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  1. Keep the power cords away from the signal interconnects. Other than that I leave them messy. It reduces interactions by randomising the electrical/magnetic fields. Greg
  2. As long as it goes flat "gracefully", I want one too. Greg (Now all I need is some place to go.)
  3. For a really polished sound. Greg
  4. I just bought a used iPhone SE 'cause I wanted something that was small enough to put in a pocket, and sturdy enough that it wouldn't flex into repair mode. My 3g suited me for 2 years and still does duty as an iPod. My 4 (2010) was only replaced last week and will be an iPod and games machine. The SE (64 GB for $400) will be good for ?? Greg
  5. The only radio to which I listen regularly is Radio Paradise, and I also record it and listen via iPod in the car. Commercial radio is much like commercial TV--too many ads for me to actually appreciate the program. Greg
  6. You didn't do a Google search, did you?
  7. Yummy shiraz with dinner last night. Worth every penny. Greg
  8. The new Lexi (Lexuses?) are the same.They look as though something has fallen off the front, or one of those weird "deep" fish that are all mouth. Greg
  9. My ME15 is one of the early ones (upgraded--thanks Trevor) and it has the gold inserts. They disappeared later on. I don't know if they were a bling option then. Greg
  10. One of the most droll senses of humour ever. I'll miss him.
  11. a/a for the ME15 manual--basically the same as 25 except for the numbers of inputs. Greg
  12. I like a fair bit of Jazz--*mostly* the melodic stuff and jazz/blues crossover. When introducing friends to jazz I always start where they are, so let us know what other music you enjoy and we may be able to offer some specifics to ease the transition. Greg
  13. I notice that reversing cameras are soon to be compulsory in the US. Now all they have to do is get the driver to look at it (and keep the lens clean). Greg
  14. The Porsche Boxster (a sports car!) has 275! Greg
  15. I suggest you embed the art in each track when adding it. Select all the tracks in the album, do a 'get info', then select 'artwork' and paste. Otherwise the art can be stored separately from the tracks and may not be available to other apps. Greg