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  1. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Integrated amplifier difference: 8 tubes with the HP vs 4 on the nonHP double the power for the same tubes on the HP vs non HP tube powered headphone amp section (disables the speaker outputs) on the HP vs the non HP If you aren't sure if you need the power of the HP and you have a DAC with good volume control, also consider the power amp variants. That way, you can get the non HP first and run 36-40W/channel and if you think you need more, get a second non-HP power amp and run both as monos, just by toggling a switch.
  2. Porsche 911R or ...........

    The resale prices on 911Rs are crazy. Even with a better 4.0l engine in the new 991.2 GT3 with higher revving redline.. this thing still commands a premium
  3. I doubt it does the full 18Gbps either but for guys with wires already inside the wall - it's a good option for 4K UHD blurays without ripping out your existing cables.
  4. LP12 Grounding

    It might be worth trying the power plugs on different power points. But yeah it was the ground post - there was a second one on the Karan I think. Another option was to try those ground lifter plugs but only as a last resort
  5. LP12 Grounding

    Always a pain to troubleshoot this. Was just talking to a guy who finally fixed it by wiring the earth pin on his phono preamp to the ground connector on his Thor power regulator. That and unplugging the CD player that was very close to the phono preamp. And using XLR from his phono preamp.
  6. So we tried one of the Celerity fiber optic cables at a job and nada - nothing from the Oppo 203 to the UHDTV Then the boys found this new kit from Kordz called the Neo S3 it comes in a kit with some passive HDMI cables but the magic happens with a set of adaptors on either end that converts a regular HDMI cable into an active one. In our case we were able to use the existing passive 1080p cables that was already in the walls so the Neo S3 kit made them 4K compatible.
  7. BMW M135i

    The M2 vs the 335 - what's different
  8. BMW M135i

    The M2 isn't fun because it is fast. It is fun because it is a hoot to drive. The way it handles. That's where the M differential comes in
  9. It wasn't as bad as I thought either..
  10. New Epson 130" Laser Projector

    Before the LS10000, they used to have a lamp based Reflective LCD 1080p projector. FWIW even the fauxK compatible one uses 3xFullHD panels.
  11. New Epson 130" Laser Projector

    I'd imagine it would use the reflective LCD used in the LS10500 rather than transmissive LCD used in the TW9xxx
  12. BMW M2

    That's the LCI with the new touchscreen and LED headlights with revised led taillights Wait till you hear the M2 with the M Performance exhaust system. Talk about egging you on. [emoji51] I'm loving mine. Love how well it connects with the driver. Especially with the manual.
  13. New Epson 130" Laser Projector

    When did Epson switch to DLP??
  14. Record Weights

    MoFi just released two. SuperFlyWeight for regular platters and a SuperHeavyFlyWeight for platters above 7kg. No idea how much they weigh yet.