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  1. No problem. You're welcome to give them a go. As soon as I get my young bloke into bed I'll shoot a pm your way
  2. Looks like a good project to me. You could always start out by swapping out the opamps which is easy to do assuming they are in sockets and not directly soldered in. I have a few old Burson discreets that you could have a play with if you like. Based on previous experience you should get a good improvement in sound quality with the Bursons.
  3. Hi Joz, Just had a look on the Vasiltech site to see what chip they use in your dac but couldn't see a Dac 1. Is it a DacMagic 1 perhaps? Cheers Chris
  4. Obbligato make a modern 630v 4.7uf polyprop/aluminium film in oil cap which I have used before in power supplies with good results. Well made and not too pricey but I don't think anyone in Oz sells them so you'd have to order in.
  5. Simon, There is some good info on the Trimax amps here in the forum - In that thread there are some links to circuit diagrams which will be useful I'm sure. Do you have the tube rectifier version? Great amps and definitely worthy of a a rebuild. I'm sure a lot of those old carbon comps will have drifted over the years and leaky caps can be a problem too. I'd love to see some photo's if you can find the time
  6. Good to see some love still out there for the old Philips chip. It's definitely still my cup of tea. I've gone up to 4.7uf on the msb, followed by a couple at 1uf and then down to .22/.1uf from there with great results. The caps around the chip all play a part in the sound, that's for sure. The 15v supply pin decoupling cap especially. Try a 22uf k73-16 there with the shortest leads you can manage.
  7. Hi Brenden, They sound like great caps for the job. And just a nice size also. I believe it's worth having the smaller value caps furthest away from the MSB pin on the dac chip. George would know about that for sure. Did you try any of these little copper foils anywhere else in the digital section? Like on the digital input... .01uf or so?
  8. If everything is ok with the amps then you shouldn't be having a problem I would have thought so might be worth a thorough check over? That said, current production tubes don't seem to last like the old stuff so it may be a quality issue.. If the amps are fine then maybe try tracking down some Siemens e81cc or ecc801s. I have used both and they sound great and are 10,000 hour rated tubes. I run an e182cc in my pre (also 10k hour rated) at high current and have been flogging it hard for 3 years. I tested it on an AVO recently and a new tube should measure 36ma per section and my used one measured 38/40ma respectively. High quality and great sounding tubes . If I'd been using an ecc99 of current production I would have chewed through at least one by now.
  9. The capacitors are PPS as in polyphenylene sulfide? What value are they Brendan? Cheers Chris
  10. Hey Ben, can I please grab the Mundorf inductors?
  11. Why don't you just try rolling the 2 input tubes? That's where you will hear the greatest effect. You won't go too far wrong with something like these and they are pretty similar in price to current production tubes... http://tubeaudio.com.au/awv-super-radiotron-12au7-aus-nos/
  12. Myself and three mates went into the ticket ballot and scored tickets for each of the first 4 albums/shows! Two shows per night over two nights. Flew up to Sydney for an extra long weekend and I have to say it was one of my all time favourite concert experiences. Sound at the Opera House was excellent and the 3D was quite a treat in our nicely altered states. Good times. Even managed to snag a spare set of 3D glasses after each show as a little memento...
  13. Item: Rectifier tubes Location: Melbourne Price: See below Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A few guys have contacted me about the rectifiers I mentioned in the previous listing so I thought it would be easier to list them all. Open to offers, happy to post... would love to see them go so I can get my lounge room back. I have not tested any of these but most have boxes and look new. Anything that looked other than new wont be listed (only a couple of dusty looking examples). I can plug any of the 5v tubes into my pre or phono to check they are functioning. Item: Sovtek 5ar4/gz34 Price: $20 each plus postage OBO Item Condition: New tubes. A couple of older looking versions in the blue/yellow boxes. Item: AWV 6v4/ez80 Price: $15 each plus postage Item Condition: New tubes, some with boxes, all Aussie made with same internals. Item: RCA 5u4gb Price: $30 each plus postage OBO Item Condition: Black plate, one USA (left) with rectangle top getter and one Brazilian manufacture with halo getter. Item: AWV 5as4/5u4bg Price: $30 each plus postage OBO Item Condition: All good looking tubes. I have boxes for these. Excellent Aussie made black plate tubes with high 5u4gb specs. One coke bottle shape on the far right. Item: RCA 5r4gyb Price: $20 each plus postage OBO Item Condition: A mix of rectangle and halo getter tubes and various brands but all RCA USA made. Item: 5v4g Price: RCA black plate on the left - $30 Mullard cv593 in the center - $50 RCA 54vga on the right - $20 Item Condition: All look great. Wouldn't mind the Mullard for myself. Love the Brimar version with the holes in the plates. The Mullard is also supposed to be excellent. Item: AWV 5y3gt Price: $20 each plus postage OBO Item Condition: One rectangle getter on the left and a halo getter on the right. Item: 6x5gt Price: $20 each plus postage OBO Item Condition: One cv574 and a AWV 6x5gt both new in boxes. EDIT - Just found one more AWV 6x5gt, new with box.
  14. Not sure if this is about an actual dog but I like Beak so here's this....