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  1. I went out to a BBQ and took a bottle of my favourite bubbly--I do like bubbly. It was promptly humbled by the hosts Piper-Heidsieck Brut. I just had to buy a bottle for myself. I started it tonight and may have to buy some more. Greg
  2. My suede mat certainly sounded better when I reduced the thickness of the label and rim areas so the mat supported the playing surface. Greg
  3. I bought an Italian sim when I was there on vacation a couple of years ago. It was very cheap and came with a free allocation of data for the first month. I was able to connect with free wi-fi on the computer in many places and when I couldn't connect I used the mobile as tethered internet. Greg
  4. Try both ways. I have seen recommendations for both fuzz up and fuzz down. The suede I used had "fuzz" on both sides, so I had nothing to try. Greg
  5. If it's just the mat then I highly recommend the suede option. As long as you have a decent pair of scissors suede should be readily available locally. I made one for a Linn that clearly out performed the felt mat and was almost indistinguishable to the Herbies. Greg
  6. I had Opti-coat applied to my 2013 Subaru, and after almost 4 years in the SA sun and coated with corrosive dust daily from the cement plant next door and sh*t on regularly by noisy miner birds who over ate of the local fruit, the paint looks like new after a wash. I'll be getting my new car done immediately it arrives. The detailer tells me that with the new water-based car paints they can be coated after 2 weeks curing so it will be fine to do as it's off the ship. Get a quote from a good detailer.
  7. Tomato, and asparagus (lightly sautéed). Greg
  8. I haven't--but I did see some designs where they put a couple of small drawer handles on the back on which to wind cables. Greg
  9. I find them somewhat more informative, but each part of a review still needs to be "converted" to my list of preferences and importances. That includes reliability, as driving brand new, manufacturer-prepared cars doesn't cover that area at all. Just like hi-fi gear, I won't buy without a good trial myself. Greg
  10. At least the fancy paint job hides some of the car's lines.
  11. I had damage like that to an FR1 mk3 one time. The Garrotts told me the tie-back had been broken and the cartridge was unrepairable. Fortunately I got an FR1 mk3F cheap. Good luck. Greg
  12. It is indeed quite pretty--however, it won't really be here before 2018 and the 45 mpg isn't 20% better than Porsche, it's just on 10%. (Current Boxster gets 41mpg, in the unreal world of testing.) And the Boxster S is faster 0-100, not slower. Ah well, what can we expect of journalists? Greg
  13. If you want to be entertained (or frustrated in a serious search) just have a look at the various results from the various "reliability surveys". Even the reporting of each survey has completely different rankings! Greg
  14. Some tech advances have contributed greatly to wonderful sound, some have done the same to PR. I wouldn't be looking at the tech but rather listening to the music. Greg
  15. Given that Japan has given us the sublime lines of the samurai sword, and the minimalist beauty of much of their art and pottery, etc.--WHAT'S HAPPENED TO THEIR CAR DESIGN??? Honda, Nissan, Toyota--you should be ashamed of yourselves. Greg