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  1. Tonearm for Michell Gyro

    My Wand Master is on its way from NZ. Not sure if its of any interest. My friend's been raving about it for a while now and I'd love to see if the hype is deserved.
  2. Audio Research Ref 5SE with Electrocompaniet Nemo?
  3. PCM1704

    Why not one of the discrete R2R DACs that are the flavour of the month now?
  4. I've got an AV8801 packed up in a box [emoji51]
  5. Have you looked at the Classe Sigma integrated? It's based on the Classe Sigma SSP which is an AVPrePro with 7.2 Atmos and recently updated to HDMI2.0 HDCP2.2. It's probably one of the few AVPs that I'd consider for stereo only playback. The integrated matches the SSP switching with modules from the 2 channel power amp the Classe Amp2 and removes the processing for surround sound. So you get 2 channels. HDMI switching. And a sub out if you need it. It also does AirPlay, network streaming and has a USB DAC. https://classeaudio.com/sigma-2200i/
  6. Tonearm for Michell Gyro

    Check the Wand site. Seems to be the latest flavor of the month. Not sure if anyone has used it on the Mitchell. But well worth checking the gallery of owners. Made across the pond in NZ
  7. Bought two new cars last month

    I really am enjoying the car a lot - despite the minor annoyance I had yesterday Part of what made the road trip mind numbing was because I was trying to keep within the speed limits so I had the cruise control on. Unlike on my Fiesta ST, which disengaged cruise control if I stepped on the clutch pedal, the BMW continues engaging the cruise control. So it would keep holding 100km/h while I swapped cogs from 6th to 5th to 4th and up again. And made the whole experience a bit mind numbing. ps in other news, the BMW Parts Manager just told me the M Performance lightweight rims with the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres are now available!!! I had originally enquired about them after watching this video http://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/bmw-m2-performance-parts-review-20170623-gwxo5n.html Mainly because I wasn't sure if I was going to get the MPSS tyres so having this was an option while I transferred the M2 stock rims with Conti Sports tyres to the 125. Turns out I got the MPSS but now that temptation is there. But don't worry about the stripes
  8. Bought two new cars last month

    Had to do a customer visit this morning - about 1.5 hours drive away so it was a great way to put it through the paces. A major part of it was on the highway so in the interest of varying the engine revs while running in, I kept changing down and up through the gears. And this was when I began to get a bit annoyed with the auto rev-match. Don't get me wrong - it is very very efficient. Far better than I could do it. Blip, clutch in, shift down and release the clutch. No heel toe. But in the process, I felt like I was just a trained monkey pushing levers and pedals. When I drive the ZF 8 speed equipped 125i, I use the shifter to change gear and it is very very similar in experience. You don't really feel as involved. I do wish there was a way to defeat it without requiring to turn off traction control COMPLETELY. Cant wait to run in the car ASAP. I really need to stop modifying the car.
  9. 20% Off Vinyl - JB HiFi July 19 Only

    Yeap. I swear Appetite for Destruction was closer to 30 when I was there before a sale. And decided to wait. The sale price after the 20% off was even higher than $30. In fact there's a notice that said the items may have been priced lower prior to this sale when I was clicking through.
  10. 20% Off Vinyl - JB HiFi July 19 Only

    I swear some of the prices were marked up before the "sale" so there wasn't any real bargains IMHO.
  11. Bought two new cars last month

    This is the Long Beach Blue - which looks err green under fluorescent lighting My wife calls it the 70s Blue - hence the name Barbarella - that she coined for the new car. There are bits of Alcantara on the door, the shifter and handbrake boot.. but no Alcantara seats - the M2 has the least options list in any BMW car I have seen - even the 125i had more options than this!
  12. Bought two new cars last month

    Finally picked the car up today! The long wait to get the car built and delivered meant I had plenty of time to go shopping. First up, the M2 is the first M car without an oil temp gauge!! GASP!!! So this seemed interesting... the M Performance Alcantara steering wheel - with LED display. It also does lap timers/g forces but not something I expect to be playing. I do like that I can set the rev limiter to 3500rpm when I am running it in. So then I decided to jazz up the interior a little with an Alcantara hood care of a firm in Finland. Then I got itchy and decided to order the M Performance exhaust with Carbon Fibre exhaust tips which led to the carbon fibre diffuser and the matching carbon fibre spoiler. And the matching black trim grilles and side emblems. Will be installing the CF diffuser and M Performance exhaust when I get the shakedown service done.
  13. Linn LP12 service in Brisbane

    There are a few challenges. You'd really want a sparkie to replace the power supply these days. Most companies don't have insurance to cover that. And the boss couldn't justify getting the LP12 rig that you'd want if you were setting up the table properly. [emoji24]
  14. F1 2017

    Great end!!