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  1. Damn, pitty this isn't mini to Toslink.
  2. Next in line for Mark Grant - Black Series DSP 2.5 Power Cord please.
  3. Saw them at the Forum a year or two ago. Amazing gig.
  4. I can't believe this hasn't sold yet! Loving my (recently upgraded to latest spec) Quasi mini 20w. Realised again how 'right' it sounds (to me anyway), especially guitar, after seeing Bill Frisell at the Recital Centre last Friday night.
  5. This is a highly desirable slab of glass! GLWS
  6. I'm interested to know also.
  7. 'pickup will beat post' - that's a good way to put it @Boofy0z!! GLWS
  8. If I was first to contact you @Boofy0z I'm still committed to buying, but I'll leave the decision up to you as you did state 'pickup preferred'.