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  1. Melbourne based R-R copy to CD ?

    Thanks guys will try that out as well.
  2. Melbourne based R-R copy to CD ?

    Has anyone in Melbourne's East got a tape deck that can play a tape then copy it across to a DVD or similar please? I have a short tape of my first two children starting to talk that hasn't been heard by anyone for 35 years or so..... Would be nice to surprise them with a version.... thank you.
  3. BMW M135i

    Come On Al, its not good enough heaping praise on it you've just got to own one, need another test drive do we?
  4. BMW M135i

    are there's your problem striaght up, swap to the new Michelan S4 matey LOL
  5. BMW M135i

    Al took mine for a short punt today around a well used set of chicanes near by and couldn't break the back end no matter how hard he stompped her even with the tracktion C turned off. Loving the improvements the S4 have brought.
  6. F1 2017

    Last night's British F1 GP was one of the most interesting ever to watch. Hamilton broke the speed record around Silverstone with an average of around 152MPH and won outright, but the minor placings were interesting as those changed into the last lap even. Excessive hard driving by Ferraris two drivers when at first tyre changes came back to bite them near the end when both had front left tyres give out loosing them 2nd and 3 places to only get 3rd to Kimmy. Funnily, the drive of Alonso in First practise was the best and he got a P1 but didn't he just get started on that last lap with fractions of a second to go? and on slicks on a wet track where everyone else was on intermediates, but they'd dried out a line he followed and got around in 1.37 not that that was anything like Lucas's record at 1.30.??? something. Drive of the day would have to go to our Danny Boy who taking off from the back row got up to 12th inside about 10 laps only to slip back down again to last because of falling off the track, then climbed back up to 5th for a very credible drive. Mad Max had another brush with Vettel that saw Vetel loose out for a while and gave everyone a thrill in those corners, his ability to look after his tyres so much better then Ferrais was obvious. Well done Lucas, he shone.
  7. BMW M135i

    Yes they do but not across all models, M135i like mine does not, its on an engine build basis and I don't know what criteria is used. But there are other companies that do it big time, look up JB4 upgrades a UK company for example
  8. BMW M135i

    Dropping a full set of MS S4's onto my baby tomorrow, First time I've treid anything other than the tyres it came with MSS. Expecting a bit better ride and grip in most situations, we'll see. Price $400/corner Fitted and balanced.This will be my fourth set having just got over 60,00 km from the last ones. Cars coming up on 150,000 km now. BTW BMW do only fit their own chips sets when modding a car no one elses.
  9. Five days ago now.....
  10. Here's the details of the latest FW update for these two Oppo players andd what Oppo say they do..... Comparing to the previous Official release version UDP20X-45-0605, the major changes included in this version are: Added the “Track Type” descriptor when playing an SACD. Improved HDMI handshake stability when playing Dolby Vision content. Improved HDMI audio stability when using an HDMI Split A/V connection. General fixes and disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming UHD Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted samples.
  11. Pls share your power conditioner experience

    you might try asking some of the dealers in Hawthorn and Camberwell area if they can do a home demo of their best power conditioners instead of the brands you have on your list; this may at least go a fair way to helping you understand better what resuilt to your own ears to expect. Jeff at Tivoli is very helpful like that and I think Darren(?) at Melbourne Audio is of a like mind. As for my system with a power conditioner as it happens it came along with my amp so I didn't bother to try it on a stand alone basis OK. I like the extra protection it offers.
  12. Pls share your power conditioner experience

    Two points to try and help Ken. No.1 I've been through two lightening strikes now in Melbourne's east, One brought down a tree onto 22Kv line which then met up with the regular 415 Volts street power supply, that took out many houses worth of gear but I had fitted on purpose a large surge protector to the switchboard and yes it saved my system whilst sacrificing itself there are post about this so don't even not think about doing the same its cheap and valuable insurance. Second given the cost of the purchase your considering is it not possible to ask for a home demo before committing the funds? Good Luck and yes i also run a power conditioner too.
  13. BMW M135i

    What happened to the pic CryptiK?
  14. BMW M135i

    how about a pic of your 1M Cryptik? horny racer that one is for sure where you punting it?
  15. BMW M135i

    naturally enough I think its a BMW version but to be honest I never asked Doggie but I'll be in getting the 150k service very soon so I'll ask for you. I said over 30km not 50 BTW.....