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  1. I do not want to derail this thread so please send me a pm for more details .......they do sound superb to me though and I am rarely impressed by cables
  2. Chanh apologies for the late reply .....great to catch up with new and old faces been a long time between drinks . A big thank you for going to the effort for all.You definitely have squeezed a lot out of a very tough listening space......I think the new room will really show what can be achieved with your existing equipment. A shame the Accuphase could not play all the SACDs I bought which made it hard to determine the spinner vs CA... For what its worth what I did i hear of the CA was very good in a very challenging room. I think this will have to be done again with the new room and I promise I will bring the Aurender W20 to duke it out with your super impressive creation ......also Pandora preamp to really match with the Anitlleon current Pre in my opinion is a bottle neck.... I have bought the Manger CD was a very nice reference disc ... hopefully it should arrive soon so when I return the favor you have a reference. Thanks again Cheers Jones
  3. Camouflage won't cut it......cloaking would be my only option.... Saw these big bad boys today....super impressive speaker system ....much bigger than I remember....gee really really want to bring them home...decision time..
  4. Sheesh.....have a real soft spot for Genisis....the Mrs would not be happy if I came home with these and added to the collection....may be worth it though at the right price.....
  5. Valhalla 1 0r 2 ? Owned full set of Valhalla ...still have some xlrs which I keep as spares curious to hear Odin and compare against my current cables in my own system .....this is pretty exciting to possibly be able to do this in WA. @SAVI Systems – Simon do you carry Odin?
  6. A real shame I missed this one would have liked to have attended......was Odin on hand for the demo?
  7. @Chanh might make this one as well if I can get a day pass.....
  8. Chanh will be back start of April for good. Agree everyone has different opinions but I think you know I try not to caught up in cost of products and avoid the typical Australian tall poppy syndrome of putting products down just because they are expensive.I compare products and the better products for my tastes stays . I would have been very very happy if the DX proved the better unit but not to be by quite a margin for my tastes . Like I previously mentioned if you like that squashed dynamics and laid back sound the DX will be your thing. I know how it can be admired as I owned it for 2 years.If one of the DIY servers can trump the W20 I will be the first to buy one......and bank the change....fingers crossed! Lets hope this is the case .......but as previously mentioned using a W20 and not using an external clock and Dual AES/EBU ignores a lot of the features which makes it such a great product. PS 20k......not this black duck much much better pricing can be had if you look around...... Apologies .....back on topic .....see you soon.
  9. Chanh I will be home very soon so if you want you can do the comparison yourself and not rely on other opinions. As someone who owned and compared the DX and W20 my findings were very very different. If your system is a little hot the DX will help tame it .It puts a veil on the music for me .....if your system is well balanced and you are happy with your electronics the W20 will give you a better window to music in my experience. This comparison was through usb..... now when we add a Vivaldi Master Clock and dual AES/EBU well I think the gap will grow even further but proofs in the listening....
  10. If you are listening to the Vitus RI 100 and Devialet which are both very nice units you really must add the Gryphon Diablo 300 to your list to listen to . If the budget cannot stretch perhaps the newly released Diablo 120. All have slightly different signatures ,features ,designs just depends where your tastes sit.Have fun with auditions!
  11. I will try a few other models as you are aware I own a P10 already and have so for quite a silver. Will be home soon so will be able to do that comparison soon...
  12. I need a black one to suit all my black electronics...........those US plugs outlets easy to change? Or maybe swap to US plugs on all my gear......tempting
  13. Thanks I am aware of these and contacted seller....Cherry not the color I was after and I do not want the stands but may have to do if I cannot find an original model in Maser Birch Cheers
  14. Item: Dynaudio Special 25 in Maser Birch or Rosewood Price Range: Depends on condition and colour Item Condition: Used must by very good to excellent condition Extra Info: Prefer original run Special 25s which only came in Maser Birch or Rosewood with original boxes and accessories Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  15. Peter Kajaks system was highly tuned but not for the type of music I like. From memory little to no difference for listening but that may be due to unfamiliar music and system.