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  1. Garbage in Garbage out.... it's still human error and not machine error.
  2. Look at the heat pad on both pics posted, they are very different transistors
  3. The transistors in this pic apart from being slotted wrong are different to the picture in the previous post
  4. Don't go taking the covers off while this power amp is on. Those spade connectors to the IEC should be encased in insulation, in this case it's not according to the pictures supplied. I'm hoping that this is just the R&D version picture here, hopefully the consumer grade production versions will have the spades encased in insulation.
  5. Preferably not behind the wheel...
  6. You need to clean that ear sometime...
  7. You have an absolute valid point. However in many cases that would void warranty. what I like to see is the screen shots of measured Freq and distortion, impedance and to monitor in realtime by introducing the known vibrations. ATM all we hear are the believers that just say; "trust me, There is a difference!" And even if the difference was observed by myself I'd like to see what I'm hearing that's different between unapplied and applied. With CD players I'd like to see the error rate that it accumulates, unapplied and applied. Current CD, bluray etc or any discs can spin at such a high rate and some cheap units such as the Sony s470 If there where error rates you'd see that effecting picture quality as well, and it will start to skip sections and hesitate. Even with such internally introduced vibrations, you do not see any of this!
  8. Stunning PQ that Sammy QLED. The pic just doesn't do it justice. You should be really satisfied. I've had Sammiis from day dot, ever since the Beijing Olympics.
  9. Ultimately if you're interested in the component, then you really need to go an audition it yourself. Just keep in mind that every rig out there is different and will respond differently when paired.
  10. I got 1/6 out of an iPad speaker....
  11. You may wanna tune that new QLED to show some outdoor pics with the the sun shining, that plant on the right can do with some time in the sun....
  12. If if you're looking at the Gustard pro you should also have in your sights LSK with the Dual ESS 9038 with class A discrete stages.....and this sets the benchmark according to reliable technical sources who have it in there pocessions:
  13. Not a cope out, I see no value in spending $88 on 3 disc that looks like it's made from raw materials that's worth $0.20 each and I stand by that decision. There is no measurements made to the said improvements but like everything else YMMV. Good luck in this journey.
  14. What are you on about @guru I can't tell the difference between MP3 320kps or hires uncompressed WAV now! What hope have i got in 20yrs. Definately do not have bat ears that can hear 40khz and behind that some around these neck of the woods think they can hear. im not as young as like I was starting out in this hobbie, where I can picked whether it was a full digital recording or and analog master or which CD player was on in a DBT or whether you used a coat hanger for speaker wires....
  15. @catman you may wanna have a read of this and have a giggle and chuckle, it's absolutely brutal. But fun to read some of the funniest brutal comments on this device. And it's back up by some real measurements!