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  1. Your getting old, old son. It's Victor's store. Stereophonic in 763 Nicholson St Carlton. Ex sponsor here at SNA and known as the Smiling Assassin
  2. I think Zinger would look rather fetching in a Garter, don't you Tele?
  3. Of course! Humble apologies Baldrick! I'm sure Marc hasn't forgotten you! He's just waiting for the correct answer before handing out your gong.
  4. Stop sucking up Zingaling, you've already got a knighthood. The Boss is saving the hereditary titles for the likes of the Lord High Marischall, Third Earl of Castle Albuman, Eggmiester the Obscure and maybe the Grand Poobah of Sansui will get a nod or a gong too.
  5. Marc busily working away to get SNA servers and site up and running. The office lady too Just one of the mods on the WARNING bike sending out a message to a naughty member The SNA mobile server and wifi solar powered bike (™) Dedication folks, pure an simple.
  6. Welcome Vu. Enjoy the site.
  7. Pfft! Small potatoes FR small potatoes. You don't even have the seminal Jumbo Party. I have it and I have the even rarer Jumbo Party 2. Marc is constantly pm'ing with ever bigger offers, needless to say, they are greeted with stony silence and a practised nod of the head. She has the indefinable je ne sais quoi about her or what I prefer to call the Phwoar!!! Factor.
  8. So I was at SNA headquarters earlier and Marc was searching for his signed collectors edition release of Mrs Mill's Roll Out The Barrel for 18 musicians to pop on the Airforce TT (rare as hens teeth that one) and while I wandered around the nerve centre I spied... **Taken ages to upload this post. I need to speak to management I think. Marc... Oi Marc!! Stop running I only wanna...
  9. @Cafad If it's still for sale when i'm there in Sept Jeff I'll have a squiz at it. I've got a 70kg luggage allowance on the way back that's already paid for, wouldn't be too hard to up it a bit more!
  10. This gone YM?
  11. Had the 500's in this brand and they were just fantastic with both phone amps I had running them and yes the extra expense of a quality cable settled them($70 I think) but I would never use them with a phone but that's me. Now running BT cans and they are pretty meh compared to cabled cans that's for sure.
  12. This is such a bargain. Forget the 222(sorry OP) and cast your eye on the beautiful and rarely seen TU-555. They come up every now and again on Ebay and more so in America than Europe. Where they will set you back about $180USD and then factor in at least a $100USD delivery and then the voltage differential if it's not switchable(I think they are but I'm not sure) and the risks of buying overseas ect ect. 3 hunge is a silly price, it's a give away and the fact that the Grand Poobah has been all over the 222 makes it a no brainer. One channel dropped from the tuner? Pfft! We all know who can fix it. This is the main bones of a lovely retro system for a city flat or unit. Black, slick, easy on the eye and chuck in a TT for small bucks... GLWTS OP. *Yes I'm tempted but as my SA meeting is coming up shortly I have to stay strong.
  13. Red wine and Sly. spliff anyone?
  14. Hijack away Sean, Sir Zingaling wont mind and both he and I and the lurking Lord Albumen are suckers for pics so post a pic of your setup and the amp. We've never seen one let alone heard one.
  15. Welcome Jim. Did you try out the 700 or the 800?