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  1. Can't you save a little longer for what you need and keep this amp. Wouldn't want you to have sellers remorse as that's what I experienced last year.
  2. I concur with what has been written above re the 240. It's an astonishing little amp and I prefer it to my 8k Luxman. Yep, it's that good. I had my high cap 240 running the current hungry Legend Kantu 8i's and it performed really well. Currently, it's running as a power amp with a 25 pre driving Legend Kurre's and it's brilliant. An an absolute bargain at the asking price. GLWTS
  3. Nothing there matey?
  4. All good mate. I know you didn't
  5. I don't underrate synergy at all. My mistake for not testing the amp with the speakers before buying. However, it was impossible to do anyway. Oh well.
  6. I was deceived by a trick of the light. Those blue VU meters seduced and deceived me into believing they would bring enlightenment and joy. Who says I can't go back?
  7. Go on, rub it in. You lucky, lucky bastard. I'm just jealous.
  8. Had a beautiful late model 850 last year and sold it. I'm well aware of how good they are.
  9. ME pre/power back in the house of muzz. Oh boy, am I excited. Tried them in the main system with Legend Kantu 3.5 way speakers and it crapped all over the Luxman. As Rantan stated, it's all about synergy. Luxman may be fine with more efficient speakers but it just doesn't cut the mustard with speakers that need current. Perhaps the class A Luxman may be better? Currently, the ME are with Legend bookshelf Kurre's and sound equally brilliant. I'll try the Luxman with these speakers one day as I'm really curious to know how they will perform.
  10. ME pre/power back in the house of muzz next Tuesday - hopefully. Although, not an 850 this time but the smaller 550. That will eventually be high capped when funds allow. Zaph showed the ME 150 today and wouldn't I mind trying that out on my Kantus.
  11. Connecting the 240 to the Kantus was more out of interest to see how it would perform with those speakers and for a bit fun. It played admirably but it's not the right amp for those speakers either. It will be very interesting to hear the 550 perform with them. Will post observations soonish.
  12. It pains me to talk about it. Sold the 25 and 850 last year and replaced them with Luxman. However, I've secured a 25 again so just after a 550 now. The 25 still needs paying for though. Luxman is nice and will stay for now but it doesn't have balls. Far worse than that, it just doesn't move me. At least not with vinyl. Legend speakers need current and the Luxman ain't got it.
  13. I'm missing the ME pre/power in the house. Actually, that should read, the Legend Acoustics speakers are missing the ME pre/power.
  14. Thanks mate, I appreciate that greatly. Very thoughtful.
  15. Hoping some luck comes my way soon for a 550 MKII in excellent to mint condition. If you know anyone that has one that they wish to move on, please let me know. Doesn't have to be high cap as I can do that later.