy @frankn I should learn to leave well-enough alone, as I do really think they're superb speakers. That said, they've settled in for almost a year now in the space, so I might get a new a new measurement done and see where it takes me.
  8. Many thanks, all. They are certainly a head-turner in the room. This is the current set-up....
  9. The crossovers were built on site, after measurements taken with the speakers in locale. See simulated response below when first tested on site. (We are getting out of my depth, but if it's helpful, then great).
  10. Yep, considered adding some160s to the set up. My wife reminded me I was lucky two get that pair through the keeper, and not to push it...
  11. Thanks. In this case, does that help provide a solution, or just confirm what is known? I.e., would it tell me a sub would be a waste of time, or just confirm that I have a crappy room for sound in general?
  12. Thanks, Dave. The speakers are on casters, and I do let them roam when I'm listening, within obvious reason. They're quite "beamy", so I do tend to point them when I know I'm going to be stationed in one part of the space.
  13. Thanks. Yes, figured it would only fly if there was a nice timber-clad beast that could slot in there somewhere.
  14. Thanks. I get the general gist of the physics and frequency parameters, but I'm certainly no expert. (I think I have the speaker's measurements somewhere, which I assume will tell if expanding the response is what's required). To be honest, when I sit in the sweet-spot, and finally get time to listen, I don't find the bass frequency isn't there, it just feels a little polite. Certainly not "room-filling". I'm trying to be respectful to the speakers, because I don't think it's their fault, just trying to make up for the assumed environmental shortcomings.
  15. I suppose this is a part-question, potential WTB and general seeking of advice. For context/background - I have a lovely system in my living room comprising of a Weston Acoustics Time Machine 300b, and a pair of custom two-way speakers built around Azura 340 Horns. In short, I am extremely happy with this set-up. Looks good, sounds good, awesome. (Thanks again, @atilsley) (A couple of early photos below. I've since added grills, lowered the horn stands, and changed to the 300b). Only issue I occasionally ponder; could it provide more "body", or "mass"....? This is a living-room, shared with all and sundry; kids, friends, animals. Endless doors opening and closing, people running through. Open kitchen, glass walls, staircases, skylights, hard floors, rugs. If you could think of the worst room imaginable for hifi, this is it. (I can always retreat to headphones somewhere when I want be submerged in good sound). Anyway, to get to the point! We have music on all the time, and it's rarely whilst sitting in a sweet-spot, (there is one on the couch). I find that while cooking, or walking around the room, the quite-directional horns can seem a little brittle. Would sourcing a good sub like a Real B1/2 help fill the room? Again, I think I'm asking from a general enjoyment point of view, not a audiophile one). Any insightful thoughts would be appreciated.