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  1. And an equal opportunity to rip you off for very substandard fare.
  2. Nicely graphic. I reckon it would look best at A2 or larger--on the wall. Greg
  3. Interestingly(?), if the initial proposition is true--audio gear sounds different because of slight variations in frequency response)--then both definitions of "house" are probably true. What still remains is how different amps can measure the same in terms of frequency response (most decent amps these days seem to measure FLAT) and yet sound different? How 'slight' is 'slight'? Greg
  4. Looks like Harry has been into the car paint again!
  5. Like everything else you'll have to try the exotics for yourself to decide on "worth". I have an Isotek that made a significant difference to my system. Greg
  6. What bothers me about almost ALL the motor vehicle reviews is that they seem to only drive the h*ll out of them both on a racetrack and a drag strip. While this is interesting (and I guess fun for the drivers) to give an idea of ultimate performance, I don't race my car or my bike, or burn rubber or pull wheelies at every stoplight. I really want to know how the vehicle will do in day-to-day driving, longer cruises, and the occasional fun drive at speeds that won't cost me my license. Greg
  7. The best way to train cats away from hi-fi gear (or from anything else, for that matter) is a squirt of water from a sprayer, or a loud jangling noise paired with a loud NO! I use a sharply shaken tin can with a few coins inside. This works best as they are contemplating the action so that a fast retreat with claws out won't harm things. Greg
  8. I sent my CX4F speakers away to SGR to be upgraded to the Mark II version—current drive and (I think) a new midrange driver. When I started to consider this move I read up on current drive, had an email exchange with Stuart (the designer), and despite getting overwhelmed (not by Stuart) with the technicalities, I decided that there were enough theoretical advantages and positive reviews to go ahead. The speakers arrived back on Friday, despite a major hiccup with the freight company—they “misplaced” the power supplies box—and I proceeded to set them up again in my living room. I put them in the same place and adjusted the frequency response controls to the same settings as before, and started to listen. The first thing I noticed was an astounding increase in clarity. It seemed like considerable “grunge” had been removed and the sound was much more precise and focussed. The soundstage was clearer and both the central image and the stereo width were improved. The result for me was that I was immediately drawn further into the music and forgot about evaluation and gave myself up to enjoyment. Cream’s Born Under a Bad Sign from the Royal Albert Hall live recording had me turning up the volume and really “opening my ears” to catch it all. Curtis Stigers’s vocals and the excellent playing on his Let’s Go Out Tonight album also grabbed me, and I kept listening and grooving until past midnight. I was falling asleep at that time and decided to continue in the morning. The bass was very tight and controlled—almost too much so, and I found it difficult to get the same wide-range response to which I had become accustomed. I decided to adjust the parametric equaliser further—and discovered that I had neglected to turn it on! DUH. The clarity and control continued, with the depth and volume of bass I wanted. Dig—Boz Scaggs—the King of El Paso track again made the walls and windows vibrate. I’m very pleased. Greg
  9. Oh well--you can come and listen anyway.
  10. Hi all, How does a GTG for 1pm Sunday June 18 sound to you? Bring along some blues (or anything else you want to hear). I can play LP, CD, computer files. Sorry, the cassette player has worn out. I'll also supply some bubbles, shiraz and some nibbles--bring what you want. New headphones, headphone amplifier, and my just upgraded SGR CX4F speakers (now current-driven Mark II, and well worth the upgrade cost). Let me know and I'll PM you the address and contact details. Greg
  11. Given that choice I'd happily take the Breville. Outside of that, I'd choose neither--but if it suits you, then it will comprehensively beat instant brown drink. Greg
  12. Looks nice on the net. But why don't you buy a real espresso machine?
  13. A fair few years ago I brought 3 pre/amps home for a trial. One was OK but didn't seem to be a significant upgrade on what I had--despite the very significant upgrade in the cost. The second (ME 15/850) was MUCH better and took such a firm grip on the speakers that I felt they were being pushed and pulled by steel rods rather than "al dente" spaghetti. The third (which shall remain nameless) made the music sound so bad I felt physically ill after less than 30 seconds. I didn't believe this but over the course of the weekend I confirmed it a number of times. Greg
  14. It's really your choice. Use what sounds best to you, for the music to which you listen and in your venue. I found that even relatively expensive pre-amps suffered with the tone controls in circuit, and the equaliser deteriorated the sound significantly. Greg
  15. Hmmm, Tesla S60 vs Porsche 718: price--same 0-100 kph--5.8 vs 4.9 range--240 km (hwy) to 400 km (short trips) vs 850 (city/hwy cycle) refill time--8+ hours vs 5 minutes "green" (equivalent MPG in US gal.)--29 vs 34 I think I'll stick with Porsche. Greg