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  1. Michael Fremer's system from Stereophile

    watched it on the train this morning..interesting
  2. Ok the Op has updated the pics correctly now..its now is as described..lets move on without derailing this fs thread any further
  3. couldnt agree more. I have been a customer of his a while back and my system is cabled with aurealis audio
  4. Record Weights

    Records weights are a hit and miss thing. I ever only use a 400g weight on a record if it is slightly warped, otherwise i just dont see the need for it on my rig
  5. Cartridge Setup Help

    kunal, just get someone to come over will the righ tools to set it up properly. If you bought the unit off a dealer, then ask the dealer to help set it up correctly...
  6. Modwright LS-100 or Pass Labs Preamp

    Agreed with TB's findings on the LS100. The LS100 responds well to tube rolling too. I run mine with an Emissions Lab 5u4g rectifier and it sounds much better than a 5ar4. Its one of the very few preamps that mates very well with my SGR speakers.
  7. [email protected] this price, its one helluva phonostage... i love my Sensor 2, it aint goin no where..
  8. What DAC to buy?

    second that... best value under $1k
  9. good advice. upgrade the phonostage first, i'd suggest the Schitt Mani..decent stage. Then do the cart.
  10. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Nice table.. what is it?
  11. Best Live recording

    A reference recording for me on Vinyl and FLAC
  12. One of the best movies and soundtracks ever made
  13. We're up all night to get Lucky !

    must be