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  1. Obike

    It is in some people's nature to trash. Watch a house flipping show--they all like "demo day" the best. Greg
  2. electric cars

    Honda tried recently (well, maybe not that recently) to get rid of bucket seats and the centre console. It was a huge disaster. It looks like "recycle ideas" time. Of course, maybe the car isn't built to go around corners, or maybe the designer likes sliding sideways on bench seats. All in all--a very boring looking vehicle. Greg
  3. F1 2017

    I'm surprised that with all the experts here that the stewards need to review the footage and interview the drivers in order to decide. Greg
  4. American Gods Series

    I've read a couple of Gaiman's novels--pretty good. This TV series bored me so much I quit watching after the 2nd episode. Of course--YMMV. Greg
  5. JB HiFi's advertising

    You didn't get what you bought. Get a refund. Give feedback only to those who want it. Greg
  6. electric cars

    Sort of yes...and sort of no. I chuckle continually as the car forum obsesses about <1 second differences in 0-100 and 'around the track' times, and sees them as significant. I'll be completing the run-in requirement next week (or maybe this weekend) and will no longer be constrained to keep my base grade model under 160 kph. Whoopee! Now to lose my licence. Greg
  7. Review : SGR Audio CX4F Mk2 Active speakers

    Hey warren--make sure you show the backs! (With the fronts on mine--and turned off--I can't tell them from the Mk 1 model.) Greg
  8. electric cars

    In a brief exchange with John Cadogan he stated that he has been unable to find, or cobble together, "complete life-cycle" studies of either 'green' or consumer costs for battery E-V vs ICE-V. I can't help but wonder how long batteries (in the current definition) will continue to be seen as an option. I keep hoping, in my science fiction addicted brain, that some new clean and cheap power source/technique for transport will "appear". Greg
  9. iPhone 8 and X

    Just about--another 150 km to go--and then I'll no longer be limited to 165 kph. I'd be done already but I've spent the last week sequestered with a bad cold--although I did get out briefly to get a bit of sun with the top down. I'm waiting for a bit more nice weather--and really hanging out for warm evenings and nights. Let me know when you'd like to come along for the ride. Greg
  10. iPhone 8 and X

    Sorry, I don't have it any longer--it was about 6-8 months ago. A reasonable peruse on Google for 'cheap iphone australia' should do the trick. Greg
  11. iPhone 8 and X

    That's why I bought my last iPhone from Hong Kong (through an Aussie based company). It was even cheaper than the US price. Greg
  12. Dangers of cycling

    Possibly. Here in SA, since the new laws about keeping clear of cyclists, I'm seeing more and more cyclists riding two (legal) and three (not legal) abreast. With them riding at least a metre from the kerb (legal), and a metre apart (legal), and at 5-10 Kph uphill on 80 Kph+ winding roads (legal) there really isn't much time or space to miss them. It almost seems like some would rather be right than safe. Greg p.s.--I gave up cycling when my new work was 40 Km away and my left knee packed up.
  13. BMW M135i

    So it's fun because it's fun?? (Yeah, I actually got the handling, and it did get rather boring watching them do nothing other than get on and off the accelerator, but I couldn't resist.) Greg
  14. Ugly stick

    That is truly awful. It should appeal to a wide range buyers. Greg
  15. Continental vs Michelin vs Goodyear

    I've been riding on Michelins for way more than 40 years and have enjoyed them--especially their longevity and grip. They are not available for my new car, which came with Pirelli. I'll have to see how the Pirellis go--the car is FAR beyond anything I've had before so I'm not even sure I'll be able to compare. As far as Mark's review, I'm skeptical that he can be independent as he's paid by Michelin and basic psychology tells that that is a inbuilt influence. Greg