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  1. R.U. is a Rack Unit. Thickness (height) of the equipment
  2. Yes, something like that. Just make sure it is made of metal (gives you shielding) and does not have too many outlets because then there will be no space for the filter. The surge protection is usually just MOV of which there are some in the Silk anyway. Price wise, it seems very expensive @ $70. I would grab a small s/h rack (say 6 to 12 R.U.) that has a power board in it. From gumtree for $20 Good luck. P.S. If you are not technical, ask someone who is to check it over before use.
  3. If you are worried about interference, you could always build yourself a Silk Filter. Less than $20 in parts. I would grab one of those 19" rack mount power boards because a lot of them are made of metal, replace the cord with a double shielded power cable and fit the Silk inside. Search for it or go to Lampizator's website.
  4. Rocky, UPS is an Uninterpretable Power Supply. It works when your mains are out during blackout. Normally, it just sits there in parallel with mains and does nothing. Most provide some surge protection as well, but your friend already has a power board with surge protection. To complement his power board with noise filtering, you can search for Lampizator's Silk Mains Filter. It is easy and cheap to build. I made a couple and I am using them on some of the systems I have. Sine wave re-generators - as I have written previously - are useless and expensive things. Clean power is one with no interference and not one that has nicer sine wave than that generated by your electricity provider. Your second quote: ..."chopping up DC square waves to produce a derived synthetic "stepped" sine wave" is dead right. Don't waste your money on this.
  5. rocky, the price difference is in the fact, that audio stuff is for audiophiles and you pay premium for that. When you look at cables sold for professional application at RS or Farnell, the you start at $30 and end at $150. Audio cables in audio stores start at $150. Line filtering is good and useful if you have noise problem at your location. If you do not - naturally a filter will do nothing. As far as sine wave regeneration, it is just plain silliness. AC as it enters a piece of equipment is then immediately converted to DC. The first step of it is rectification which converts you perfect wave to ripple. It is like cutting meat into perfect cubes before putting it into mincer.
  6. Please tell me, how does a guy who has a number of Branford Marsalis CDs end up with also some Rod Steward ones? This is a genuine question as I am always baffled by people's eclectic tastes. Cheers Roman
  7. John, I soon might have Cambridge Audio 640A remotely controlled amp available. There are also matching tuner (640T) and CD player (640C), but happy to separate. In fact from memory, they all have their own remotes that operate either piece. Cheers Roman Wanneroo
  8. I have close to 20 CD players, half of them Marantz. But obviously too late
  9. Word of wisdom spoken here by al. Get a balanced source for your balanced amp. If it is truly balanced design, you'd be using half of it by driving it with single ended source and you'd be getting less than half of its real performance. If it is not a balanced design however but a unit merely fitted with XLRs, then an appropriate cable would do. Get a circuit diagram if you can and post it here and we will tell you what's the way to go.
  10. The best guide to CD mechs by Vasili from Bielarus states that you have VAM1250 PRO. CLASSE AUDIO CDP-100 / 2 x PCM1738E – PMD200 / Philips VAM1250 Pro. I might want to amend your ad so it is searchable and properly indexed by Google if you want to increase your chances.
  11. In you were in Perth, I would have lent you for a weekend couple of the 20 or so CD players that I have and which are hybrids to see what you thought of them. But sadly none of them is of the grand makes that you mention; one of them is my concoction (Lampizated Marantz) and another is Chinese. Somewhat cheaper than the Unison Research though.
  12. Thanks for that Weka. I will contact Trevor Lees next week. I was howver hoping for many more people - particularly the clock enthusiasts from Qld - to voice their opinions
  13. After months of waiting for its turn I have finally found some time and fixed Esoteric P-500 transport. Works (and looks) like new. But it has this thing installed (by "Tom" in 1992) which I have no idea what it actually is or does. It has an optical cable sticking out of it as if it was to accept some data (sync?) from another device. It is visible in second picture (on the right) leaving the black box via the red tube. Looks like it is done reasonably professionally, maybe apart from securing the fiber optics cable at its entry to the player. Any ideas? Cheers Roman
  14. Hi, Did you get my todays pm asking for a invoice to be sent? Cheers R
  15. Maybe you blocked me Will try again