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  1. Via the VIP pages of the ABC comes this great collection of real Blues........ now just $14-99
  2. BTW since this update has anyone else noticed their Sony TV won't stop displaying the HDMI input and time in a semi transparent black panel at the top of the screen now. It cannot be rid off unless truning the TV off at my place.
  3. JB's are having a buy one get one free including UHD Blu Rays from today till the 21st, great chance to grab a bargain or 3
  4. Sony has just released their latest updated software for their premium range of larger TV's using the X1 processor, it can be had at Sony's download site but first tell them which model you have, or wait until your TV recognises the update is available via the TV itself if connected to the web and set for auto notification.
  5. link doesn't work now
  6. Back to comparison with my 105/203 again and interested in what you guys can explain as to why using the same streamed movie over the same network can cause the supply PC to crash when sending its movie to the 203. No probs doing the same with the 105. The PC overloads its power supply when feeding the 203 often, I'd like to guess its the extra info detail but not at all sure this could/is true.
  7. So a new contender to think about now in S4, anyone tried it out or costed the difference yet, I'm coming up to replacement time and will enquire.....
  8. Seb took out the Bahrain F1 in style leading for most of the race after a safety car brought most of the field in to change tyres early on, Sad looking Merceds drivers on the rostrum after the event Bottas was twice asked to let his ..... er partner go past. he was seriously Pi$$ed Off.
  9. My 3rd set of Michelin PSS on my M135i BMW have surpassed the other two sets my nearly 20,000 this time around, so as my car approaches 140,000 km now it'll be treated to just more of the same, "when your on a good thing stick to it" Maybe I'm just not drifting and chucking it about so much, but I did get my first speed camera fine, took off too quick from a speed / red light camera and it caught me doing 67 after just 10 M across the intersection, ho hum....
  10. And how right is that prediction of FrapNation, three races into the 17 season and guess whose leading the manufacturers race why yes its Ferrari, nice drive today by Seb who couldn't quite hide his pleasure from the glum boys at mercedes.
  11. As a cotton is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture from its surrounds) so where its used as an insulator then the climate in that area has to be considered as well, or suffer leakage to earth as a strong possibility, perhaps try shirink wrap PVC instead as it can shape itelself around the conductor as it varies in diameter etc & only needs a heat gun to collapse/ shape itself to your choosen conductor including connector posts etc.
  12. Until recently I had a Darbee unit connected in line with my screen and can say that the 203 4k output does surpass that of the 105 with the Darbee as far as I'm concerned which is why the Darbee was sold off, What I see others may not, so be your own judge as usual.
  13. Today I had the chance to play the same 6Ch blu ray material on both the 105 and 203 (which incidentally updated again on boot up via cable internet connection) A few observations and a question resulted. The 203 got its source via a usb copy, while the 105 was streaming but both were the same source blu ray. A 4k 75" Sony TV was used to display the film. 1. The image was finer and more detailed on the 203, mostly more apparent on skin close ups and heavily detailed scenery than on the 105. No jitter or playback issues here. 2. The 203 playing triggered the Velodyne subby but the 105 did not, I cannot explain why that was so, can any one?
  14. Ok I checked the FW and was informed by my 203 that it indeed had the latest FW installed so drew a blank on that one, as for the remote setting mine reports that the remote code is identical to that set in the remote so that page shown above automatically changes as one changes the switch in the battery compartment of the remote. No luck there either.
  15. Will do Al thanks for the tip; I'll report back afterwards but it won't be tonight though.