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  1. Very true. Years ago I had that problem and fitted mains rated capacitors to all light switches and two power points that caused the problem; one supplied the fridge and the other washing machine. It has been very effective with only minor clicks getting through. This kind of problem however also suggest that the amplifier you are using has power supply that does not filter incoming noise adequately. At the time I had a Yamaha 100W/ch unit which was good value with reasonable specs but in reality a very basic model. Once I upgraded to Perreaux amplification the problem was gone. I even removed one or two of the caps previously fitted to see if noise would return but it did not.
  2. Making a cartridge. That is not something you see every day. I would love to witness it and meet the man.
  3. The best I have ever used was Beckman Industrial auto-raging. Instant readout (twice as fast as Fluke) and totally immune to RF. You could measure DC or AC voltages on transistors putting out 75W of RF with no shade of interference. Sadly I do not remember the model number.
  4. the question was though, can the analogue output (volume) be controlled by remote controller?
  5. Hi, Does the player have variable output? Also, is the remote wrapped in cling-wrap or just scratched? Greeting from Vietnam Roman (last day of holidays)
  6. there was a number of tt on another side (opposite to Tannoys) but nothing exotic enough to photograph.
  7. Certainly nothing like that in Perth. The whole place is no bigger than my family/dining.
  8. I never said JET black. You see I am not in any kind of rush. I have been thinking of these electrostatics for some years now but indeed, one would want some firm time frame. Like this decade or so. Ask him please if he wanted to do it. Even if he does not, it will make him feel good and appreciated.
  9. I would have bought it if it was all black case. Just kidding. If you can do such woodwork, maybe you could knock up a frame for the electrostatic panel for me?
  10. These surely reduce stray capacitance between cables. But, you will still need supports for these. You cannot just have cables placed directly on the floor.
  11. And also Pioneer PD-7100. Very nice machine. As new and with plenty of space for Lampization.
  12. Any project with PMD100 is a good project. I thought they were no longer available so I never looked for one. Where did you get yours from and how much was it?
  13. Item: Yamaha KX-800 casssette deck - 3 heads, dBx, Dolby C, adjustable bias Location: Perth Price: $399 including 25 tapes and box. 20 tapes are TDK SA-90 & TDK SA-X90 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Time to part Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct transfer Extra Info: Very good condition, one owner unit, Remote controller It records so well that when live switching during recording between 2nd and 3rd head (recording and playback) you will not know what is a source and what has just been recorded. And if you do, adjust the bias slightly until you do not. Instant mechanism response. You can start it, wind it (either way) and stop it all within one second. Paid $800 for it all these years ago (RRP was $1099). Anyone using it will not be disappointed. It has never failed, with the exception of belt replacement mid last year which I have done myself being an electronics technician. Have a lot of tapes to go with it and a storage box. The tapes on the list below is free with the player; mainly TDK SA and SA-X - 25 pieces in total. 10 x TDK SA-90, 1 x TDK SA-60 1 x TDK SA-X-90 8 x TDK SA-100 1 x Maxell XLII-100 (min) 5 x TDK D-90 I have also premium tapes and accessories to be sold separately: 2 x TDK MA-XG90 (which are listed on eBay from $50 to hundreds of dollars each) 9 x TDK MA-X90 (which again list on eBay for prices between $35 to hundreds each). 3 x That's MR-X Pro (which were considered the best at the time but which now only cost around $30+ each). All of these were used only once and which can be included for $15 to $20 depending of how many are required. Also available separately are: discwasher D'MAG cassette deck demagnetizer discwasher SYSTEM II Dual Action Tape Deck Cleaning Unit Should there be any interest in these above extra accessories and premium tapes I will make a separate listing for the interested party but ideally would prefer to ship them together with tape deck. Pictures:
  14. We are all waiting in anticipation. I was the first to respond and was told that local pickup is preferred. So I have sent a pm offering to ask a friend in Melbourne to pick it up and send it to me but still do not know if I was successful. Undoubtedly we will find out in due course.