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  1. Not to derail this FS topic but I have tried the Isotek Polaris and Rose Voix and to be honest, couldnt tell them apart on my rig. I now use a Dectet board, simply because it offers more plug options, but filtering wise, i found it to be much of a muchness vs the Isotek.
  2. Thinking of getting one to replace my Oppo 103
  3. Pico..if you guys end up doing a comparo..i'm happy to bring my Allo Boss and the Allo Kali+Piano 2.1 running in dual mono mode.
  4. Same here. Rune was good 2 years ago, its just a derelict. Stick with Volumio.
  5. Watched it last week. It was ok. I didnt think it was scary but then i'm sorta desensitised to horror films.
  6. Thanks ppl. PM's with interest to buy have been replied. On hold for Cono28. If falls through..will contact the others.
  7. Item: Ultrasonic DIY Record Cleaner (Used once on a stack of 5 vinyls) Location: S.E Melb Item condition description: Near New Price and price conditions: $280 Firm Pick up only Reason for selling: No time for vinyl cleaning Payment Methods: Bank Transfer ,COD, Cash - Pickup Extra info: My first UL vinyl cleaner bought to see if it works – and it does, quite well indeed!. Does not come with cleaning fluid. Worked best with Melody Mate. Pick up unfortunately as I dont have the original box, but the original box was a mix&mash up of different cardboard sheets taped up! Its the same one sold here: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/113406-sold-fs-ultrasonic-diy-record-cleaner/ Pictures: Will upload this arvo. Specs Power supply : 230 V ~ 50/60Hz Ultrasonic Freq ~40KHz Engine Speed - 2.5 r/min The kit consists of: ultrasonic cleaner, power lead, drive system, axle with spacers and metal clamps, axle base and the manual. The cleaning fluid is not included.
  8. Just saw this. Running 2, each to the CX4's psu units. They ok, much better than the stock kettle leads.
  9. @cazzesman got some options for you to ponder on. Lets discuss this tomorrow.
  10. This is a locally bought unit from Tivoli with AU plug recepticles.
  11. Yes Adam it comes with a standard kettle lead with au plug.
  12. Item: Isotek Evo3 Polaris Powerboard Location: Melbourne Price: $350 Pickup Melb SE or shipped at buyers cost Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only. Extra Info: This unit was a spare uncovered from house move No longer required, so might as well share the love. Pickup COD preferred, but can post if required with the original box/packaging. Pictures:
  13. I'm developing an interest in low cost digital playback. So much has advanced in the digital realm last year and its just growing. Affordable R2R dacs, using SBC's as a streamer/digital rig is the way to go. My biggest pet hate was spending thousands on dacs, streamers etc in the years before only to see it being naturally superseded. The humble SBC can now be tweaked, with add on dacs, reclockers, isolators for power and data has made it a cheap and viable digital rig. And thats where the fun is..it was never about finding an end-game digital front end.. tried that, been there..and learned from it.