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  1. Currently Spinning

    Picked up a copy of Katie Noonan's and Karin Schaupp's new CD, 'Songs of the Latin Skies'. Oh god, what a beautiful voice and complimented with such extraordinary acoustic guitar.
  2. Great Music at HiFi Shows

    As well as playing Musica Nuda, the Kyron room played a vinyl record by Sam Brookes - great voice.
  3. Great Music at HiFi Shows

    I'll start. Musica Nuda CD has a female artist single the Beatles Eleanor Rigby and it sent a chill up my spine. I'll be buying that as soon as I can find it.
  4. Australian Hifi & AV Show Sydney 2017

    Geez, you're a patient man. I couldn't possibly wait that long. Although I'm sure it will all be worth it when the house and room are ready. Make sure you talk to Zaph when you buy the 24.
  5. Australian Hifi & AV Show Sydney 2017

    The Crystals were a lovely sounding speaker, apart from being butt ugly. The cables used in that room were, I think, ridiculously OTT. Hilarious in fact.
  6. Australian Hifi & AV Show Sydney 2017

    Ha, I thought it was you in the Legend room. You who bought my ME850 last year. How is the 850 that I'm missing everyday? I have the Kantu 8i and it's divine! Totally agree with your comments, they are a bloody brilliant buy right now.
  7. Australian Hifi & AV Show Sydney 2017

    My favourite room. Surprise, surprise.
  8. These stands are excellent and a bargain at the asking price.
  9. Hi Daen, Thanks for your interest but someone got in just before you. Should things change I'll let you know. Cheers, Muzz
  10. Camera Bags - What suits you best

    Finally found a new backpack for my stuff - ThinkTank Glass Taxi. Fits everything perfectly - happy photographer :-)
  11. Item: Aurealis Phono Cable with KLE Silver Harmony RCA's 1 metre Location: Sydney Price: $95 firm + postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Purchased 14/12/2016 new from Aurealis. RCA's both ends with integrated earth wire. Excellent cable that was used in the second system so had little use, approx. 40hrs. Paid $130.95 and can provide copy of invoice. Comes with bag but not the box. Pictures:
  12. Item: Nordost Frey Interconnect 1.5 metres (1st Version) with WBT Next Gen RCA's Location: Sydney Price: $700.00 ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash; Direct Deposit Extra Info: Purchased these early last year from a fellow SNA member at a cost of $500.00. At the time, they had XLR connections on both ends but I had them replaced professionally with RCA's on both ends to suit my system. I was aware that Nordost used WBT RCA's on some of their cables so that's what I had put on them at great additional cost. Each WBT RCA cost $98.00 plus a bit of labour to put them on. The WBT's are WBT-0102 Ag RCA's all purchased from Krispy Audio. Packaging available for Nordost Cable and the WBT's. Original XLR connections available as well. All in excellent condition. Pictures: to come tonight when I get home.
  13. Michell Gyro SE

    Fair enough. Good timing to start looking for a Gyro and there is now a new distributor.
  14. Michell Gyro SE

    Don't know your budget but how about a VPI Prime?