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  1. Maybe Rotel are trying to be helpful by supplying an extra length of cord if required.
  2. Thanks ZB, I'll try to restrain myself!
  3. I was wondering if there is any good reason for the power cord to be folded as it is inside this Rotel RQ-970BX ?
  4. Amazing speaker, just needs around 200W to really sing. Bargain price.
  5. Sorry TerryO for derailing your thread. I'll get stuck into the DBT warriors on another thread or better yet another site.
  6. This is not scientific research........................DBT is the only way to see if these methods really work. So you're implying that DBT has nothing to do with science?
  7. @gonefishing99 Of course it's not, my comments were in answer to certain people who keep claiming that they need to use DBT etc. So what is your point?
  8. Sorry but disagree,Its always the preferred option. Randomised double blind placebo controls are generally regarded as the gold standard of experimentation. Ah well, I guess I better retract my 15 or so research papers from the science journals in which they were published. DBT is essential for research such as a drug efficacy trial but you will find most scientific research does not make use of that technique.
  9. DBT is not always essential in scientific research. What is required in science are controls, both positive and negative. In hifi, all you should really need are some reference points: as an example only, a set of Stillpoints, a set of wooden blocks, compare those with the supports you are testing as well as no vibration support at all. Try it at different times of the day and in a friend's hifi system as well if possible. Trust your ears and enjoy the music.
  10. The Tri-Vista SCAD/Cd player is a risky purchase as, if the drive fails, there are no spare parts available anymore Hi Lenny, maybe a Tri-Vista 21 DAC and a transport would be a safer option?
  11. Just to make it clear that I don't agree with it being described as "lame". It was a well laid out presentation that aimed to allow everyone to get something out of the evening. If I had my way, they would have had exhaustive comparisons with only a few of the cables over several hours with familiar music. Of course if that happened, everyone else attending would have been thoroughly bored and pissed off !
  12. Yep, I had a thousand questions and would have loved to have had in-depth comparisons of certain cables. You could only get a general impression of differences between the cables with probably only around one minute of listening time with each track. Yet the hour and a half was gone just like that.
  13. As they stated, people can go back and listen to the specific cables they want to compare in depth. Bjorn stated at the the start of the evening that it was an overview of Nordost cables.
  14. They were probably worried that most people wouldn't pick any difference. As Pops110 stated, there was not enough time. It ran over the set finish time anyway.
  15. n 3/8/2017 at 2:29 PM, Sir Sanders Zingmore said: Just watch those track numbers and volume levels Did anyone do this? I watched, there were no volume issues. Bjorn usually muted between cable changes so that the volume was unchanged. A few times early on he turned the volume to zero and then turned it back up after a cable change. However, the volume level was very easy to see and he consistently returned it to the same volume level. Natalie Merchant, Leonard Cohen, Tom Jones and several other artists were played, can't remember who they were though.