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  1. $10k for a spinner.....out of my league.....
  2. @cafe67 i gave up buying expensive CD players many moons ago. My 1st CD player was a Marantz 84, the 2nd generation player. I bought this from Intersound because they discounted it to $650. Got it home and it had power issues. Took the cover of and the gnd wire to the PSU wasn't connected. Connected that and it worked for the next couple of years then the Laser started to skip. The Rotel 965 was next and then that had skipping issues. The PS2 has issues with "can't read disc". Gave up in the end, hence the reason I don't even use the optical in the 105. All is ripped to HDD and I have fun selecting albums and tracks. The optical disc was good for the 80s but we are in the 2017 where USB 3.0 USB 2TB HDD are cheap.
  3. Review on the NAD M3 should explain it.
  4. At least with the transformer you can take the cover off and do a DIY shielding with say some copper tape! Or even better still find out whether the 105 transformer is compatible which looks like it is, but don't assume. I suppose 5GHZ wifi is beyond the human hearing capabilities.
  5. I ws referring to the built in 802.1ac..... i wonder what that effect will have on the audio...being internal.
  6. Do you see a lot of takers especially with all the issues the 203 has had, then there the $2200 rrp, possibly discounted to $1999 for early adopters?
  7. There's a 1GB RAM in the 105 that helps to buffer the data of the HDD via USB that's not there on the 205. Perhaps because the 205 uses the USB 3.0 and they believe it's not necessary to include it....Im just guessing! Better to send an email to query that. Not sure whether we see this as a bonus but they talk about interference etc etc etc and then there's the 802.11AC built in! The 105 had a dongle but wasn't up to 803.11ac standards, well the 802.11ac wasn't standard back when the 105 was released.
  8. it explains it in the specs.
  9. There are benefits.. You cant see it there but on the website the USB is now better supported for DSD and PCM is up to 786khz. They also advertised they have circuit to reduced jitter in audio for HDMI. From those pic the PSU has been significantly changed to the 2 channel audio pcb not just the transformer. Where there's WIMA caps for what looks like PSU rail decoupling they have been changed to SMD around the opamps. There are advantages of doing this, all beneficial technically as well as cost savings. Where there's individual diodes for a bridge rectifier there are now 3 individual full wave bridge rectifiers, SMDs of course. Funny how the ESS 9038 is white in that pic!
  10. Pass.....
  11. Dont waste your time.
  12. Absolutely silly to ask for $2200 rrp. Whos gonna do this when you have a Panasonic that does it better? And with huge change left over! Even if the 205 has the updated top of the line ESS chip and can do DSD 512 so what, not a lot of materials on DSD. Lets hope that there are no takers and it gets discounted to see boxes move.
  13. Look at me, Look at me!!!
  14. The HPM feels solid when you operate that switch. They may come out of the same factory but there not the same. For starters the HPM has Philips screws compared to cheap blades with Clipsal. The housing is better reinforced for more plastic moulding in the point where it secures that white plastic rocker for the HPM than the Clipsal. it also looks like the housing is compatible to any HPM or Clipsal assembly. There's printed info to show which side is down on the HPM.
  15. Decisions decisions at Bunnings. you can buy an individual switch for $6.11, or you can buy a wall plate consisting of 3 gang switch for $ comprises of 3 switches that can be removed from the plate and are identical to the individual brainer here. I wonder with Bunnings pricings, even with plumbing products, where it cost $x and a full kit is usually not much more. @Weka they are HPM and the Deta ones just feels too loose. If you go to Middendorf Electrical they charge like $12.00 a switch each and are the Clipsals