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  1. Ahh..that feeling like being a child in a mega candy store..bliss indeed. As you know, we expect a write up in due time!
  2. some wonderful gear with high drool factor, wish i had the moola for this level of enjoyment. GLWTS!
  3. Couldnt have gone wrong with either..the Audia can hold its own and then some.. But i digress @Sir Sanders Zingmore Have a look at this guy's reviews on phonostages under $900 US.. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtHpriGymYP_blAbV6s3BvsOFMqRPiDj4
  4. Very nice phono stage..was listening to the Esoteric system that Cam set up at the Hifi show in Oct 16.
  5. Sir Zingmore, Why not do a GTG and invite a few over. Happy to bring my RCM Sensor 2 around if interested.
  6. Yeah, the 2m Red will be a step backwards. Maybe a second hand bronze or just bite and get a replacement black stylus.
  7. On my way back from work to do a grocery run and saw this! A new pop up store selling vinyl at Waverley Garden's shopping center, just around the corner of the food court. The store was closed as I got there after hours but justs a heads up to local SE suburban melbournites.. https://www.facebook.com/Vinylrulesmusic/
  8. That may be true but for me, having a cloud based storage to record makes more sense to me. Thieves will roam around the house and loot your laptops, NAS, router, modem etc So having your recording stored locally on a NAS may not be the best approach.
  9. Unfortunately so. And there's the catch.
  10. 2 caveats with the Arlo solution, batteries arent cheap and you need to tweak the sensor's where the camera's are placed to get the best battery life/performance ratio. Otherwise, in a high traffic area, your batteries will last for a month or two at the most. There's a POE version that's slightly pricier but IMO, works much better (ie no batteries to worry about) But then since its POE, you'll need a POE switch and long CAT5e/6 Ethernet cables. Since the OP stated that it will be used when away on holidays/travel, then the Arlo is a simple no brainer.
  11. gonna check it out.. love horror films..
  12. Still looks pretty good though.. Great film btw,..
  13. What's your digital source? Tweaked Raspberry Pi3 with IQAudio Dac+, 6922 tube buffer, Volumio 2. Enough to satisfy my digital needs and background listening. Why? Because my vinyl rig is my staple for critical listening and being time poor, music listening is capped to Tuesday evenings after the kids are in bed. Where did you come from? Quite a few over the years. Some decent one's that come to mind were a 1541A diy dac, audio-gd PCM-1704-UK variants, metrum octave dac, AMR dp777 SE. Where do you hope to go? Playback Design's new Merlot dac. But this is down the track when I have more personal time for music..
  14. Interesting. This guy begs to differ. https://archimago.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/measurements-raspberry-pi-3-hifiberry.html?showComment=1483141641358#c130769945076773578
  15. The Conjuring was entertaining but its sequel was a bit boring to be honest... The Annabelle spin off movie was ok, but its interesting to hear thier experiences on Youtube ..