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  1. All too often the film is made for anybody who has money they can take.
  2. Try it out before you buy? That's a very radical idea. Who would have thought? Next thing you'll be doing the same for hi-fi gear! I thought we had to make our decisions before the experience. Greg
  3. I wonder what PETAs final costs will be for such an act? I'll bet the money could have been spent more beneficially than giving it to lawyers. Greg
  4. We used to do that with iron filings on a bit of paper with the magnets underneath. Greg
  5. I use one or two (including tracker blocking), and disable them for selected websites. Greg
  6. In film clips shown during the practice days for Austria Vettel did say that what he did was stupid, and was sorry for it. ... The difficulty with a historical perspective is that the FIA stewards have made a deliberate decision to allow more lenience overall. This was supported wholeheartedly by Martin Brundle who doesn't want to see the natural aggression of racing drivers competing to get to the top get stifled--as long as no-one gets injured. ... Hamilton also did not want to talk more about the incident, it was in the past. He preferred to talk about the present and the future. Greg
  7. I've seen a number of older threads where the "upgrade your account" graphic has replaced the pic. I find this to be very disrespectful. A simple "This image is not currently available." would have been better. Even better would be to notify the account holder directly about limited (or no) access at the current account level. I agree that: Greg
  8. Sorry, I forgot the thanks. And yes, there was a practical study in the earlier references where nitrogen filled tyres increased in pressure more that air filled ones as the temperature increased. They didn't know why because theoretically there shouldn't be any difference (back to the ideal gas law). Greg
  9. I don't know about Samsung phones but the current Headstage Arrow has a dac and is an excellent headphone amp in itself. Greg
  10. How old? The same age as my ME 15, although updated when I had the pre-amp serviced. Say, 10 years ago. Greg
  11. The collection of turntables is best evaluated with a real test record. Heaven knows where one could be obtained these days--mine is at least 30 years old. The collection of LPs is best evaluated by listening and see if that particular record "works" for him. I have a few in shoddy condition or just a poor recording where the music is still worth a listen. Greg
  12. I think the Boxster is actually mine, not Mark's. Thanks, I am liking it very much--including the colours. And yes, Porsche recommends no real "work" above 4000 rpm (160 kph in top gear) for the first 3000 Km. I'm doing my best. Greg
  13. Nope--Cadogan. The RACQ document gives or refers to no test data and was one I had encountered in my research. I'd prefer to believe the sources to which I referred earlier which contain what I consider as "real data". As far as I can discover water vapour acts as a gas (Ideal Gas Law) unless it condenses into a liquid in the tyre--in which case the partial pressure of water vapour would decrease and so would the pressure in the tyre. This would appear to be not an issue at the normal ranges for tyres in Australia although it may be relevant in colder climes. The 'leakage' or permeation through rubber issue is grossly overstated by the nitrogen proponents. The nitrogen molecule is less than 10% smaller than an oxygen molecule and in actual tests the pressure loss in a variety of tyres over a year was only 1.3 psi in favour of nitrogen over air. My initial concern was related to my uncertainty as to the recommended tyre pressure having a test temperature of 20°C. I'm still not certain what that is about. I can't find any information at all. The consensus seems to be that the recommended tyre pressure is the same regardless of the ambient temperature at which it is measured as long as the tyre is "cold" i.e.--undriven for at least a few hours. Greg
  14. I find it amazing how my local store feels OK about ignoring the tyre and car specifics, and the many thousands of dollars and specialised engineering hours that go into the recommendations. Greg
  15. Thanks Nigel. The tyres on my new vehicle are "ultra high performance" and VERY EXPENSIVE!!! So I'm not (wasn't) really fascinated or interested beyond being able to get the pressures right, especially in SA's extreme summer temperature fluctuations. I think I have what I need, although looking at wear patterns would provide more detail over time. The car company (Porsche) does extensive testing in conjunction with the tyre manufacturers and changing the tyres from the recommended ones will partially invalidate the warranty. The two recommended tyres are especially designed and made for the car. I've been waiting more than 50 years for this car and I doubt I'll be tinkering with performance options. Greg