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  1. I still have it as a backup and believe it to be great for the money, I'd probably lean towards the D30 now as it does DSD. http://www.tpdz.net/en/products/d30/index.htm A good read: http://www.head-fi.org/t/821559/topping-d30-dsd-dac-xmos-cs4398
  2. My first DAC was a Topping D2, cheap and had all the connections that I needed. 16bit @ 48khz on USB.
  3. Where can it be bought from in Australia?
  4. Item: Location: Toowoomba Qld Price: $200 plus post Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct bank deposit for posting. Extra Info: Cambridge Audio Azur 540D version 2 DVD player in silver, bought new in 2012, with remote, bag and books, no original box. This is the v2 with HDMI. Has not had a lot of use due to playing files. Will post, insured and signature required. Pictures:
  5. I would be looking at lowering the B+ voltage Dave. Do you have a schematic of the power supply?
  6. Thanks Pete, I'm going to give a set of the BFA style a trial. I've been interested in them due to the larger contact area than other types.
  7. Thanks heaps. Some good advice and feedback.
  8. Just looking for some general advise/feedback on Banana Plugs for speaker connections.
  9. As a relatively low post count member, when I PM a seller I try to provide enough personal details to let them know that I am a legit buyer. rantan and Muscat have given very good advise here, that I agree with.
  10. Once again some people want to judge the integrity of a person based upon how much they talk about things on a forum. Some members of forums don't say much at all, that is, don't post much but are not of questionable integrity or dishonest. I've seen valued members of forums vacate the forum because of this kind of bias.
  11. Run the two tested power leads in parallel via a dpdt make before brake switch and mute the input signal during switching, a relatively cheap test setup to make. The earths can remain through connected, not switched. Only switching the active and neutral connections. Easy to do blind testing with this setup.