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  1. Cheers Daz, it should be memorable one way or the other. It will be interesting 3 weeks together 24 hours a day. Sometimes life dictates that you have to have more willpower than normal. Thanks for all the support mate.
  2. Thanks mate, should be really good. Not too stressed on the job, will get something easy enough. The company has a few big projects starting later in the year. The system is sounding really good at the moment, very happy with it.
  3. Morning all. Well today is a bit of milestone, 2 years to the day since I've had my last drink. Time really has flown by, not sure where it's all gone really. Things have still been a bit of a roller coaster, lost my job about 3 weeks ago, along with everybody else in the company I work for, have hit PC on the hospital so has been a big shake up, not paying site allowances etc. I'm off on holidays on Monday, will be heading to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Happy days really looking forward to it, haven't been on a proper holiday for 5 plus years. This is what we board in Barcelona. Unfortunately the holiday is bad timing for my job, I would be back on working now but they couldn't take me back on because I will be away for nearly 4 weeks. Hopefully got a job when I get back. Home life is great at the moment, but a few weeks ago wasn't so good, has still continued to be a roller coaster of ups and downs, sometimes more downs but we are slowly getting there, I hope this holiday helps things. Nearly lost my father about 6 weeks ago, the dopey old bugger. He's morbidly obese with diabetes, he is on dialysis 3 times a week. But still doesn't look after himself, just thinks that it's normal to end up in hospital and the docs can fix him, even after his twin brother died of similar problems 18 months ago. There is no way I'm ever going to end up like that. My bloody sweet tooth makes it hard sometimes . But I have started back running fairly regularly again, got the Run for a Reason half marathon on this weekend, not ready for it but will push through it and finish, won't be breaking any records though. Got the Sonique's in the house also, just really love them so happy that I was able to get them. I will be happy with these for many a year to come. So all up a pretty mixed bag, but I'm so happy to have made 2 years off the grog. Thank you to everyone on here for their support and I hope everyone can meet their own goals and if anyone needs any help or advice or anything please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Cheers Dave
  4. Can't hear any chuffing through my ports, ( except after a big night on the curry ) The ports are flared on the front baffle but they are straight cut internally. They are 90mm but have been lined internally with the same felt / foamish material that is around the tweeters. Never seen that before.
  5. God dammmmmn that is hideous.
  6. The cable pods definitely look the goods, not cheap but should be a step up from what's on there already.
  7. Bloody directional cables, not good for the OCD are they.
  8. Hey mate can you not have the banana of the jumpers and the speaker cable spade together and jump down to the bass terminals with the spades. Like this ( don't mind the colours )
  9. The Sony should be able to give the 5.5's a kick in the guts, wake em up a bit. Not sure how it will sound but worth a try, from there you could be a little more informed and decide if it's worth while getting something a little more refined but with more power and headroom. Cheers Dave
  10. Is that the model with the 10 rear firing woofers as well?
  11. Yes please.
  12. Cheers mate will be in touch.
  13. I have my 6.5 SE's running off a Kenwood L1000 pre and power amp. The power amp is 180watts, have tried them with a low power valve amp but wasn't very impressed with that combination. Had a quick listen with Denon avr x1200 but that didn't drive them very well. I do think they need a bit of power to sound their best, I would have thought the Accuphase would be quite good pairing. Cheers Dave