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  1. Dont worry, even a educated idiot like me cope it and have been where you've been. I recently replaced a faulty PSU on a 3phase machine. Even thought the 240v 3 phase was physically disconnected I coped it because a capacitor in the PSU wasn't discharged due to it being faulty... next time I know better when I see high voltage caps in SMPSU....
  2. Very standard for equipment to have that warning on the covers. It's to prevent idiots killing themselves. You can't hear, smell or see 240V mains present.
  3. Just as well it looks like the CA has protection by shutting down.
  4. Don't muck around with cancer guys. Get the official treatment that's recommended by a registered medical professional. I've seen family members suffered the effects and wouldn't want it on your worst enemy. A typical example is look what happen to Steve Jobs, if he took the recommendations he might be still here today.
  5. 10W ceramic is around $1.80 1W ceramic is around $0.48 Jaycar and Altronics prices of course and it's available over the counter. Find out what values suite and then ordered whatever glorified brand you like.
  6. You know what, if its just experimenting, just drop into Altronics or Jaycar and get the values you need. Basic over the counter bricks and mortar.
  7. Superb movie, just saw this now, thoroughly recommended. Can't believe it's base on a true story.
  8. For power distribution especially for DC components there is huge advantages to use screw connectors because a screw connection will be heaps more reliable than a "typical spade connection". Quality screw connectors will have washers, this enables the connection to be secured for life as the washer will prevent loosening during exposure to vibration or heat, a "spade connection" relies on the way it's formed and will loosen away in time, spade connections will have to be physically checked periodically to ensure they are tight, common issue is usually a drop in Voltage. I can understand a reviewer not going into details on construction because they don't normally go onto the factory floor to watch the product get assembled. Spare parts will always be an issue for any industry, it's an accounting thing, no company will hold spare parts on the floor as it cost them in floor space and the outlay on some items are just not feasible or ecomonic.
  9. i was waiting for someone to answer that, so congrats.... No matter what brand: OPPO, Wyred for Sound, Auralic, Eastern Electrical etc etc.
  10. Rebadging happens in every industry, it's not new, and there can be $0000.00 difference between the brands. It's to reduced cost, and manufacturing and licensing to cover for a segment of the market that you are lacking in. It's not nice when a purchaser finds out that the brand they wanted has done this and it's $000.00 more but that's just life.
  11. It's all good and said if they show you what's under the hood. what about manufacturers who remove the identifications on semiconductor devices and other components to hide there origin. There's a few of these around. Then there's manufacturers that have decided to have there logo printed on the devices. God help you if these manufacturers go bust, not that they ever will with the RRP they charge. and as SMD takes over you will never know whether that's a carbon or a metal film resistor.
  12. There are people in the DIY community that have indicated that the latest ESS9038 is basically a 4 stacked 9028. This is based on the output impedance of the 9038 and the 9028 and possibly a few obtaining ESS data that in not available to the general public. Dont you love ESS and the way they brag about there chips, yet it's such a typical delta sigma implementation with the typical ESS sound signature....
  13. @WhakPak i was in HK a few years ago and when you go down those basement shops in Mong Kok there's shops selling all sorts of vintage gear but what was on the majority of display where cables, fancy fire hose diameter thick power/speaker cables in fancy boxes with certificates on them..... and here i am using 6.0mm electrcal for speaker cable, only because I scored a 100m roll for free as the organisation was about to throw it out!
  14. I must confessed, I fell asleep on the plane watching it and it got to the end. So watched about 20mins in and 1/3 b4 it ended..... must watch again! The media has it that its this movie that split bratgelina.