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  1. Surely a stick would work just as well?
  2. I listened to the B&W 685 S2s and found them a bit too dark for my liking, thought the Kef Q300s and ELAC B5's were much nicer at that price point. Maybe it was the room since Apollo Hifi's setup is very cluttered. Before buying speakers I was used to pretty neutral headphones (HD650s and DT880s). Have you considered active speakers? For around that price I ended up with Acoustic Energy AE1 actives, very very happy with them, can get them at $1400 since (very) often 20% off on graysonline ebay if you can wait a little bit. The AE 301's are a bit cheaper on grays too and seem to get a pretty good rap too but haven't heard them myself. There are other active options which at this price point will save some money on amplifiers and not worry about pairings. Can then get a nicer dac + dab (I have an NA7004) and external photo stage (I have a Schitt Mani) as well as a passive preamp (Schitt SYS) for under cost of the amplifier + dab. I have been very happy with my purchases which come under this budget.
  3. @Darren69 if you like the pirate life you might like Barley Griffin and Colonial, Pact Mt Tennant is also really nice along those lines. Getting into a Barley Griffin as we speak.
  4. Hi, can I please take (pending condition on first three): Mike Oldfield – QE2 Alan Parsons Project – Tales of Mystery & Imagination Mike Oldfield – The Complete double gatefold The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky
  5. I am trained as a civil engineer but never worked as one, so take my words with a grain of salt. I would be worried about hanging it via wires - not strength wise but I think they must vibrate a bit easily when taut, like guitar strings, and I would be worried about lateral forces causing it to swing. It's probably best to just build a floating shelf on a wall not connected to the other room. You seem to have your heart set on this idea and in that case I would suggest some anodised aluminium hollow section might be good. I think it looks really nice and pending how much stuff you want to put on there and how big/many the shelves most sections should be more than strong enough. Just make sure to attach it securely with brackets to the roof joists and near a structural wall. Roofs aren't designed for large live loads, I'll check the standards tomorrow but it should be fine I think.
  6. I'll take it all please! Pm incoming
  7. I feel I should win because I've already spent all my disposable income on these beautiful HD650s, and the people in my office wouldn't appreciate my current setup!
  8. PM Sent regarding unit (I'll take it)
  9. Interested in the pair of HD650s, pm sent
  10. I'm interested as well, is it still floating around?
  11. Thanks for the replies Nigel and Pete. I'm really happy with the SX-750, I like how heavy and solid it is - makes me think of quality! I borrowed some older Bose 301 speakers to test, and the difference in sound was quite staggering - so I'm 95% sure that most of the sound pitfalls are due to the speakers. (They're close enough to equidistant from my listening position, and close enough to head height) However I'm actually really proud of my speakers, they're about 40 years old and were bought second hand by my parents before they were even married. There's a lot of history in these speakers but they have sat unused for 25 years - until I got really, really bored these holidays and started to use them. I also like how they're made in England, I know that doesn't mean anything to quality of build or sound quality but it makes me happy. I'll admit I don't have a whole lot of money to spend, so I'm more than happy to buy ex demonstrator or second hand. I listen mainly to different kinds of rock and stuff like Bowie. So I have a few questions regarding new speakers: I live in Sydney during semester but I live in Canberra during holidays, where would be better to buy the equipment? I bought the second hand JVC CD player from Duratone in Canberra, but from what I could see at the time most of the speakers were well outside my price range (although I'm sure they would have something to sell me.) If I have a budget, of say $500 maximum (can certainly be stretched a lot, but cheaper is better though) can I afford to buy some low end bookshelf speakers from a quality brand? (European (UK especially), American or Australian built would make me happy.) I'm not going to take my Hi-Fi system within 500 feet of my college room, because things tend to get broken. Since for about half the year I'm not at home, is it better to wait it out and save my money now? My current speakers are a testament to the longevity of the equipment, but is the same quality equipment getting cheaper, more expensive or just about level? I've been lucky enough to have been offered an exchange to a Canadian university, and with our amazing exchange rate will Hi-Fi equipment be cheaper over in North America than buying here, like just about everything else? And if so, is it viable to ship back speakers? And finally: am I posting this all in the wrong place and would it be better off making a post in Speakers & Subwoofers Discussion?! Thanks if you made it through this long winded post!
  12. Hi guys, My name is Edward and I'm an engineering student. I'm here because I've only gotten into hifi in the last 4 months - and I've been using some hand-me-downs from my parents, so I'm looking for the lower end of market to slowly upgrade my system (and would love some advice on what to do.) My system consists of an old Pioneer amp (SX-750), an even older pair of Kef speakers that have Model K2 Celeste Mk. II written on the back and a JVC XL-V333 CD player. Cheers.