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  1. Wow. I really don't know what to say.
  2. I'm not the biggest Bob fan but always admired him and do enjoy listening to him every now and then. We saw him in Perth in 2011 it was probably the worst performance ive ever seen. Has turned me off him for good. Such a shame. Was really looking forward to seeing him in the flesh. He was a gazillion years old by then I suppose. Sorry Cheers Dave.
  3. The missus is out so cranking a few heavier tunes this arvo. God damn a few of these take me back.
  4. Fingers crossed it all goes well Ged and it's back in the system soon. Might be time for a gtg. Would be great to catch up again. Cheers Dave
  5. I appreciate SAVI going to the trouble of setting this demo up. I really don't think we should be crapping on their thread. If you want to start a thread in the cable section and discuss further I think you should. Cheers Dave
  6. They used a laptop, with a variety of music.
  7. That's all I'm going to say about the demo. I could hear a difference between most of the cables, the biggest I thought was the between Valhalla USB and the generic USB cable. Next was between the kettle cords and the Blue heaven? Power cords. Big difference, got smaller the higher up the cables.
  8. Not enough time.
  9. Thanks for letting me come along SAVI. Was an interesting night. I thought I could hear a difference between most of the cables. Some were better some were not. It is a little hard to tell when it takes a little while to change cables over. I thought a little of what Bjorn said was just marketing drivel, but he was a very good host, spoke well and did explain things fairly well. There was no scope to suggest changes or to deviate from the Nordost plan, and it was held to a very tight timeframe. Asking to change back from the most expensive back to the kettle cord was ruled out. The only speaker cables used were the Valhalla so no idea how they compare to others. Speakers were standmount Kefs, with Parasound integrated and Benchmark Dac. It was a very nice sounding system that with the right recording and music could throw an amazing sound stage , great bass depth etc. I think I would like to try some Nordost in my system at some stage. Please keep these nights going SAVI, was very good. cheers Dave.
  10. http://audio-heritage.jp/CORAL/speaker/x-vii.html
  11. I got myself one of these quite recently. Anthony Gallo TR1 10 inch sealed sub. I think this will be pretty much what your building, but on steroids . It's a steel cylinder also. Doesn't seem to ring or resonate much. It's in a less than ideal location, but it works a treat. Its quite a nice sub, I can get it to blend in pretty well in my main system but mostly gets used in the ht setup. Looks good mate, keep up the good work. cheers Dave.
  12. I just booked in to go. Should be interesting. cheers
  13. Jb hifi have 40% off speakers and 30% off receivers at the moment. A pair of the Q300 Kefs and a Onkyo receiver would come in just over budget. Should sound pretty good, with the ability to go surround at a later date if needed. cheers Dave.
  14. It's getting a lot of use mate, thank you. Wont be any stereo use mate, that's left to the main system. This is purely for movies and music outside.
  15. How about these mate.