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  1. Ditto! I had a borrowed modded RP3 in my system, which seduced me to get a TT setup, but it also had its flaws. It sounded closed in and muddy. Not until i got a Kuzma Stabi did I really appreciate what vinyl could really offer and down that road is where it became a money pit for me, stepping up to a Feickert Woodpecker2, Stogi arm, Delos cart and RCM sensor 2 phono.. and its quite end game for me without spending silly $$.
  2. I have a quad very closely matched set of good old RCA Cunningham 45's, which was an absolute b#$th to find and paid a decent sum for them. Compared them to the EML's, these had a more fluid midrange and a more refined top end over the EML's. The EML's came through with more low end muscle and extended top end - synonymous to that modern tube sound, mid's were much more dryer than the NOS Cunninghams. For what its worth, I wouldnt bother with the EML mesh 45's. Too much coin for what its worth. If you can get your hands on some NOS 45's, i'd go for them. Blast from the past pic below..
  3. Blast from the past... had a few of Earle's creations, started with the topaz, moved to the tempest, then to a 300b time machine and finally to a 2A3 based time machine pre. These were great pre-loved pieces of gear. I found that the EML's played the best on them, using 45 solid plates and 5u4g mesh rectifiers with the TM pre. Imo, the signal tubes had more of a sonic impact than rolling the power tubes. If you do 300b's, the EH tubes were good value, stay away from JJ tubes, the quality of these tubes were [email protected]., but the JJ's soundwise was closer to the EML's for less cash.
  4. Becareful going down this road, you will be seduced by the dark side... IMO, best to buy one from a dealer, meaning get your TT, cart, tonearm from the same business, as they're more likely help you out with setting it up. Factor in a few more $$ and get an external phonostage. I'm just concerned more that you're running a TT through the Paradigm MilleniaOne. Food for thought, why dont you focus on upgrading your system first before putting some hard earned into a TT setup?
  5. Agreed...why would Scott allow this in the story.. just not believable plus no one's that dumb to send out a team of couples to oversee 1000 individuals in cryo on a deep space mission? I wouldnt be volunteering myself even if they had the full 'Expendables' crew on mission as the security staff And David said to Oram in the egg chamber.. dont be afraid, its perfectly safe...that lying sob...
  6. I was really looking forward to this film. Have been a big alien fan since I was at primary school. Watched it last week, and i walked out feeling 'meh'. It was OK at best, better than Prometheus. It basically answered questions from Prometheus as its sequel, but seriously disappointing with the use of key actor's such as James Franco and Noomi Rapace. I'm still hoping that Ridley Scott will pull off something that will equal the original Alien film. Still waiting for that seat grinding feeling of watching Alien on the big screen 20 years ago at the Astor. On another note, the cinematography was jaw dropping good. I think maybe what ruined it for me was watching all those trailers on youtube, which kinda gave it away once you pieced it all together.
  7. X2
  8. Lol..not surprised if these systems sound good..MBL gear all around..
  9. Heard a few tips and seen a few vids on how to use this. What works for me, just putting the record on a non-static surface ( i use a rice-paper sleeve), and in a slow 360 clockwise motion, very slowly pulling the trigger towards the handle, without having to click it. Then i do the reverse on the other side of the record. Then give a good gentle clean using the good ol carbon fibre brush. Works for me - no pops and static during playback.
  10. Funny how that always happens with tube rolling
  11. Indeed. I have the MW LS100 tubed pre and its one of the best pre's I've had in my system. MW's are simple, well designed equipment.
  12. I had a similar problem with my unipivot arm (Kuzma stogi s) on a Stabi TT, when it was mounted on a DIsc of silence suspension spring isolation system. Drove me nuts as i tried to debug the problem, all failed, until i just removed the discs under the isolation platform. Me thinks (just guessing here) that unipivots and suspension a bad combo?
  13. No ADC conversion here i believe The inputs are analogue, both XLR and RCA, that takes the analogue outs from your preamp. Best for Stuart to chime in here for a more technical explanation. The PEQ is quite sensitive and only needs small adjustments, at least in my room.
  14. Looks awesome. The parametric eq system looks the same but heat sinks look more substantial then the MK1 version. I need to upgrade mine down the track.
  15. I have a few Stockfisch records and they are all well recorded pieces. My fav's are Sara K's and Katja Maria Werker's albums. Hope you get some.