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  1. Rega Fono MM - phono preamp

    @o2so Hi o2so' Just wondering if this sold and if not, would you post to Tassie? Cheers John
  2. FS [Melb] Rega Fono MM MK2

    @astormsau Hi Astormsau, just wondering - if this hasn't sold, would you post to Tassie? Cheers John
  3. Rega Fono

    @BATMAQN Hi Batmaqn. Just wondering if the Fono sold? Cheers John
  4. Hi everyone. I was wondering a few things and thought some of you could help: Has anyone had any experience of the above amp? How does one approach buying without trying (apart from specs) and is there a general rule for proportional spending on amps and headphones? For example, should the amp be the same cost as the 'phones? Many thanks for those who can advise.
  5. Hi juicester. I have a C521 cd player in beaut condition if you are interested - send me a pm if so. Cheers.
  6. You're killing me, ;-) I'll take it and will pm.
  7. Has the OP considered a Systemdek or Ariston turntable? Some of these manufacturers' models have the beautiful vintage look and are available for much less than the Linns. What are people's thoughts about these? Re the Castle Knight 2 - I have a pair of these and can vouch for how good they are, especially for the money you quoted. I used them for a while in a large room (converted double garage) and they performed well, though they sound much better in the smaller room they now live in. As mentioned by someone above, positioning with Castles is very important. In the context of a $900 spend, I agree that $300 for stands seems disproportionate if you are on a budget (though I do have the same stands and they are quite good and match the speakers nicely. Ensure they are rock steady as the speakers will reward you greatly for it. Like most speakers do, obviously). I don't know your amp, but if it is very warm, it may not bring out the best in the Castles - this I learned from experience with my own.
  8. SOLD: FS: Entire Hifi system

    April fools...?
  9. Pioneer N50a

    And also Rio Hifi sell them I believe. They advertise their store here on SNA I think.
  10. Caslte Acoustics at Tivoli Hi-Fi

    Same goes for me in truth. Still... I do like how they have kept the Castle look that I have always liked so much.
  11. Caslte Acoustics at Tivoli Hi-Fi

    I recently read a glowing review of the Avon 5s in Hifi World. They were praised for their highly detailed treble and deep bass. Need lots of power though. As always with Castle - excellent value for money. I can't wait to go into Tivoli when I am next in Melbourne to check them out.
  12. Hi. I will take it please. Will pm.
  13. Thanks nadmad. I am in Hobart.
  14. Any chance at all you could post? If so, I'll take it.
  15. Noooooo! Lovely, lovely speakers. Good luck selling these Dev - hope you don't regret it.