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  1. Indeed, aertex asked me before he was going to buy these units if the mods are difficult to do and to give him a quote or estimate. I looked up the Lampizator's pages and have found that they are relatively straight forward and it would cost between $300 to $450 depending on who chases up and gets the parts. I can also recommend aertex as a nice and honest guy and easy to deal with.
  2. DIY power leads.

    Now, this is the most sensible post about power cables I have read in months. In all audio frequency cables - power or signal - a good connection is more important than a cable itself. A fixed - or captive - lead is preferred to IEC connection but performance improvement is so insignificant that the convenience of IEC outweighs it in most cases. Maybe a huge power amp would benefit from the lack of extra couple of joints in its power supply path but even that is doubtful given that these beasts have normally a massive energy storage in their capacitors. You can get a roll of shielded power cable from any electrical wholesaler. Being more expensive, they are not very popular and hence some suppliers have stock that have not moved in years. You could get a deal of 100m roll for $200 (or $2 a meter) if you shop around and know someone that has an account with them. Any plug that is not Australian is unlikely to be compliant and will not have the type approval. If you are really worried about what niss_man said, make them as short as possible (but with some slack), and then without closing the shells lay all them down and offer a carton to an electrician to check them out. Normally (mass) annual inspections of cables on sites come to less than $5 per appliance so a carton should suffice. Good luck.
  3. FS: TEAC CD-P4500 CD Player

    if you are willing to post it, I'll pay some money for it. pm sent
  4. RSS not updating properly

    It does now but not in the last couple of days. Will let you know if it stops updating again.
  5. RSS stopped working properly Thursday with the last that I received was just after 2pm on Wednesday. It will still update but instead of doing it every 5 minutes, it appears to be doing it only daily or when the browser is restarted. Feeds from other sites work fine. This is unrelated to the "ipsfocus42-september7" issue as the RSS's used to work after Forums became inaccessible on September 7th. Interestingly, the "ipsfocus42-september7" text cannot be selected (to be copied). The page still loads but it is not displayed. Do not know enough about it to say anything more useful.
  6. New Theme / Template

    Indeed. Using Opera, I can have a button for any occasion and there is one on the right side of the main bar (CC - Clean cache, CH - Clean History). I have also used another method visible further below and restarted the browser. Interestingly, it shows in the address bar during page refresh that it is getting 81 elements from the site. It just does not display them. Below is the link from my mail program that was to take me to the thread to reply
  7. New Theme / Template

    On Opera 12.18 everything is fine other than forums. Which do not work at all. Any link to any forum brings in only one line of text: ipsfocus42-september7 Anything at or below in hierarchy http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/ shows:
  8. Good quality rca interconnects

    Adam, Problems with useless audiophile connectors - both RCA and XLR - are common. I have been fixing audio for only couple of years now and have already replaced 4 sets of sockets damaged by very expensive plugs. The most recent was and USB socket in a DAC. The worst of them was set of XLR sockets that had mangled pins by $1000 cables with plugs costing hundreds extra. Funny thing is that in XLRs, the material of the plug shell is irrelevant as it has no contact with the signal. All 3 parts of balanced connection; ground, positive and negative run on separate pins that do not touch the outer at all (in most cases, as some manufacturers ground shells). My advice is to make sure that your plugs are made of one of the leaders in the field: Neutik, Amphenol (Australian) or Cannon in case XLRs and if you encounter any RCAs that do not fit sockets properly - simply return them to the supplier as not fit for the purpose. They should mate easily so no pressure is exerted on the sockets which are often very flimsy themselves (even in some expensive components) but obviously not too loose for obvious reasons. Learn to solder and then keep the cables as short as possible. Which is more important than any fancy feature of expensive cables. Buy cables as long as possible, and then fit quality plugs yourself (pictured are Australian made Amphenol RCA plugs). Like this:
  9. WES Components.
  10. I would gladly have it if you were so kind to pack it up. I would naturally also organise a courier to pick it up. Cheers Roman
  11. And if you were to sell me two pairs of the red ones from the other listing and both of these at $50 each, I would get all 4 pairs. How is that for convenience in organising the shipping!
  12. I would grab them both, saving you on postage hassle !!
  13. Magneplanar 1.5 qr

    Copa, I might be interested Roman pm sent