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  1. @Hergest all of my "record collection" was bought from the early 80s to early 90s. I don't have a collection like @andyr who's collection would be more than 100x the amount I have, and he would have collected them at a really young age. I can safely assume that some if not most are priceless and cannot be obtained easily, especially stuff that's been pressed b4 the mid 80s. If you had that volume of collection even though you are economically wasting $$ replacing a stylus early, the main game with that type of collection you'd wanna treasure and preserve the originality of that precious collection. It's not like you can walk down the street today and buy a reference 70s pressing of Rickie Lee jones of the shelf from your local JB HiFi store.
  2. My apologies mate. You are right, when I was a kid in the early 80s we did called them records and not vinyls. It's hanging out on SNA that does it to me. you are right also about some of the recording on records that's don't today, I've actually had that pleasure at @andyr place. Nice recordings and it was a pleasure to listen to.
  3. Obike

    http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/melbourne-really-hates-the-citys-new-bicycle-sharing-scheme-and-its-hilarious/news-story/c99c3e458c24b65d46a23ffb10cbd5b5 Great concept, but I'm a little over seeing these bikes get dumped trashed and even in waterways.... seriously! Why does such a great concept have to be trashed like it is now?
  4. In my lifetime in play vinyl I was never convinced on some of the BS I was told in stylus wear. Here are some of the things that I've heard; the stylus never wears, it's the suspension that deteriorates and causes distortion! yep your stylus is worn, you can tell by the way it reflex light on the left side! (Under a microscope) The thing about playing records is that I really can't stand SCP. And if you have ever listen to vinyl via a Stax ESL headphones and compared to digital, hence the reason I went digital, the Stax ESL has a trait of presenting SCP and stylus contact distortion, especially in loud passages of the recordings. Dont get me wrong I'm not trying to start the digital vs analog debate. I still have an LP12 Ittok arm with a AT0C9ll There is something about vinyls that's done pre 90s that still sound great and you will not experience that on digital. I have never been able to determined stylus wear under the microscope apart from the rubbish it collects that required cleaning. I did take a cart back because I thought it was worn, and the guys showed me under a microscope where the worn area is because it was reflecting light directly into your eyes at that point. The reason I took that back was because it was beginning to sound edgy and hard. So when it starts to produce edgy SQ it's too late, you are damaging your collection. If was still into vinyl I'd be following @andyr way, I just wish I knew what he knows about play vinyl when I was I into it. It's safe, set number is 1200hrs on a stylus replaced the stylus at 1000hrs. One side is 30 mins approx, a whole record is 60mins etc So every time you play and entire record click that counter to track on the play time. Simple!
  5. I a I agree with @andyr change the stylus early to avoid damaging grooves with a potentially worn stylus.
  6. Who has experience with Tortuga LDR passive pre-amps?

    Not that I've experience. The contact point that moves across the potentiometer resistive wiper is the main discussion and it's this point that wears, Once this point is worn and degrades SQ, I've found the degradation effects the entire potentiometer wiper, hence regardless of volume setting the SQ is the same. Cleaning it with alcohol or other solvents is false economy and in some cases with certain brands and types will be worst because some manufacturers use conductive grease, others are sealed so they can't be access for a easy clean. The best and only alternative is to replace it with a brand new one! Once you replaced a brand new pot you will notice the improvement.
  7. Gee I was always under the impression you kept a spare one...
  8. I don't get it

    I use to ride a motor bike without a working headlight in the dark at night drunk somewhere in Diamond Creek. Then cashed it the next day sober.....I sware its all true....
  9. I don't get it

    I reckon it's sounds better when you can see it all working
  10. I don't get it

    T There is nothing a DEQX can't fix.
  11. Exactly what @Decky said. i make it my mission to buy a design that doesn't use mechanical volume pots or mechanical stepped attenuators.... follow this thread:
  12. I don't get it

    I went to a family friends place for dinner and he had just purchased a Sony 5.1 home theatre system and placed all the speakers in the front with the TT on the sub....
  13. I don't get it

  14. TBH and realistic @Monkeyboi i really dont care. All panel manufacturers will operate passing QA when they achieve within a tolerance of Delta E 3. with this in mind it's noticeable to "perfectionist " but discounted by the general public and those who demand "perfection" which means consistent gradation throughout the panel that will be never achieved. The manufacture will argue that during normal viewing it will never be noticeable because your paying $xxx and not $xxxxxxxx.xx to achieve a better spec. Hence the reason why I won't pay $1000 for a commercial 55" panel regardless of brand and type, I'd go and buy the cheapest or value for $ and be done with.
  15. App scams

    You're right, it's no time detailed in the billing. The boss has "My Optus" app loaded and that won't detailed "content services" All it tells you at an instant is the data you have used and duration of international calls in minutes used. Obviously these days with Optus plans are now unlimited talk and text. In the app "My Optus" details nothing about content services. At the end of the month, they send you an ebill in PDF. And by that time it's too late to track. With data you have to watched things like "Locational Service " being switched on. With company issued phones like mind they reimage the phone/tablet with there modified IOS and locational Service cannot be switched OFF. This tells HQ exactly where you are! And is consistantly clocking up data usage. Whats funny is when the $5:00 a day was being deducted out of the bosses account was that she was using a Nokia 3310 analog phone! You can't even activate apps or services on it!