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  1. How? Simple. You send one of them to me and just run a normal pre/power combo like every one else. Details for packaging and address ect are winging it your way now.
  2. Report Bugs Here

    I have the same problem (FF) I've had intermittently for awhile now and that is that I cant get past the first page of unread content. Scroll through it and click on "Load more content" and I just go back to the top of the first page. This might be a blessing though as it's stopped me from reacting and posting much content for some time now.
  3. Reacting or responding

    Naturally I down voted this in responding. Next week upon sober reflection I may well reverse it. But who knows. Life eh...
  4. Music as time travel.

    I know quite a few members who absolutely revel in the music that they like and are very very consistent in both their taste of music and the age of the music and don't deviate too far away from it. The 'age' perhaps should be replaced with the 'period' and the fact that it coincides with their 'youth' is certainly a way of drifting back in time and nothing wrong with that. Some others(myself included) rarely play anything from the early days, I can't listen to Led Zep for instance anymore and DSOTM has become elevator muzak to me and these days I just like discovering music and it's a fun thing to do. Bandcamp is a godsend and I spend a lot of time lurking there and I've found a lot of music there that has broadened my experience, the time travel thing may come later. Classical music is increasingly becoming a consistent part of my listening pleasure and that indicates to me that I've finally begun to 'get it ', it's taken awhile too. Time travel most assuredly.
  5. Heaps and heaps of threads on this subject. Heaps and heaps, a quick search will throw you up a lot of answers for your question.
  6. Not your average GTG

    I reckon my wife would of jumped at an excuse to go back to SA. Bugger three times Ant! We'll be OS too just near the end of our trip. Have a great day. *Keep an eye on that TonyM. If he offers to open a door for you, beware that he'll close it even faster...
  7. BLOOM

    You prat.
  8. BLOOM

    Basically it's algal and is known by it's various colours. It kills everything if the algal bloom grows so just avoid it @djb . As far as I know algal bloom leads to bad decay and while some decay is good in a garden situation and the end of a track, overall it's not something you want. I believe they have sprays for it and in some cases certain types of frog will see you bloom free and some one celled amoeba thingys will also repair things for you. If you add a sbury to your bloom you get access to a lot of people who can help you and have written books to help and direct you. Don't fear the bloom djb.
  9. Currently Spinning

    What a gr8 cover, like it Martin. What's the music like?
  10. Currently Spinning

    You bloody spliff splitting hippie. Oh, and I might add that I've been out the front of my place flashing a dolphin torch at a tree branch, while listening to Radiohead's Moon Shaped Pool via their free digital version thingy via my bran nu ANC BT cans that I can wear while my mobile is stuffed in a pocket and the sound is surprisingly Sonos/Helos/Roon/Tidal/Devialet/Stax/WTF-WoW!!/ Windoze Media Player...type sound. The reason for flashing a torch at a branch? It draws those rarely seen and super touchy critters called 'Micro-Bats' . Absolutely the kings of wow in the natural animal world. They weigh half the weight of a matchbox. (think about that for a second..."half the weight of a matchbox.") You can have a colony of 30 to 50 and they'll live in a crack in your wall no wider than half the width of your smallest finger... Why? They fly quicker than Martins, move swifter than Swallows, turn sharper than most birds if not all that feed on the wing. To watch them at dusk is one thing(brilliant) but in pitch black dashing in and out of a torch beam is ...it's worth what Mikey d would share. Posted from my crummy ph via these cans
  11. Your a Banana bender so your automatically forgiven for a multitude of sins. Where would we be without Queensland eh? No dumping grounds for all our waste, no repository for all the Murray Darling river system's water that should feed the states below it(NSW/VIC/SA) in that nice friendly place called Cubby Station, no place for our nice friends in India to build a railway and a port that will bring untold joy to a few thousand Hasonites up at Gladstone and separate the 'living coral reef' part of the Great Barrier Reef from the future 'dead bit'. Tina is acceptable. She was on the stage at Splendour recently and everyone wondered who the hell was the chick with the big voice?
  12. Never given an opinion at a GTG. Have given a directive or three but never an opinion. Directive? Err, excuse me, can I get a word in here?
  13. The Benz is tempting but as @scuzzii knows, Paris digs don't come cheap and I'm at the pointy end of my planning for Europe&UK. I think I'll call our Paris digs 'The Cartridge.' Just booked Edinburgh digs and that will called the Cadenza. I'm sure these will go Ross. I'm in the mood for change in my system and my LP12 is getting the boot when I get back from hols. Then it's time for a new TT and a time for trying new 'Things'. *Remember this convo for future reference, later this year and into the new one. GLWTS goes with out saying
  14. Report Bugs Here

    This bug is back this arvo: Click on unread content, scroll through the page and click on load more content and you go back to the top of the same page. Also all the topic headings have the latest reply in full under them and that seems to be the giveaway that the bug is back. Using PC/FF/ W10