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  1. Try letting Mr. Gravity help you to do the work. Tip them over so that the drivers to face down and tap the box with a rubber mallet to help things along. When you hear them moving out pray the drivers out with screwdriver.
  2. I could do that for you. I am in Wanneroo and I fix audio. Cheers Roman
  3. Hi, Does it have variable output? Balanced (XLR) output? CD-text? Cheers Roman
  4. Hi, I am interested in the XDA-1. Couple of questions: 1. Does the USB port work on full 24/192? 2. What the size/weight of the box to calculate shipping. Cheers Roman
  5. Maybe then after Easter if you still have it.
  6. If you are visiting relative NOR this Easter and will get close to Wanneroo, I will grab it. Roman
  7. And Sergio has some of the best vino I have ever tried.
  8. I was going to bring in a bottle of my favourite vino rather than leave with yours Organising GTGs should be rewarded, not penalised!
  9. I am a sceptic as far a computer audio is concerned so I will love to attend and be proven wrong as I have heard from people of great PC setups. My main concern is the digital noise of the system and purity of power supply. But as with everything - there are good an bad solutions in every area. Cheers Roman P.S. North or South of the River?
  10. Indeed I did. This was a silly 1st of April post. The 3 crowns are my own 30 second Photoshop work . Thank you to niss_man for his interesting History of the Philips TDA d/a converter post which I enjoyed very much.
  11. Item: TDA-1541A S3 - Unique Triple Crown DAC Location: Perth Price: $499? Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Raising funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I never knew that such beast even existed but... Servicing it, I have found Inside a Killer DAC this chip and asked an owner if he wanted to sell it and install instead of it a Single Crown unit. It sits in a socket so the swap is easy and non-destructive. His answer was: depends for how much, hence E.O.I. He does not know or care much about amount of Crowns and I myself doubt if there is that much difference between them. Pictures:
  12. I would - as a must - move TT to the right where you currently have its PSU and pre-preamp. TT arm has to be as far away from any interference source as you can get, and your current location is just bad (very). TT PSU and pre amp should be where you now have CD. That way cable length (and their capacitance) will be minimised. CD can go where you have your TT marked currently.
  13. OK, OK. This was rhetorical question. I have 19 and two more order waiting to be shipped. I am bidding on another one. That makes it 22. Should I get this as a 23rd? How many CD players can one have? Admittedly I fix them and sell them once they are restored to former glory. But still.
  14. I probably would have bought it if it wasn't that I have two P-700s on the way. I also have P-500 that is faulty and this unit used for comparison would have made it easier to fix, but... how many CD players can one have.
  15. I have a remotely controlled, fully balanced, Class A, Electrocompaniet EC-4,7 for couple of grand if you are interested. As new, with (double) box, manual.